Only A Few Bitcoin Miners Will Survive

JP Morgan says only Bitcoin miners with The best electricity rates will win Octaspace announced partnership with Dynex coin Nexa pow gets listed on nice Hash right gelminer version 1.5.3 improves zilica Mining and Osprey Adds Kyla coin mining support for the E300 and E100 welcome to another episode Of blocks where I cover cryptocurrency Mining news as quickly as possible let's Get into it Foreign Gel Miner version 1.5.3 released two Days ago offering improvements while Dual mining silica with other algorithms This was accomplished by improving Stability when switching overclocks and Adding a test interval switch into the Command line additionally a bug when Submitting shares to nicehash on the Nexa proof of work algorithm was Resolved as part of this release as well On June 21st nice hash announced support For Nexa pow which is the algorithm for Nexa if you want to learn more about Nexa check out my interview with the Team currently there are 549 miners Available to rent and 185 miners Requested in buy orders that means for Miners in particular it may not be that Profitable right now for you as opposed To mining directly with Nexa but that May change as people start to play with That algorithm on nice hash OCTA space a

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Scalable and full decentralized Cloud Node infrastructure for distributed Computing announced a partnership with Dynexcoin on their Twitter stating quote Octispace and dynexcoin are joining Forces to revolutionize the AI and ml Landscape artificial intelligence and Machine learning is what that is short For stay tuned for our upcoming Announcement as we unveil an Innovative Collaboration that harnesses the power Of neuromorphic Dynamics together we'll Accelerate solving discrete optimization Sampling and machine learning problems Dynex and octospace a partnership Destined to potentially impact society As we know it while the details are Unclear at this time between the news From yesterday regarding Dynex solving HIV RNA and this partnership the price Rose to 30 cents for Dynex exciting news For Osprey E300 and E100 owners Osprey Has now added Kyla coin support with a New firmware update the miner was Develop followed by K1 laboratory and Comes with a hefty 15 developer fee even With the high fees the max efficiency is Impressive at 46.91 Mega hash per watt Resulting in Crazy Revenue as the price Of Kyla coin skyrockets to a hundred and Fifteen dollars this means the Osprey E300 makes 5.47 per day in Revenue as There are only 21 000 coins available in Total for Kyla coin the race is on to

Accumulate before prices are driven up Even further JP Morgan's research report On Bitcoin mining emphasizes that miners With low electricity costs and Sustainable energy will thrive in the Competitive landscape electricity is the Main cost in mining affecting Bitcoin Production costs miners are seeking Cheaper and Greener energy sources to Protect profitability falling Electricity prices especially in the US Where most miners are based have been Beneficial lower costs help contain the Rise in production expenses during the Rising hash rate phase High electricity Costs have led to struggles for Vulnerable miners while larger ones with Lower cost maintain profitability in This highly competitive environment JPMorgan predicts industry consolidation As miners with lower production costs Will Survive additionally miners are Adopting renewable energy to become more Environmentally friendly thanks for Watching this episode of blocks be sure To check out my crypto mining e-course At son of a as well as come Join me over at son of a For exclusive content be sure to hit the Like comment and subscribe on your way Out and check out the link for the Sponsors down in the description I will See you next Tuesday

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