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Foreign Established in 2017 octominer is an International mining hardware company They manufacture and engineer the best Mining equipment in the industry and Supply rigs to some of the largest Mining farms around the world their GPU Mining rigs also integrate with the top Crypto operating systems like Hive OS Miner stat and simple mining all parts Come with an international one-year Warranty exciting news they will be Adding Asic miners for sale to their Website soon and launching a new product Built specifically for Asic home miners Please visit or email Support for questions Sanctions not just sanctions really Talking about regulation that will of Course include sanctions and kind of We've seen this go on for some time as Far as bypassing sanctions in you know Russia for using Bitcoin The Russian Banks or the Central Bank Basically giving kind of leeway to the Oligarchs for utilizing cryptocurrency Because of the need for it this is Probably going to be you know something That ends up being a point of contention Especially when we get further and Further into of course the conflict that Is going on between Ukraine and Russia And of course really at the end of the Day NATO and Russia are really NATO and

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Bricks if we're being completely honest Here and it's important to note also the Influence that bricks is going to have Over the entire economy moving forward Too but this one's uh kind of along Those lines nexo office in Bulgaria Raided in sanctions probe over 300 Bulgarian investigators are involved in The raid while nexo tells block works The allegations are absurd the offices Of troubled crypto lender nexo have been Rated by Bulgarian officials for alleged Financial crimes including money Laundering tax evasion and fraud over 300 officers and Regulators have been Involved in the investigation and police Have searched over 15 addresses related To nexo Local News website standard Reported that the investigations are Part of a larger International operation That is looking at violations of International Financial sanctions Against Russia although the probe is Currently limited to Bulgaria now I want You to keep this in mind we are looking At a larger International operation There are going to be multiple attacks In my humble opinion on cryptocurrency And it is because of essentially the Ability for cryptocurrency to kind of Circumvent the sanctions the sanctioning Right this is going to mean that that Will be utilized as a an attack vector By uh by nation states right by whoever

It may be members of NATO more than Likely right now and then moving on from There and it'll be interesting to see How this applies across the board Especially when we take into account of Course the stuff that was going on in China we're trying to kind of ban Bitcoin mining and now they're kind of Backing off on that kind of going to be I think a huge point of contention Between essentially NATO and Bricks for Quite some time and what ironically may Happen here is that the states that are Purportedly free right the the nation States that are free you know like the United States like the UK or whatever They have some sort of freedoms or Whatnot or along the Civil Rights Movements and so on are going to move Further away from Financial Freedom and You're going to start seeing oddly Enough this kind of lenience in the Bricks Associated countries to being More financially uh free and that will Be enabled by cryptocurrency but really What it is is a tussle of you know power Between these entities so it's it's this Weird irony that's going on at least in My humble opinion the next episode Spokesperson told blockworks that quote They are inquiring about a Bulgarian Entity of the group that is not customer Facing but only has operational expense Related functions payroll customer

Support and back office Adding the allegations are absurd we are One of the most stringent entities with Regards to kyc and AML since the onset Of the war in Ukraine we have helped Raise Millions for the victims there and Restricted clients from Russia and Sanctioned regions end quote nexo has Also publicly responded to the news on Twitter assuring that the company has Not been involved in any illegal Activities we have turned down a lot of Businesses because or a lot of business Because nexo never makes compromises With regard to our very stringent Anti-money laundering and know your Customer policies the company tweeted Adding unfortunately with the recent Regulatory Crackdown on crypto some Regulators have recently adopted the Kick first ask questions later approach In corrupt countries it is bordering With racketeering but that too shall Pass the price of NECA nexo's nexo Dipped by roughly six percent but has Since recovered the token has not Participated in the broader crypto Market rally in recent days meaning Really in in all honesty nexo isn't Recovering because it should be Following the broader crypto Market Especially considering the fact that the Primary lending Options on their platform is going to be

Stable coins Bitcoin in ethereum so if It's not following that that recent pump It is in theory not as trustworthy Meaning it is going down the only reason The recovery happened to the back to the Original price was because of the pump Of the broader crypto market so I Wouldn't trust that nexo is going to Recover now As far as nexo is concerned from a Perspective of do you support this or do You not support this right well we go Back to the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency and you know you say at The same time with the lending platform Like this is centralized I wouldn't Touch it with the 10-foot pole that Being said you know it is important to Pay attention to how Regulators are Approaching decentralized entities Because that will have a Rippling effect Across the entire market and we will Have to pay attention to how that plays Out the real Crux of the matter is that In a bide for control at the end of the Day between like I said like the NATO Aligned countries and the brixoline Countries The actual monitoring and sanctioning of Cryptocurrency itself is going to be Quite difficult which really puts the Future in a different position right Like the the past it it doesn't always Repeat but it Rhymes and the rhyming

Part here is going the part the the Unknown is going to be this shift into Digital currencies with these conflicts And I think that's really where you know From there's going to be a ton written About this you know in the history books 10 20 30 years down the line And it's going we get to live through it So I feel extremely blessed to a certain Extent to get to live through this and Witness it because this is one of the Most exciting times that you could be Alive you know it's a lot more exciting To miss being you know having your Entire life be unchanging for the most Part thanks to Tech and how fast Everything moves we get to see basically Rev multiple Revolutions in our Lifetimes especially as a millennial or A little bit below that or even Gen X You know It's it's really cool that we get to Experience a lot more change than than Past Generations really have thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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