Optimizing #Bitcoin’s Lightning Network: The Power of Dual Funding Channels

When you create a channel one side put The funds in I want to open a Channel With you and I'm putting These funds in You okay cool I'll wait for those to Appear on chain so we kind of negotiate And I go okay well then I'm going to Have this change output so rather than Me just going there the transaction is Going to appear don't worry about it Here a TX ID we would actually negotiate It together I mean it's slightly cheaper Sometimes to do that way but also you Know it does allow us to have both sides Put funds in initially to a channel if They want to and it opens the thing for Liquidity ads which is where basically I Will you know in return for for money I Will fund your channel it's an open spec So noes adverti their liquidity and they And you can connect to them go cool I Want to take you up on that on your Offer great uh I'll put this many stats In therefore you'll put in whatever you Know your agreement is right so it's an Open Marketplace for for liquidity which I think is really important and in the Lightning ecosystem so that's dual Funding

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