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New minor update unleash the full Potential of the E300 Miner upgrade to Achieve an impressive 16 gigahash a Second Caspa hash right now on the e300s You can check out the coupon codes down Below for these if you're interested But a new firmware version has been Released that increases the Casper hash Rate to an impressive 16 gigahash a Second on the E300 however to achieve This hash rate you need to take some Important steps it says firstly you will Need to purchase the heat sinks due to The higher clock speeds of over 650 Megahertz the mosfet and regulator on The fpga boards will produce more heat Which could be a concern for E300 miners This would be overclock and go beyond The z-links specification and you're Taking risks at your own cost and may Cause damage to the box which is not Warranted to mitigate this issue you Will need to purchase the small or Purchase small heatsinks these heatsinks Can help dissipate the Heat and ensure That the E300 Miner remains at an Optimal temperature during operation the Heatsink recommended by Osprey Tech Electronics can be purchased from the Amazon link provided below this is the Specific key think that the Osprey Electric Electronics suggests to E300 Miners to help regulate the temperature Of the mosfet and regulator on the fpga

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Boards when running at higher clock Speeds and they link the Amazon link Down here you get some thermal glue and Get these fun little thing heat sinks And then you uh pull up them on here it Looks like they have them marked they Have a little guide here Yep So you'll put all the heat sinks on There and then once you've done that for The mosfets you'll download the new Firmware and go from I think what we Were seeing was really around 13 Gigahertz a second so I don't know if This hits 16 or if it's closer to 15 Gigahertz a second but you will have to Also overclock so I think the mileage Will probably vary let's just keep an Eye on that it also may not be worth it So be extremely careful with this one Unfortunately I only got the E300 for Like a week so I didn't get I don't have One to test this otherwise I would love To do this maybe I can email them and They'll let me do a video on it But you know as it is with all miners Like this unfortunately it's very Difficult to have test units and and Keep them and all of that sort of stuff We also have new supported hardware for Asic Hub on Hive on that you guys should Check out scrolling down here what You'll see is that they have added Support for gold shell right now for

Official support for KD Max Katie light And mini Doge Pro I believe the hobbyist Miners already tested and made out a Video for this on his channel so go Check his channel out if you're curious On how to get this functioning there is A caveat here I mean a lot of the minis Will work and so on but you got to keep In mind like this is two dollars a month To add any of these and if you are Paying two dollars a month on a on a Mini you really it's not look you're uh It's not profitable right like it a lot Of these gold shell miners are just not Profitable enough to really for that to Make sense I wouldn't recommend Utilizing it I know two dollars sounds Cheap so that's not a dig on hive like Bull Run cool you want easy management Great but when you're trying to survive A bear market and you have a bunch of Mini miners adding a mini Miner in for Two dollars a month probably not a great Idea the margins are too low That being said there is also another New Miner from Osprey it's the E300 Vu33p it's an 8.8 gigahash per second Casper minor utilizing of course the Vu33p there are three hash ports in the Unit you can check out my review of the E300 It makes sense you could slide in Different uh fpga boards so that's What's basically happening here and that

Was uh that was able to reduce the price To 32.99 you can get another 100 off With sot 100 and I do get a kickback for Those so you can check that out if you Want and utilize that so I can get a Kickback If you decide to purchase it but please Watch my review so you understand the Caveats for this one in particular Because you know The 10 fee on that for like team red Miner Is just bad there's no other way to put It it's just bad Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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