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First things first we're going to be Talking about the Federal Reserve Raising the interest rates a quarter of A point of course this is the lowest Since you know the recession kind of Started or I suppose like the recession That's not referred to as a recession You know the the economic downturn That's not an economic downturn According to whoever's in charge of the Government at the time however you want To slice that cookie whatever it's the Lowest since since this whole debacle Began but the Federal Reserve met today And announced yet another hike raising Interest rates a quarter point the Meeting saw the FED execute its lowest Interest rate hike since March of last Year slowing down its aggressive Tightening over the course of 2022 fed Chairs our own pal has or was expected To slow hikes at today's meeting as it Maintains vigilance against inflation Still the reduction in the size of the Hike marks a welcome change to the Consistent increase increase increases That have been the norm so following a Half percent Point hike in December the Federal Reserve has raised interest Rates a quarter point today the decision Marks a noticeable slowdown in the fed's Battle against inflation and is their Smallest increase in almost a year Prior to the announcement CNBC noted

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That the meeting was expected to be Relatively uneventful but would Challenge Powell's ability to temper Expectations the markets have been Rising in investors and as investors Expect the Central Bank might succeed in A soft Landing for the economy while Also snapping out inflation sufficiently To move back to easing policy today's 0.25 interest rate hikes Represented the fed's eighth increase Since March moreover it puts the FED Fund Target range at 4.5 percent to 4.75 Percent a mere half percentage point off From the terminal rate range of 5 to 5.25 percent still if the market Reaction Sparks a rise that is too quick It could have a counter-intuitive effect On the federal reserve's actions to Combat inflation following the start of The Federal Reserve two-day meeting on Tuesday stocks rallied overall the Technology sector was up nine percent For the month with rates falling since The start of 2023 moreover CNBC noted That the 10-year treasury yield stands At around 3.5 percent following a 3.9 Percent Mark at the end of December so Obviously rates going up the big news Here like we like we were talking about On the uh Bitcoin price could reach 45k by Christmas I don't think this is accurate

And I would say that probably won't in Fact I have very very low confidence in This if this were to happen we would Break the having cycle pretty heftily Which means we would go into basically a A potentially a possibility of a super Cycle which I suppose could be but History tells me that this is just you Know High Hopes there is One factor that may play into this that I would say would be outside of my site Right which would be Energy prices right So as we know with cryptocurrency with Bitcoin mining in particular the price Of the price to Mint a Bitcoin does Influence the price that Bitcoin is Right and that could end up with a huge Increase the huge increases we see in The price of energy influencing the Price of Bitcoin to go higher could it Be double you know 200 percent As far as the price to Mint a Bitcoin Over what it is currently over the year I guess potentially but then Economically we're going to be suffering Pretty heftily on the energy front so a Forty five thousand dollar Bitcoin isn't Going to sound that good when your Energy prices have gone up two to three Hundred percent for the second year in a Row right like it's not going to it's Just not going to be a good report right Other than that if that is not the case

And energy does not flow in that manner Of of increasing and Pro in cost that Much but the price of Bitcoin goes up And we you know outside of the Traditional having cycle of Bitcoin then I would say okay at this point well you Know maybe we've broken out of the Traditional having cycle when bitcoin's Performance is positive in January is Their argument the rally tends to Continue through the end of the year the Report said U.S institutions have Probably been behind January's rally in Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency gained More than 38 percent and outperformance This early or in the year tends to be Bullish for the token's price crypto Services provider Matrix Port Said in a Research report Wednesday in five of the Six years the Bitcoin has rallied in January the cryptocurrency has ended the Year with positive Returns on average The gain the rest of the year has been More than 245 percent wrote Marcus Thielen head of research the only year When Bitcoin declined after a strong January was 2014. that's only two cycles I mean This report's stupid Sorry I I just you know I can't the reason the Only year that this didn't happen was in 2014 it was because 2014 was on the Having cycle

It was influenced by that so we're more Akin to right now repeating the having Cycle of 2014 I suppose than the one of 2018 sure But their arguments are unfounded really Don't have hold any water at all Especially if you compare it to 2014 Which is the only other time it didn't Go up if it went up in January is like Saying oh but really the halving cycle Is correct and we're wrong If they understood anything about Bitcoin Established in 2017 octominer is an International mining hardware company They manufacture and engineer the best Mining equipment in the industry and Supply rigs to some of the largest Mining farms around the world their GPU Mining rigs also integrate with the top Crypto operating systems like Hive OS Miner stat and simple mining all parts Come with an international one-year Warranty exciting news they will be Adding Asic miners for sale to their Website soon and launching a new product Built specifically for Asic home miners Please visit octominer.com or email Support octominer.com for questions Uh JP Morgan says biggest risk to the Market in 2023 is no recession at all so Basically it's not going to happen you Know what I mean

Um markets inside Market markets Insider Reported JP Morgan strategist Mike Bell Stating that the biggest risks to the Market in 2023 is if there is no Recession after all as the economy has Feared a recessionary state in the U.S The actions that the Federal Reserve Could negatively impact how the economy Reacts Bell has stated that without a Recession current wage growth could Force the FED to raise rates more than Expected the action would be an attempt To combat inflation which would lead Both stocks and bonds to decline without Rate cuts the current economic state of The United States is certainly a fragile One Many are fearing for the worst in Preparing for such as the economy reels Following a Federal Reserve interest Rate hikes throughout 2022. yet JPMorgan Strategist Mike Bell has stated that the Greatest danger to the market in 2023 is No recession at all Bell statements are Rooted in a reality of a possibly or of Possibly forcing the FED to remain Hawkish the FED has been raising Interest rates since March of 2022 Leading many to brace for a recession as Abundant data shows prices cooling off As the tight monetary policy slows the Economy conversely S P 500 and the NASDAQ are all up subsequently the FED Will begin reversing its tightening

Campaign in response to an economic Downturn yet Bell believes that if the U.S economy avoids a recession in wage Growth remains High then the FED would Not cut rates as expected and instead Would have to resume rate hikes in the Second half of the year he told Bloomberg Berg TV additionally stating Unfortunately at that point you're back Into a world where both bonds and stocks Would go down together JP Morgan's best Case assumes a recessionary action in 2023 allowing wage pressures to moderate And the FED to cut rates in 2024 According to Bell specifically noting my Best guess is that the FED is going to Bring rates down to about 2.5 percent by The end of 2024 that means we'd have two Years of course of give or take right From this point for we got interest Rates back down but we haven't even Started bringing interest rates back Down right so that's the influence of Like we were talking about earlier the 0.25 percent As opposed to zero percent or going in The reverse direction we haven't even Started reversing that at this point now As far as the statements of Not going into a recession at all I I I Re I hear what they're saying and as far As like You know what Mike Bell has to say here I tend to say that I don't know near as

Much as anybody else on the economy so I I tend to listen however I'm not Necessarily sure that it's It's well how do we put this so a risk To the market does not mean A risk to the general public meaning as You can tell when they start talking Specifically about wages is where this Really comes in meaning I think if we The reason the recession would hit the Market is that or would hurt the Mark or Not going into recession would hurt the Market is would mean that wage pressures Would be rising to a rate to where You're hurting the actual companies to a Certain extent but the day-to-day life Of the individuals working for those Companies would tend to be better Meaning the way I read this is if we the Biggest risk to the market in 2023 is no Recession at all but the biggest risk to The individual is a recession I'd like to hear your thoughts and Opinions of course in the comment Section below thanks for checking out This clip from the crypto mining show You can check out the full episode here Or more crypto content down here also I'd like you to check out my locals page At son of a tech.locals.com where you Can become a member for free or choose To be a five dollar a month supporter That unlocks additional content

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