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Let's talk about Minor releases for the Week uh and what we got is team Blackminer version 1.85 it came out Yesterday they added dual and triple Mining for ravencoin Zill ravencoin ethereum classic and Zill And then they improve switching code for Kapow with less rejected shares they Added support for SSL Mining and plus VTC or plus vert coin and plus ravencoin Both pools have to be SSL pools and they Reduce stale shares and they tried to Fix performance loss on the Nvidia CMP cards Uh I am impressed that team blackminer Is continuing to develop through the Bear Market this could put them in a Good position moving into the next Bull Run remember like as we see these types Of things like miners that we thought Weren't gonna be a thing In the previous bull run because of Popular miners from the bull run before That you know became relevant because They continued development through a Bear Market if you are a mining software Developer the best thing you can do is Add as much support for as many coins And algorithms Etc as possible because You don't know we don't know nobody Knows what's going to take that kind of Big Revenue place of ethereum for GPU Miners and there will be something right Because at the end of the day we could

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Say GPU mining is dead completely but we Thought that back in 2012 when Bitcoin Or whatever had Asics come out onto the Network and then boom ethereum came Along right there there is always Something new on the horizon and being Prepared for whatever is new on the Horizon is the best thing that you can Do this also means that the GPU money Yourself you don't have to be mining at A loss but you can turn on your rigs Play with a new coin figure out how the Overclocks work play with a new Algorithm so that you're ready have Those flight sheets have those Overclocks ready to go in your High the Last machine so that when something Starts spinning up you're ahead of the Game not behind the game right this is The time to completely prepare from a Hardware perspective from a power Perspective from a knowledge perspective Your job is to be prepared now as a Cryptocurrency miner especially as a GPU Miner your job is to be preparing for What comes next and it will come because We have not broken into a macro cycle Meaning that we can be fairly certain Over at least probably the next two Bitcoin havings that we will see the Same cycle repeat itself That means yes you have a great Opportunity here if you're willing to go Ahead and take that risk right and it

Would there there's risk there still But you have that potential We have a new release from G minor as Well five days ago for version 3.28 improved overclocking subsystem Fixes bugs with overclock switching While zil mining round and then improved Hash rate reporting while zil mining Round removed hash rate draw down for Primary algorithms so still continuing To see some updates here you can also go Ahead and get your hive OS updated I Like to see this why do I like to see This well Development on hive has been a little Bit behind they've been focusing a lot On Asics because that's where they have Opportunity to still make money through The bear Market I understand I get it At the same time we have a lot of people That are still you know trying to deploy New Miners and new features on hive OS And having an option here straight up For them to give you on the GitHub to Have compatibility with mmpos And Hive OS is amazing so good work guys I you Know G minor continued to do that you Know other Other mining software developers you Know see what they're doing there and Actually follow suit I think at this Point you can't expect right now at this Point for any of these operating system You know developers to

Come out you know update to your latest Miner on it in a timely manner Four days ago also we had LOL minor Version 1.67 improved Nexa performance On Nvidia touring based gpus Approximately 35 percent increase This is getting crazy improved next Performance on eight gigabyte Nvidia Ampere gpus by approximately 1.5 percent When memory is locked is not locked in Three percent On locked memory 5000 10 gigabyte and Higher gpus got an additional five Percent performance increase so next is Starting to see some scaling with memory Here improved next performance on Nvidia Ada Base gpus by approximately 25 Unlocked memory clock and about eight Percent on unlocked memory now I'm going To show you guys here too we don't even Have this calculated in yet but Nexus Looking pretty hot so they added Nexa Echelon mining protocol to support pools Using it so that is like the 137 pool Dot IO and the needed format will be Automatically detected when connecting To a pool using it pretty awesome they Updated the web UI for next Nexa Mining And more pools to support and there is The Windows update for the GUI and then They had some fixes they fixed a bug Causing scattered defects shared on Nexa Mining on all os's they fixed a display Bug when setting power limit on Nvidia

GPU saying the value is out of range Although it is fine on all os's they Fixed a bug and next to mining on the Mining creating only defects and windows They fixed a bug in Nexa mining of the Mining minor crashing silently after a Few minutes and says note one every code Update in particular when so massive is Here because this is a big code update May require retuning of your overclock And UV settings for ideal results and Stability obviously with big and Performance improvements like this and The uh you know the the specifically as It pertains to memory I I think you are Going to probably have to play with that It says memory locking on Ada gpus is Only recommended if the core clock is Locked as well and not maxed out on High Core clock in combination with memory Lock to 5000 the performance will Struggle due to worse memory timings so As a general note the next GPU codes are And will be foreseeable in the Foreseeable future joint work with the Leadock from b z minor minor fees will Be evenly shared regardless of which of These two flavors of the code you prefer And bz minor and lll minor have both Been working on this for a while and I Gotta say I mean seeing those two come Together is amazing Um it's just I think having that those two different

Options Does also mean for troubleshooting you Are going to have basically same Capabilities but based on like the code Base you may find that one is more Reliable during one particular release And vice versa just gives you some more Troubleshooting opportunities thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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