PREPARE FOR THIS BIG BITCOIN MOVE!!!! [price targets revealed]

Bitcoin is creating a gigantic Booth Like while we are seeing that Bitcoin is Getting ready for another move because All the indicators and all the charts Are pointing us towards another breakout That will be happening anytime soon so In this exact video I will talk about The criteria what we need to see in Order to have this breakout getting Confirmed I will talk about the most Important horizontal resistance levels And of course that will give a brief Update on the Bitcoin dominance because It looks to be that altcoins are once Again taking some territorium back here On the market so don't forget to watch This video till the end it's going to be A super important one and can we once Again Smash Up the likes backup of 500 That will be absolutely incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content of Course if we're looking at Bitcoin on The imminent short term we can currently Clearly see there are two very important Levels in this range we've got Lower Side of support around 29.8k and the top Side resistance trading around 31 000 US Dollars as soon as we do break either of These levels so the Ops side or the Downside we're getting to see massive Volatility if we're going to be breaking Bullish we're going to see volatility Towards the upside and also if we do

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Break bearish we're going to see of Course more significant moves towards The downside there are also clearly some Trend lines we could be looking at right Now some damage something resistance That we need to be breaking some upper Sloping support that we need to be Breaking in order to see an even bigger Move and of course if I were to be Looking at these trend lines I once Again think the four hourly time frame Is right now coming together very Perfectly of course we've been looking At many other consolidation phases in The past but currently we can clearly See Bitcoin is still creating in lower Highs together with higher lows so Bitcoin is consolidating and it is Getting ready right now for another move Which direction is going to be towards We don't know yet and we have to wait And see whether we're going to be Breaking the upper solving support line Or the downward sloping resistance line You can see here on the four early time Frame and the one hour time frame Basically I will be looking at this Consolidation phase right here as soon As we do break the top side I'm Expecting the contain Innovation is Going to happen and the breakout is Getting confirmed because if we only Break the trend line right here I am not 100 convinced that we are actually going

To be breaking higher so I want to be Seeing both the Range High and in case That happens I will be confirming it as A confirmed breakout so Bitcoin is Currently getting ready for another move Here and it is looking like we could be Having one anytime soon right here so Once this level does break here you will Be the first one to know on YouTube you Will be the first one to know on Twitter If you do follow me across all my Socials and of course like you already Know I am still in a long position of Bitcoin because I'm still expecting There is going to be a bigger move Towards the upside and you could also Maybe look at the bullflex scenario for Bitcoin because Bitcoin created of Course and 25 price search towards the Upside and it is still holding above 30 000 US dollars so I am actually quite Amazed how strong the price action of Bitcoin remains here and I am also quite Impressed that Bitcoin is right now Still creeping towards the upside after It moved up 20 25 percent so Bitcoin Looks to be having still a lot of Strength right here and I won't be Surprised if we are going to go higher And of course like I said in the Beginning of the video if we were to be Going higher we need to break the Downward sloping resist line and also The Range High on the market if that

Happens the price target for Bitcoin Towards the upside is going to be quite Epic because the price target of this Breakout towards the upside is going to Be somewhere around 32 000 US dollars But be on high alert as soon as Bitcoin Breaks that 31 000 US dollar barrier we Are probably going to see even more Exponential prize rallies for Bitcoin if History is an indication so I am very Convinced that if Bitcoin manages to be Breaking the 30 000 US Dollars we could Be heading much higher so if I'm looking At Bitcoin right now on my trade I am Currently 1.42 Bitcoin in profit what is About 40 to 50 000 US Dollars and if you Want to be trading yourself as well you Could do so but first don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because I share This trade on my channel I showed it Step by step once I wasn't a loss once I Wasn't a profit so it's definitely worth It to subscribe to the channel and stay Up to date because soon I'm going to be Opening up a new trade on a new account And you should definitely be subscribed To the channel for that new upcoming Trade because we're going to make even More money with that upcoming trade Anytime soon here furthermore if you are Interested in trading you can write new Claim a free 1 000 US dollar Bitcoin Long or short position or an xrp long or Short position and if you were to be

Claiming any of these deposit bonuses All you need to do here is sign up a new Account using the link above deposit 100 Within seven days and after that you can Claim your free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin Longer short position or xrp longer Share position also want to be saying This as soon as Bitcoin breaks above the 31 000 US Dollars we do know there is a Lot of room to grow towards the upside Towards levels of 40 to 38 000 US Dollars so the main resistance to break Is 31 to 32 000 if we do break it I'm Going to be super bullish and of course We're currently consolidating below Resistance and it's actually looking Quite bullish here so I won't be Surprised if we do see that move above Resistance anytime soon here you can Clearly see it right here Bitcoin is Consolidating below resistance and we're Basically waiting before we're going to See that next move getting initiated for Bitcoin and of course if you're looking At the weekly time frame you can Currently clearly see Bitcoin is Retesting one of the most critical Levels and like you can see from the Past all I need to see here is a breakup Of 32 000 US Dollars on weekly candle And if that happens we are going to Start flying again and actually we are Literally entering the bull market Stadium just like we had right here once

We broke up of this most important Resistance we entered the bull market Stadium again here maybe we're going to See something similar that we retest This level come down and then move up Here so just like this so it could be Multiple scenarios that could be playing Out right now I won't be surprised if Bitcoin could actually see another Rejection but to be very clear no matter What happens Bitcoin is good for Accumulation if it goes down I'm going To be buying more but the point we do Break above the 30 000 US dollar barrier That is the point where I would really Expect Bitcoin has got more exponential Power towards the upside so that is why I think this is a super important level To be paying attention towards and also Due to the fact that we close the new Monthly candle we are ragnosing that the Monthly macd is actually also Crossing Bullish officially and that is also an Indication that the bear Market is Officially over then a quick update on The Bitcoin dominance on all coins I've Been saying this for quite a while 52 Was the level that I was expecting and Rejection is going to be happening for The Bitcoin dominance and it is exactly Happening like we've been saying I mean Bitcoin could be maybe the dominance Could be maybe moving down a little bit More but I still expect we could be

Heading higher but not of course in one Straight go here so we're having a small Little retracement right here maybe We're going to see a similar Consolidation phase but as soon as we do Break above 52 when I think it's Possible the next Target for me is going To be 58 to 59 here so that's going to Be this barrier right here so yeah with Old coins and especially ethereum is Definitely taking some territorium back From Bitcoin but still in the end of the Day I remain to believe that Bitcoin is Going to be strongest asset Until It Breaks back above its Autumn High Because then I'm expecting altcoins Could be taking over the scene again so That was it for me in today's update Video and if you did like it don't Forget to subscribe to the channel here Of course we are right now waiting for That next breakout Bitcoin could be Heading towards 32 000 US dollars if we See a breakout of this symmetrical Triangle High TR so make sure to stay Posted subscribe to the channel and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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