Bitcoin is currently hanging at super Important daily support and in this Exact video I will of course talk about The super important support on bitcoin I Will talk about the Bitcoin CME Gap that We're currently creating over the course Of the weekends the bullies Divergence And more importantly the stock market is Right now once again outperforming Bitcoin and the last time that that Happened Bitcoin took a very big jump Back towards the upside so today I will Be talking about the probabilities what Could be happening next with Bitcoin Considering the stock market is moving Up again and many more important charts We need to discuss right here so don't Forget to slap up the diagram on today's Update video can't wait to mentioned Back about 400 that will be absolutely Incredible with that of being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so looking at Bitcoin on the Internet short term and this CME Gap has Got a close price around 25.7 K so we're Expecting that Bitcoin is going to Override this price over the course of This weekend and yes once it is Monday We're probably going to fill up the CME Gap so what I will be expecting is that Either Bitcoin is going to come down at The end of the Sunday or either Beginning of the Monday we're going to Come down to fill up that CME close

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Price see me gaps they tend to get Filled up 9 out of the 10 times and for The loss 10 times before we've basically Closed them up within two days after the Creation of the CME Gap so expect that Bitcoin as well at the beginning of next Week is going to be trading right at 25.7 K since Bitcoin is still trading on These lows you can currently still see That the volatility is actually super Low Bitcoin basically goes sideways for A very long period of time in the market Then it had a massive bump towards the Upside once again went sideways and now Once again after we breach towards the Downside we are once again going Sideways and there's almost nothing Happening in this chart looking at the Four early time frame you can currently See that we actually confirmed a lower Load than the previous low on the market On that four hourly candle close here And actually I think if you're looking At Bitcoin right now here that we should Definitely be a little bit worried but One thing that is a positive to take From the market right now here is that On the floor time frame the RSI is Printing in higher high what means that We're currently creating a bullish Divergence and surprise section printed A lower high and looking at the 12 hour Time frame as well you can see Bitcoin Clearly created a lower high on that 12

Hourly low on the market and if you're Looking at the rsr you can clearly see The RSI has printed and higher high what Means that currently the RSI is also Creating a bullish the Virgin so RSI is Creating a higher low price section of Bitcoin a lower low as well in the daily Time frame however I am not thinking That this is one of the most beautiful Bullish averages I've ever seen here and If Bitcoin really were to be moving down Third on the daily time frame I think we Could be seeing a very beautiful bullish Average getting created and that could Potentially lead towards a market Reversal still one thing where I'm Worried about is that there's a lot of Liquidity in this week towards the Downside since this lick was purely a Liquidation week here so I personally Won't be surprised to first see Bitcoin Come down here to 24.8 K and then shoot Back towards the upside so it's the old Possibility that I'm currently taking in A Cancer and it's it's definitely a Possibility that could be happening for Bitcoin also very important to be paying Attention towards is that Bitcoin maybe Is right now sitting on its most Important support here not seen here in Approximately 170 days here so for the Last eight months here we've been Holding Above This support level and Basically if we break below this level

It's definitely going to be a sign of Worry if we break below this level and We confirm also the break below this box Right here we're probably going to go Much much lower because these are the Most important supports that we should Be looking at right now in this current Time in the market so Bitcoin is hanging On super important support and if you Want to be trading Bitcoin if we're Going to be breaking below it or if you Want to be buying or accumulating Anything maybe you want to be trading All coins you can check out by bit Because if you write an assignment Account on buybid you can write a go to The link description of today's video Where you can actually claim in the Postal bonus up towards one thousand Dollars and all you need to do here is Go to the link description of today's Video here deposit 100 within seven days And you can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars long or short position on buy Bed so make sure to sign up at account As soon as possible also since there are Some collateral risks on binance and There are some suggestions that binance Is using their customer funds to prompt Up the BNB price so hopefully it's not True but if it's true we could be in a Bigger trouble so looking as well at Bitcoin we can currently see that we're Basically holding this bigger range

Trade here and Bitcoin is just super Boring right now for the current period In the market actually this entire face Right here super boring then we got a Little bit of excitement and now once Again it is super boring so it's just a Matter of time before the narrative is Probably going to change again here but In this phase of the market bacon is Just super boring in 220 days Approximately we're going to have the Next Bitcoin all thing and probably as Well we're going to get the um Bitcoin Sport ETF within 200 days as well so Yeah things are lining up here for next Year especially but you have to Understand that if you want to be buying Enough Bitcoin you have to do it in Periods where no one wants to be buying It and that is of course where we're Currently in if you're looking at the Stock market compared to bitcoin it is Actually a very interesting take here Because you can see here the blue line That's the stock market the orange line Is Bitcoin here we had the FTX collapse Then we recovered again here but Basically you can see that the stock Market had a massive rally towards the Upside had a small little debt Here and Now continued further towards the upside On the small dip Bitcoin took also a Hard dip here but now it's once again Moving up and Bitcoin is moving down

Here so Bitcoin is moving invertedly Against the stock market and last time That happened it was over here Bitcoin Of course went down here to a low of Approximately 25 000 and the stock Market continued to Rally till at one Point Bitcoin catched up again back Towards the upside of course there was On the BlackRock Bitcoin sport ETF news Here for their funding but it is just an Indication that Bitcoin could take Territorium back very quickly compared To the stock market and of course if the Stock market does decides to be going Higher since if I'm looking at the stock Market right now here we are currently Almost a new Autumn highs for this Market so yeah let's see how it's going To be playing out here of course we do Know September is currently the month That we're in and September has Historically been a super bad month for Bitcoin to be very clear it has only Been two times in history positive and All the other times it was super Negative so hopefully it's going to be Different this time around here but September is definitely a very worrisome Month but September is definitely a very Worrisome month and we should be Definitely paying our attention towards It but one important thing to take here Is that October has historically been Super positive for Bitcoin so let's see

How it's going to be playing out here That's first survive the month of September but October is definitely a Month I'm super excited about and if you Really start to zoom out on bitcoin you Can really identify the most important Levels of resistance you can clearly see This is the most important resistance to Break here if we break Above This level I personally think we could start to see Bitcoin go exponential again same since This has been the level that has been Providing rejections for us all the time Here then we've got the most important Support line the legendary support line On the Lower Side clearly a lot of touch Points here as well in the FTX collapse Low another touch points and this Basically is indicating that Bitcoin is Still an upper sloping Trend here until We break it and of course if Bitcoin Comes down average to 22 000 again we're Probably going to retest the legendary Support line again and that would make Up a very good buying opportunity at the Same time in the middle of this range We're currently still holding above it We've got this level of 25 000 I'm going To make it a little bit less figure but You can currently clearly see here what Are the most important levels for Bitcoin and basically I personally think We do not have a lot of room towards the Downside and we have got a lot of room

Towards the upside and the downside room I am still expecting that could be Happening is Bitcoin to come down to 23 To 22 000 but not much lower than that Here and if we ever will be retesting This trend line again I will be most Certainly a buyer and you have to Understand if Bitcoin goes down now it's Actually a gift here because 2024 is Lining up to be so bullish if you're not Accumulating Bitcoin right now it's you Will be definitely missing out here and If it does really comes down to Q4 2023 It would be a gift at least that is how I'm approaching it because I will be Able to be buying more Bitcoin so that Was it for me in today's update video I Truly hope you didn't enjoy it if you Did like it don't forget to and see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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