Octominer Announces Octoserver Price!

BlackRock includes a coinbase Surveillance sharing agreement in its ETF refiling octominer launches the Octo Server E10 in preparation for the shift To proof of useful work by flux in a Silicon is not releasing a Casper Asic At this time be careful out there Coastal crypto lowers the price of the Bitmain L7 and that is specifically the 9 gigahash model aneta is launching Wrapped Bitcoin on the cardano Blockchain soon and the silica network Is poised to deploy a significant Upgrade to its main net with version 9.2 Let's get into all of that and more in This episode of blocks where I cover Crypto mining news daily as quickly as Possible let's get into it Foreign We have exciting news about the Silicon Network's upcoming upgrade to its main Net the version 9.2 upgrade scheduled For July 5th at 8 UTC we'll introduce Several enhancements and new features Aiming at improving performance and Strengthening cross-chain Functionalities silica's commitment to Pushing boundaries in blockchain Technology is evident in this upgrade Users developers and node operators can Expect significant value from the Forthcoming improvements one key Improvement is enhanced interoperability Between the ethereum virtual machine evm

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For short and Cilla this will make it Easier to create test and launch Fungible tokens using erc20 and zrc2 Smart contracts facilitating seamless Cross-chain interactions the upgrade Also includes extended testing coverage For third-party evm contracts and Ensures full backward compatibility with Existing Sila contracts this emphasizes Zillica's focus on security and Functionality bug fixes improvements to Server-side resilience and enhanced Network performance are also part of the Upgrade these changes aim to create a Faster more efficient and more secure Network for all users and participants Developers will benefit from an improved Interface with advanced search and Trace Capabilities as well as expanded Development platform support the upgrade Also introduces a new developer Network Offering Early Access to new features And products during the upgrade process Which is expected to take around 8 hours But could extend up to 24 hours starting From 0800 UTC on July 5th the silica Network will not process transactions Including withdrawals and deposits users Should plan accordingly the zilica team Will provide updates on the completion Of the update process and appreciates The understanding and patience of all Network participants during this period Had future upgrades will continue to

Enhance silica's evm compatibility and Overall Network efficiency these Upgrades will also include improvements To rejoining process and reward Structures aiming to relax constraints On miners locations subject to the Network's governance system for more Detailed information about the V2 Upgrade or V 9.2 upgrade excuse me Please check the description below Viewers are also encouraged to explore The latest notes for silica version 9.2 And Cilla version 0.13.3 in an announcement tweet on June 30th the official annetta BTC Twitter Account stated that on July 7th the main Net launch of the first wrapped Bitcoin Protocol will launch on cardano Available at App.anettabtc dot IO you are able to Connect your cardano web wallet and Participate this long-awaited move will Make cardano defy that much more Relevant annetta is also working on Wrapped Bitcoin for the Ergo blockchain And this is one step closer to having a More robust proof of work alternative Since the move to proof of stake by Ethereum Coastal crypto has dropped the Price of their bit main antminer L7 to 4999 one dollar under five thousand Dollars this Miner currently generates 9.27 in profit at 10 cents per kilowatt Hour while merge mining Litecoin in

Dogecoin making the ROI 540 days at the Time of publication of this video check Out the affiliate Link in the Description below for purchasing details No the in a silicon Cav Miner Master Series is not real in an official Twitter post by Inno silicon they stated Quote fraud alert in a silicon.shop has Nothing to do within a silicon it's a Fraud website these so-called in a Silicon a12 and a12 plus machines do not Exist please please do not purchase Anything from innisilicon.shop just a Reminder to stay frosty when purchasing Crypto mining equipment only purchased Through verified retailers and double Check the web address in your browser The official site for in a silicon is in A silicon.com Octominer has announced pricing for Their upcoming octo server e10x99 and Flux Edition proof of useful work server Solutions thanks to choosing the x99 Platform they are incredibly affordable With the Octo server E10 x99 starting Between 1825 and 1995 with additional Add-ons the flux Edition comes with the Flux branding and upgraded equipment and Starts at 2195 US Dollars the Octo server E10 x99 Comes standard with 2z on E5 2698 V3 CPUs that means a total of 32 cores and 64 threads along with the CPUs the Server includes is 128 gigabytes of ddr4

ECC memory for the uninitiated that is Error correcting memory and that is Upgradable to one terabytes of memory Total in the system it also includes a One terabyte m.2 SSD three 1800 watt hot Swappable power supplies a 5u lid for Taller gpus and 10 pcie by 8 slots for All of the proof of useful work they Will be doing upgrades include a 10 Gigabit network card which I highly Recommend for future proofing a 4u case Lid for Enterprise gpus two m.2 to PCI Essd adapters an additional three-year Warranty for a cheap 120 US Dollars Which I would recommend if you're Purchasing this an additional 1800 watt Power supply and Xeon E5 26.99 V4 CPU Upgrades if you want to be rocking even Faster on the CPU so side of things and If you want you can go ahead and Purchase 10 octo server RTX 4090 AI dual Slot gpus which will be shipped July 20th these particular gpus just as a Quick note for you guys are unmarked Unbranded blower style cards that will Have the 12 pin plug on the rear of the Card and should be ideal of course for a Server style case some of the questions Of course with the server style fans That will be in these units is the CFM And your typical open air GPU coolers Your third-party manufacturer coolers Which could of course create some issues With that CFM blowing through causing

Damage to the fans on traditional gpus Like that you probably do want to if You're looking into this and also going To be purchasing gpus purchase the Blower style coolers at least that's how I would see it the OCTA server flux Edition keeps the same specifications Except in the memory and storage Department where it ships with 256 Gigabytes of memory instead of 128 Gigabytes and a 2 terabyte m.2 SSD Instead of the one terabyte version in Addition to that if you're a flex fan The Branding is well nice both options Include 10 2 and a half or three and a Half inch HDD base excuse me intended For solid state storage a back plane is Rumored to be included by red panda Mining in the future in its current Iteration shown by red panda the drives Would plug into the SATA ports directly On the motherboard a separate RAID Controller would be preferred in the Future as opposed to using the on-board RAID controller but maybe that will be Included in the back plane as well I'm Not really sure at this point overall Octominer has made the transition to Proof of useful work simple and in my Humble opinion as affordable as possible There are still quite a few questions Surrounding proof of useful work in Specific use cases from cloud gaming to Ai and basic compute the specific tasks

Will vary this means it is difficult to Say if x99 as a platform will be Sufficient across all proof of useful Work cryptocurrencies but as they worked Closely with flux on this launch it is Suffice to say it will be sufficient for Flux on launch of their proof of useful Work solution finally NASDAQ has Included a coinbase surveillance sharing Agreement SSA for short and a refiling For the ETF this move follows similar Decisions made by other companies Seeking to launch Bitcoin exchange Traded funds BlackRock the massive asset Manager has reportedly reached an Agreement with coinbase to address the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission SEC for short concerns about potential Market manipulation the surveillance Sharing agreement will help the ETF Combat these concerns and increase its Chances of regulatory approval the trend Of spot Bitcoin ET a filing started with BlackRock followed by other Asset Management firms like Fidelity now BlackRock has included a coinbase based SSA in its spot Bitcoin ETF refiling Aiming to address the sec's concerns Previously the SEC had deemed the Submissions inadequate according to the Filing the spot Bitcoin SSA will be a Bilateral surveillance sharing agreement Between NASDAQ and coinbase Supplementing the exchange's market

Surveillance program similar Agreements Are required by regulatory standards for Other companies including Fidelity Seeking to launch spot Bitcoin ETFs the Initial BlackRock fund filing was made Last month and approval has been a Central question as traditional finance Companies present new challenges to the SEC however the SEC has not yet approved A spot Bitcoin as ETF so the asset Management firms still face an uphill Battle overall the inclusion of that Killing base SSA and the spot Bitcoin ETF refiling by BlackRock is a Significant development in the pursuit Of a regulated Bitcoin ETF the agreement Addresses concerns about Market Manipulation and aims to improve the Chances of regulatory approval but Remember as I always State when we talk About these things Bitcoin came into Play and originated from the 2008 Financial crisis and housing market Collapse and is intended to actually Distance the Financial systems that we Utilize from traditional finance and From institutions such as BlackRock such As the SEC and such as any other banking Or government institution so it is what It is this is what we are facing though Does it mean that price on bitcoin Probably does look better from this Potentially yes thanks everybody for Watching be sure to hit the like comment

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