Bitcoin is about to be having another Gigantic breakout and in his exact video I will talk about my weekend predictions Because Bitcoin is right now creating a New CME Gap and I will be exactly talk About this next C me get we're currently Creating the extremely low volatility on The market right now and what it is Telling us right now for the image short Term for Bitcoin and many more important Stuff we need to discuss right now here Volume remains to be dropping and this Is making up a very perfect next move For Bitcoin so don't forget to stop up The like button on today's update video Can we smash it back about 500 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term for Bitcoin and once looking At the image short term for Bitcoin we Can currently see we are creating a new CME Gap and currently the CME Gap is Trading above us somewhere around 29.5 K So we're expecting if Bitcoin remains to Be trading below 29.5 K probably over The course of the beginning of next week We're going to start to see Bitcoin Moving up towards the 29.5 K level to Fill up the CME Gap or potentially it's Going to already move towards the Opposite over the course of the Sunday And we're going to see Bitcoin hovering Around around that level near the end of

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Today what is very interesting is Actually that Bitcoin over the course of This weekend has been so super boring to Be exact for a period yesterday for 4 Hours and 21 minutes Bitcoin ranged Between 25 what is absolutely super low Volatility for Bitcoin and actually if I'm seeing the volatility being so low For Bitcoin I can only think the volume Remains to be so low here we're probably Going to get a huge breakout anytime Soon and that is why I'm getting very Excited for Bitcoin right now of course Looking at Bitcoin currently we can Clearly see the main resistance to be Breaking is 29.6 K that's very important Level free if you support that right now Is flipping into resistance and I really Do think we need to break above that Level if we want to be reversing this Trend but while we are looking at Bitcoin we can actually see that Bitcoin Is creating a new consolidation phase And of course if we are going to be Breaking out I still think that 29.7 to 29.6 K is going to be the most important Level to be breaking above of but Currently you can clearly see Bitcoin is Creating a new consolidation phase last Time around we broke towards the Downside this time around maybe it's Going to be different so if we do break Bullish the price Target is around 29.9k If we do have a bearish breakdown price

Target is going to be somewhere around 28.7 K so so yes I will be looking at This next breakout for Bitcoin to be Happening anytime soon here and to be Exact I will be expecting this break It's going to be happening in the coming 24 hours ahead of herself so expect that This break it will be occurring anytime Soon looking at a Bitcoin on the 4 early Time frame you can currently clearly see The Bitcoin price action is still Consolidating and is falling which Pattern and if you've been following the Channel for quite a while here we'd be Very neutral on bitcoin and ever since His writing a creating a falling wedge Pattern with dropping volumes to be very Clear because while we are creating this Pattern we're seeing that the volume is Significantly dropping what is Indicating a gigantic move is going to Be imminent for Bitcoin because yes Always in periods where volume tends to Be dropping and volume tends to be Getting very low you tend to see a very Big breakout with high volume just like You saw last time around here at the Beginning of June volume was dropping Significantly and then bam you saw that Breakout with a lot of volume so right Now still volume remains to be low and Actually if you were looking at Horizontals you saw the Bitcoin broke Below this very important horizontal

Support with low volume what means that Probably it was a fake out or even we Should be looking at this pattern right Here and on the four early time frame we Can clearly see it Bitcoin so far is not Breaking out of this falling wedge Pattern yet so far it could take us an Approximately another three to four days Here before we're going to be breaking Out of this pattern but one thing is for Sure we're probably going to be breaking Out anytime soon and once it does happen The price target of this pattern is Going to be all the way up here to the Top side somewhere around 32 000 US Dollars what is going to be an Approximately eight to nine percent move Towards the upside what is absolutely Incredible move and to be very clear Falling wedges our typical bullish buys Reversal patterns so personally I won't Be surprised if we are going to be Seeing this breakout happening towards The upside so looking at my trade Still Remains belonging on bit get of course This trade is already open since 25 000 And right now you've still got one day And 15 hours to claim your free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp lower Shore Position all you need to do here is go To the link description of today's video Deposit 100 within seven days and claim A free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin long or Short position and of course I've also

Currently got a trade open on by bit Because I am expecting Bitcoin is going To be happening in advance and of course If we break below 29 000 I'm going to Exit my positions and then I will be Opening up a new trade on 28 000 US Dollars because 28 000 US Dollars Remains to be for me that very important Level of support because zooming out on The Bitcoin chart you can currently Clearly see twenty eight thousand Dollars is that airport sloping support Line that you can clearly see right here And also 28 000 US dollars is that very Important horizontal level like you can See over here so 20 eight thousand Dollars is going to be a very important Level for me to be looking at but of Course once Bitcoin basically breaks Above this trend line we will probably Start to see a significant move towards The upside happening and of course Looking at the bigger perspective for Bitcoin if you're looking at the cup and Handle pattern I mean so far the trend Remains to be bullish and I will only Start to flip bearish on bitcoin if we Really see the strands getting flipped Around but currently we're still Creating higher lows together with Higher highs and that remains to be an Uptrend for the moment and of course What we really want to be seeing here is A break above the red line here because

If we break above that red line we will Be confirming a gigantic move towards The upside Bitcoin is right now creating Another move here it's getting ready for A next move here Bitcoin is just Consolidating around the 29 000 US Dollar range and yeah as soon as we do Break above the resistance we could Start to see Bitcoin go exponential and The reason why I'm saying Bitcoin could Go exponential anytime soon here is Because once you're looking at Bitcoin Right now here and I'm going to start Zooming out so you guys can see it as Well here you can clearly see here Bitcoin is weekly volatility is Currently at a low not seen since 2 2016. and you can see clearly on the Chart as well here how boring this stage In the market was right here you can Clearly see Bitcoin almost moved nothing And of course on the bullish events Bitcoin also didn't move at all and here As well Bitcoin almost moving nothing And what happened after this time in 2016 we saw an exponential rally and we Also saw exponential volatility at the Markets and since the volatility is Right now at its lowest point of 2016 Yeah you could maybe argue okay Bitcoin Is becoming boring but usually this is a Signal that there is going to be a big Move in the future anytime soon so get Ready for that that was it for me on

Today's update video there's not a lot Of new stuff to talk about here because Yes Bitcoin remains to be trading in This very boring Trend you should be Looking at the CME Gap at the current Moment you should be paying attention Towards the extreme low volatility Because yes volatility has not been so Low in literally over seven years now so That is absolutely crazy take this in Account take this in your advantage Because once volatility is low just like I told you a big move is going to be Hitting markets anytime soon so get Ready for the next move guys that was it For me on today's update video and see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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