Bitcoin broke outside of the symmetrical Triangle and literally was only a few Dollars off with reaching our price Target but right now Bitcoin looks to be Creating some new consolidation phases So I will be exactly talking about this The most important news that currently Is playing out in the market all the Most important charts here on the weekly Daily and 4ly time frame so make sure to Watch this video till the end because I Will be exactly discussed where we Should be looking next so don't forget To slap up that like button and let me Jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term of this video so Looking at the imature term of Bitcoin We created symmetrical Triangle Yesterday and ever since we had the Breakout of the symmetrical triangle Bitcoin clearly moved towards the upside But only was a few dollars off our price Target but anyways if you did manage to Catch a trade towards the upside right Here then you did definitely made some Significant profits so congratulations On everyone who actually traded this Right now if I'm going to be looking up For the next trade on bitcoin honestly I'm thinking we're looking here at the Ascending triangle and an ascending Triangle is a typical continuation Pattern so likely what I'm expecting is That there is actually going to be a

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Continuation I mean yesterday I already Discussed it so many people across Twitter are saying oh I'm shorting this Right now I'm doing this right now but You have to understand the short Position is way more dangerous than the Long because Bitcoin can only downum 99% And it can go up thousands and thousands Of percent so if you're swing trading The short position is way more dangerous And that is why I'm very careful with Shorting Bitcoin if I'm expecting Bitcoin is going to come down I rather Want to be waiting for a good level to Actually open up a long position so Bitcoin doing an absolutely incredible Job and I personally think that this is Going to be the next breakout we should Be looking at and yes these are going to Be some amazing price targets whether It's going to be up it's going to be Somewhere around 36.4k and if it's going To be down it's going to be somewhere Around $33,000 us so looking at Bitcoin Right now here we just got some breaking News again here because bitwise just Refilled their Bitcoin SP F filing and Yes this is and yes this is something Not unexpected since we have already Seen that these other issuers are also Refiling their spot ETFs so this is just Bitwise responding to the comments of The SEC and yes once again progress has Been made because the issuers are

Currently actively collaborating with The SEC so this is suggesting an ETF is Going to be launching anytime soon then Also yesterday we saw Arc invest Bitcoin Sport ETF with the ticker Arc a is right Now also listed on the dtcc the NASDAQ Trade clearing firm what is of course Absolutely again a massive step in the Right direction so it looks to be that The Bitcoin SP ttf is coming closer and Closer and also some breaking news Bitcoin just hit new Tim highs in Turkey Yes because of course turkey has got Hyperinflation so Bitcoin is doing an Absolutely amazing job for everyone who Is living in Turkey so congratulations If you did bought and hold Bitcoin while You are living in Turkey further on we Can currently see here is that this is Basically the most important resistance That Bitcoin is currently running in Towards is that $36,000 to $35,000 right Why is because this has been previously The low in the market and basically we Were holding this level up bounce Bitcoin all the way back towards the Upside and the point we broke below it That was the point where Bitcoin really Started to be dropping right so this is The turning point in the market and Currently we have been trading against This level for three days straight here And honestly I think this is a very Important level to be looking looking at

You can also clearly see that there's a Low amount of volume since Bitcoin just Straight away moved through it there's No consolidation whatsoever so this is a Very important range to be trading in And honestly Bitcoin could also fall Down back to our support very quickly Again and once it falls below I honestly Think that this level is going to be Providing support right so this Previously R provid Massive Resistance Here also here also so if Bitcoin really Comes down I would see the 32 to $31,000 Is a massive opportunity to actually Open up long positions if Bitcoin were To be falling down I'm not saying it's Going to be happening but if it were to Be happening I will be definitely be a Buyer over there and this chart tells it All because this chart is literally Visualizing all the important support And resistance with all the numbers on The right side of it so yeah if you were To be looking at some very important Levels of resistance make sure to be Looking at this chart right now here Because yes guys you can see the biggest Resistance ahead of ourselves is 36.5k Why is because is let clear weekly low In the market and once we broke below it That was the point we went exponentially Towards the down side this is the clear Weekly high right here 46.8k and this is That previous low in the market that got

Us also rejected for a couple times so Honestly I think these are the most Important levels to be looking at for Bitcoin and honestly if we really Potentially break above these levels Then we're probably going to be flying Very quickly towards at $60,000 again Here honestly I'm not expecting that Bitcoin is going to go up so fast and I Mean if it happens I will be definitely Pleased but I'm not expecting it's going To be happening so far so if I'm if I'm Looking to be trading Bitcoin right now Here I'm looking at the imature term Right now but for the bigger perspective I'm of course holding Bitcoin because I'm a long-term believer and that is why I'm just holding Bitcoin so if you I Mean boys and girls if you are willing To trade Bitcoin this is really the time To do it you could also trade altcoins There's a lot of volatility so there's a Lot of money to make here so if you're Interested in trading go to the link Description of today's video because This deposit bonus is only valid for Another 5 days so make sure to be quick Here because you can currently claim a Free $1,000 us airell position and all You need to do is sign up an account Using the link below deposit $100 Winning 7even days and complete KC to Claim this insane deposal bonus so make Sure to go to the link description if

You are interested in claiming this Insane bonus further on on The Daily Time frame of course Bitcoin went Absolutely exponential set a new yearly High of course broke Above This Resistance right here looking at the EMA Riv you can clearly see it has been Breaking Upwards it was already Breaking Upwards before in general looking very Strong one thing that we can currently See here is that on the daily RSI it is Quite OV exhausted right so I won't Won't be surprised if Bitcoin is going To see at least a slight consolidation Or slight cool off I mean honestly it Would be very great while you may ask It's purely because of the distribution Of Supply so this is very interesting we Can currently see and this is from the Durational route guys there's been so Much reaccumulation around that 26 to 30,000 region and right now we are Sitting around $35,000 and there's not Been a lot of reaccumulation right here And I think it's very important to have Reaccumulation and right now since we Enter this range right here we're Probably going to see a lot of Redistribution from Supply some people That are actually interesting to sell Their Bitcoin are going to sell it off Right now and the people that are Actually interested to be buying it are Going to be buying it so that is red

Distribution from Supply that is what We're probably going to be seeing again Around a region maybe it's $35,000 maybe It's $40,000 but we're going to be Looking at the new region where we're Going to consolidate because that is What you always see in the price action Of Bitcoin right you always see these Things happening so we saw right here on This region right here we saw on this Region right here and I mean you can Clearly even better see it on the 3-day Time frame right so you can clearly see This is been a reaccumulation phase over Here boom this has been a small little Reaccumulation phase this also Reaccumulation phase this also and then You have these exponential movements Between right so that is basically what Happens all the time also you saw it Here at the bottom Bitcoin a lot of Reaccumulation this was a massive Reaccumulation phase and this again Massive reaccumulation and right on Bitcoin is moving up exponentially again Here so we're just waiting before the Massive reaccumulation phase is going to Be starting again here so that is Interesting to be seeing right now here Honestly I think consolidating is good For Bitcoin right now we're quite OV Exhausted so I won't be surprised if It's going to be happening it's not Necessarily it's not a good analysis

Because I don't know exactly where it's Going to be Rec accumulating right so That is why I'm looking at these Important levels I think $36,000 is Resistance to be breaking honestly I Expect we're going to be staying above The $32,000 level I don't really think We're going to be breaking below it and Honestly if there's going to be some Massive news hitting the market like the ETF is going to get accepted we're Probably going to see even more Volatility towards the upside and yes Bitcoin is right now just breaking out Massively towards the upside and I mean It's right now important to be looking At the biggest resistance levels and I Think the biggest one ahead of ourselves Is just 36.5k this exact level that I'm pointing Out this red line right here 36.5k is The massive previous Lev of this Reaccumulation phase on the past and That is why I think that is going to be The level to break and that's why I also Think we're probably going to keep Consolidating in this region right here Potentially even move up to 36.5k and oh sorry potentially even move Up to 36.5k then come down again here And probably consolidate a little bit Around this region right here that is at Least what I am expecting I think Bitcoin is going to be slowing down a

Little bit here but if it doesn't I mean I won't be but honestly if it doesn't Slow down I would still be super happy And I will be still benefiting from it Because I've got a big hold up position In my accumulation wallet so further on Bitcoin create this massive head and Shoulders pattern inverse Head and Shoulders pattern it's got a price Target around $74,000 this is of course a beautiful Breakout that we've seen and there's a Lot of follow through and that is of Course the thing you want to be seeing Here so honestly for the next Bull Run I'm super excited and $100,000 may seem like a insane Target But it isn't insane if you're going to Be um understanding the fact that Pension funds are actually going to be Aing aping into Bitcoin so I am super Excited and you have to understand that There could be a lot of upside for Bitcoin there could be a lot of upside For Bitcoin with these ETFs coming and Ever since Bitcoin is right now breaking Above This level right here and I could Even extend it what I have not even done Here on this on this uh chart right now This is literally one of the most Important levels of resistance that We're currently breaking above here Massive previous support flipping into Resistance right now breaking above it

Right right now breaking above it so There's some very big historical things Happening right now for for Bitcoin and Please don't show this chart to the Bears but honestly Bitcoin is right now Creating somewhat of a rising wedge deal Here on the weekly time frame so this is Maybe a sign of worry some would say but Honestly I don't really think that Bitcoin is going to be moving down to $112,000 or $15,000 what some people are Still saying all the things are lining Up there is clearly interest in Bitcoin Because it's been up more than 100% year To date stock market is only been up 10% And gold only been up a few percent as Well year to date so there's clearly Been interest and Bitcoin clearly been Leading the way towards the upside so That is why I'm not expecting Necessarily we're going to go down down Here I mean it came from $69,000 all the way down to $15,000 FTX Collaps it's a free market and then went Up again here what is of course Absolutely massive looking at the short Term guys however and we're going to be Looking at the liquidations here uh left And right above us and below us I think Yeah you can clearly see 35.2k are Laying the majority of the liquidations On the top side side and below us it's Going to be around 33.5 K so whether Bitcoin is going to be moving up or down

You should be looking at these levels Because here's where the majority of the Liquidations long and short lay and Usually Bitcoin tends to be searching For these liquidations to of course Crush these people here before moving up Right because Bitcoin likes to be going Towards these levels where majority of Liquidations are laying so pay attention Towards this chart you could be trading Very well from it it's just on coin Glass everyone can use it but this was It for me in today's update video thanks So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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