Bitcoin is breaking out of the bull flag Right now but while this is happening We're running into our super critical Resistance Bitcoin is creating embarrass Divergence funding rates are running Extremely high and liquidity is taking Out of the market so on today's video I Will talk about my forecast what is Going to be happening in the coming two To three months for Bitcoin I'm going to Exactly discuss what I personally think Is going to be happening next so without Any further Ado don't forget to slap up The like button on today's update video Can we smash it back up of 500 likes it Will be absolutely incredible I will Also talk about what is currently going On in the altcoin market and how we Could make money with that as well so Without any further Ado let me jump Straight away in towards the content so First of all yesterday we looked at this Bull Flex scenario for Bitcoin and ever Since we broke the resistance we exactly Retested the previous resistance Target As support and after that we have seen a Slight little increasement towards the Upside however right now Bitcoin is Running in towards our exact resistance Target we've been talking about for Quite a while right now here this level 44.6k has every single time we've been Retesting it provided Massive Resistance And of course this level is just not

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Only on the 1 hour but this is of course The level here on the daily time frame That in the previous bare Market Provided massive rejections and also Sometimes support for Bitcoin so I am Taking this level very seriously and Honestly if we can break Above This Level and especially break above this Entire region right here I would Definitely be very bullish on bitcoin But as long as we're not doing that I Will approach this level as the majority And the main resistance for Bitcoin Right now yesterday I also talked about The liquidity that was laying majorly on The upside and we once again exactly Took out the liquidity here on the top Side we squeezed out all the Bitcoin Short positions and after that we've Been going down a little bit here and Basically going a little bit more Sideways currently the majority of the Liquidations are laying below us but It's not a necessarily big amount of Liquidations so I will take this Definitely with a grain of salt right Now one thing I'm not taking with a Grain of salt is of course the Bitcoin Funding rates we tend to see this Happening every single time in the bull Markets and of course eventually Bitcoin Keeps going but in these boo markets You've got these major Corrections of Like 10 to 15% and they usually tend to

Happen once the Bitcoin funding rates Are getting heavily overweighted and Currently on bitcoin and on altcoins the Funding rates are heavily overweighted What basically means that everyone Currently is longing and almost no one Is shorting in this market and due to That the balance is out and due to that You have to pay a massive premium to be In that long position so you have to Understand that this usually happens Once the market is starting to get Overbought once the market is starting To get overheated and currently we are Seeing this happening so I do want to be Pointing out that this is a sign of Worry because usually once this tends to Happen you tend to see a pullback so Honestly for Bitcoin we are right now Creating as well in the 4ly time frame a Bearish Divergence uh I mean honestly if We're going to be looking to potentially Get a pullback since we're also trading Against resistance funding rates are High I'm not necessarily saying it has To happen but let me quickly disclose Where the big support is laying below us Right so I think the biggest support Below us is definitely on $42,000 use Right now as well we formed some new Support on this level right here I'm Going to be looking towards it very Closely I think this is of course a Little bit of a less strong support but

This is definitely a level that I will Be seeing as big support for Bitcoin the 43.1k and of course even below the $42,000 this low here in the market Sitting around 41.2k so these these are The main levels I'm going to be looking At on the lower side but honestly Bitcoin is right now in fact creating Embarass of vergence on the 4 Hour on The 1 hour I don't want to be all to Bearish just like I said a couple times Before because yes we broke out of the Bulex scenario and I honestly wouldn't Be surprised that Bitcoin is going to go Much much higher and I've said this Several times before I am 100% spot long On bitcoin only I have currently opened Up a new short position on this exact Resistance here on the top side so I am In a small little profit right here my Stop loss is extremely tight I'm only Taking this position right now because I Want to be hatching my 100% Spot Long Position so that is a thing you have to Understand because I've got a very big Spot long position I want to be hatching My bets potentially if Bitcoin is going To see a rejection right here so this is All what I'm doing right now here and of Course if Bitcoin sees a nice correction Towards the downside and all the stats Are completely cleared up again that is The point where I will be starting to be Opening massive new long positions on

Bitcoin so quickly talking about my Forecast we're currently in Approximately 26 27 days out before the Window opens for potential Bitcoin ETF Approval and honestly what I am Currently expecting the higher Bitcoin Is going to go pre Bitcoin SP ETF Approval the more significant it's going To be that that is probably going to be The top in the Market at least for the Short term why am I saying so I think It's a very bullish thing for the bull Run and that is why I think Bitcoin is Going to go up after but you have to Understand once the Bitcoin spot ETF Gets accepted all the people that Stepped in in the market they were Anticipating to be buying Bitcoin once The Bitcoin sport ETF gets accepted they Know there's going to be a pick bump and That is the point they want to be Getting out so it allows a lot of sell Pressure to return back in towards the Market and honestly since after the Approval comes from the SSC they still Get need to get approval from the S2 or The s3a and that will take probably Another month and I mean most likely After the Bitcoin SP ETF gets SU Accepted by the SEC we will probably see Another month of wave before it's Actually going to launch and I expect That at the month it's going to be Actually launching then we're going to

Be seeing that push towards the upside And of course we've still got the Bitcoin Hing as well and historically Speaking before the Bitcoin Hing we tend To see a little bit of a drop I mean so Far every single Hing this has happened So I don't see a reason why it wouldn't Be happening this time around usly Before the Bitcoin Hing we tend to see a Small little drop here so let's see how It's going to be playing out I think This is a very realistic price Prediction we see like some sideways Action some push towards the upside some More side sideways action and then after Half thing comes here so approximately In april/may then I will be expecting Bitcoin is going to be really starting To be going exponentially towards the Upside if you want to be trading or if You have got a different thought about It make sure to go to buybit in the link Description of today's video because if You're Rite a sign account using bit Below you could get a deposit bonus up To $40,000 and without this link is only 400 so it's a win-win situation and on Top of that you could either claim a Free $1,000 air drop position on bitcoin Ethereum or Pepe whatever you want you Can check it out in the link description Of today's video all you need to do here Is sign up an account using that link Below deposit $100 in your first seven

Days complete kyc and you could be Claiming this insane the POS bonus right Now so make sure to check it out in the Link description of today's video and if You can't trade on bu me due to kyc or Due to restrictions make sure to check Out fmax because fmax is also very Similar to bit but only does not require To do KY so make sure to check it out as Well in the link description of today's Video going further towards the content We do know that Bitcoin of course had That bullish crossover on that two we EMA ribbon and honestly guys I am super Bullish on bitcoin but always we tend to See massive Corrections in this run up Towards the upside and I'm not saying That we necessarily have to have one but It would make sense that we're going to See at least a slight cool down anytime Soon since we're starting to get a Little bit overbought here and of course I am very bullish on bitcoin like Everyone know here I've been buying Aggressively Bitcoin in the bare market And I'm in a massive profit of it right Now I am willing to of course make more Profits to open up a massive long Position but I feel like I have to wait A little bit longer before I can do so So on the here the Bitcoin heat map We're currently testing that 43.2k level We're breaking above it the next big Resistance is going to be probably 46.8k

And of course we are currently printing Eight weekly candles in the green and The last time we did it was in 2017 and I mean you have you have to understand This only happens once and after that we Saw a slight correction so we're Creating eight weekly candles in the Green in a row this can't be sustained Forever and that is why I do think if I'm going to be staying realistic with Everyone out there on the channel it is Going to be likely that at some point We're going to be having a slight little Correction and on that correction that Would be the opportunity where we want To be of course loaning up even more Bitcoin long positions and on that Correction I'm going to be very clear About what my strateg is going to be and Where I'm going to be opening on my Trades at but this is of course Important to be paying attention towards Then at the same time the Bitcoin Dominance has seen a very big wick here On the top side currently still sitting Around 54% here and of course my target Is 57% for altcoin season to start but Currently it's already coming down here Altcoin Market is massively bouncing Breaking out of the uh re of the assing Triangle and honestly the next big Resistance for the altcoin market is Sitting around 950 billion what is Another 200 billion growth here what is

Of course absolutely massive we've seen Bitcoin to really calm down a little bit Here and ethereum to take back from Territorium uh altcoins like cardano Salana they've been pumping very Significantly recently and also optimism A coin I'm very much bullish on and I Discussed also on my altcoin channel but Uh yeah this is definitely interesting To be seeing right now here but anyways Guys this was it for me on today's Update video I am definitely very Bullish in the long term for Bitcoin so Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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