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Team blackminer version 1.83 faster vert Coin and Zill mining Epoch zero cashed At startup AMD Nvidia in plus Zill mode And then improve the startup time when Mining two or three algorithms added Support for Zill Standalone mining on and fix stats sometimes The AVG hash rate in the console was Zero for vert hash added the API version 1.4 activate with API version option fix The AMD Etc Standalone mining not Starting bug introduced in non-dual mode 1.82 and fix zil power limits so it Resets properly after and zil proof of Work Yeah um Good luck with any triple I mean even Dual mining is pretty sparse As far as how reliable you're going to Get your rigs but once you start triple Mining like good Freaking luck bro Um just good luck it's cool on the Surface if you want to be able to run Your rigs with any sort of reliability Ah just uh Not a fan out of nowhere an interesting We did update we got an update from XM Rig which I think has been It's it's it's been a while the last Update was October 23rd for version 18 6.18.1 we got version 6.19 two days ago And uh there's not a lot of

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Information here so so all we really got Here is an update to the latest SSE to Neon.h Msvc build enabled parallel compilation Improves Zen 3 MSR mod which cool Updated cmake required version to 3.1 Dragonfly BSD compilation fixes not Really too big of a deal show IP address For failed connections uh fixed Mac OS DMI reader as if anybody Minds on Mac OS At this point but cool And fix the broken random X light mode Mining solo mining added job timeout not A not a lot it is good to see the XM rig Is getting some updates though so work Is being done there I was happy to see This like we stated earlier you know Updates to these miners are few and far Between in the bear Market I'm glad to See XM rig is still sticking around Because really they're the only hope for The CPU mining side of things XMR stack Has been pretty lackluster to say the Least four days ago too we got bz minor Version 13.03 like I said bz miners Definitely been staying up to date with Their fixes Um they had one two weeks ago I think That one was for the the partnership on Nexa with LOL Miner which is pretty cool On this one Um the the hotfix so they had quite a Few kind of back to back fixes right They had a 13.01 uh a

13.0.2 which improved next to Hash rate And efficiency on Nvidia and they Reduced the next Dev fee by two percent Basically because it was lower on the LOL Miner side as well they fixed AMD Issues on all Algos except Nexa it says And then some stuff like that then 13.03 They fixed Cuda air from previous Release on older NVIDIA drivers slight Improvement to Nexa efficiency and hash Rate mainly for 20 series cards and they Added the new parameter pool reconnect Timeout Which is pretty cool And then finally we do have four days Ago SRB minor uh multi version 2.1 and This one SRB minor it's been a weight Well it says two weeks ago it felt like Longer it felt like longer to me but I Guess I'm wrong Um so for this one Exciting here Alchemist architecture I Got the 750 also the price of the 750s Dropped in price a lot So Um as well as Uh Ubuntu drivers are out now too or Linux drivers so I'm definitely gonna Get my 750 hooked up at some point Hopefully next weekend and I want to Get the Essentially get the uh The 750 hooked up into my into Ubuntu Machine I think we'll throw it into my

Threadripper there already has something To installed on it and then get SRB Miner and check out some of the new Algos for the support for Alchemist Right so Um I think that's pretty exciting They do have like the Zill for the Triple mining all this stuff I don't I'm Not sure It doesn't say I mean So it says this is the first release That supports the Alchemist GPU so Please report any bugs Is it every algorithm the SRB Miner Supports Because if so like Crazy Um it seems like that's the case though Right it seems like that's the case so Plus the price drop on the on the Alchemist cards and like I said the Ubuntu release I'm really really really Hot on this so uh this week is like this Is going to be my primary focus this Weekend I'm too busy with kids and stuff But uh over the week like this is my Primary focus to get testing for you Guys on the Intel r750 so that should be Cool thanks for checking out this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here or more Crypto content down here also I'd like You to check out my locals page at son

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