Right now Bitcoin is creating one of the Most dangerous patterns of all time and In this exact video I will be talking About this pattern and I will talk about The price targets for Bitcoin because Right now we're seeing a confirmation of A Bitcoin Hannah showed us pattern and In this exact video I will talk about The most important charts for Bitcoin Right now I will talk about my price Targets my next trade and much more Important stuff so don't forget to slap Up the like button again can we once Again smash it back above 600 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and only even at Short Term we can see that Bitcoin is Once again Falling Towards the downside And it looks to be that we're still Trading in a more bigger picture down Trend for Bitcoin if I want to start Doing my analysis we can clearly see That ever since we broke below the green Line we had a significant push towards The downside like we were expecting and Right now we're basically trading in That bearish Trend after we confirmed a Lower low on the price action of Bitcoin Time frame we can clearly see that so Far on the bigger picture Bitcoin Officially has not chosen a direction Yet so far we're still waiting for a Potential break below that airport

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Sloping support line or a break above The downward stopping resist line so as Long as Bitcoin is trading in this Consolidation phase we're expecting more Sideways consolidation for a Bitcoin and Once we do break below support we're Going to be very bearish and we're going To be expecting a continuation towards The downside and if we break a buff Resistance then we're expecting that More exponential rally towards the Upside for Bitcoin so as soon as we do Break outside of this pattern you will Be the first one to know on the channel So don't forget to slap up the Subscriber button right now because then You will be exactly staying up to date When we will have the breakout if I will Be looking at the price target for this Breakout we can be expecting a break Down we will bring Bitcoin all the way Down to twenty four thousand dollars and A break towards the upside will bring Bitcoin back up to approximately 32 and A half K towards the upside side so that Is of course a significant movement Whether it's going to be up or down That's going to be both be a very Significant movement for the price Action of Bitcoin but for now on we're Just waiting to see when we will be Breaking out of this pattern you can Clearly see if I start to zoom out that This is the first real consolidation

Phase Bitcoin has been creating in this Entire Trend towards the upside of Course since the trend here on the Bigger perspective is up here you could Be expecting that there's going to be More likely to see a breakout towards The upside but be aware momentum has Been losing for quite a while right now Here what could be indicating that it's Actually more likely that we're going to Be seeing a breakdown for Bitcoin for me My strategy right now is just to wait And see how it is exactly going to be Playing out but if I am looking at the 12 hour time frame right now we are Actually creating a hand and shoulders Pattern and Hannah's shoulder pattern is Basically pattern that gets created After you see an uptrend getting Initiated and then you form a lower high And you come back towards the exact Baseline and if we will be retesting This exact Baseline and we break below It that will be the confirmation for the The break below the head and shoulders Pattern and that could initiate a Significant rally towards the downside For Bitcoin so make sure to pay Attention right now here I mean this Market structure from Manhattan's Shoulders pattern is extremely bearish And right now it looks to be that we're Confirming that lower high on the 12 Hour time frame and the daily time frame

As well and that is just a very bearish Indication because it's the first time We're really creating a lower high in This entire Trend towards the upside so Be aware be warned it is not necessarily Looking so strong and if we see the Confirmation below the break of support Then I will be expecting a price Target Somewhere around twenty four thousand Dollars just exactly also the price Target of the symmetrical triangle right Here towards the downside so in order For me to trade this pattern I want to Be seeing the breakdown confirmation and On the breakdown confirmation I am Actually going to be opening up a Shorting position so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel right now here Because I will be coming back towards This very very soon and yes once we do Break down I will be straight away Initiate my next trade so make sure to To get ready for the next move that I Will be taking here once we do break Below that support I'm going to be Opening up a short position on buy bit So if you're interested in trading it Yourself as well don't forget to check Out the links in the description because If you sign up account using the link in Description right now you can actually Claim it to post bonus up to 30 000 on Buy bit buyback also allows you to trade Altcoins Bitcoins so yeah make sure to

Check it out in the link in description Without the link is only 4K so it's Definitely a win-win scenario Furthermore we can see that if Bitcoin Really breaks below the 27 000 we're Also entering that low volume range I've Been talking about it for quite a while In the channel and a low volume range is A range where you particularly move Through very quickly so if we do break Below it I will be expecting that twenty Four thousand dollars is going to be a Very easy target for Bitcoin to reach so If we really break below 27 000 as Support we are in big problems for Bitcoin so make sure to pay attention Towards that one as well right now Furthermore of course on The Daily time Frame we're seeing the exact same Pattern we're still creating a Symmetrical triangle so yeah the same Position of which direction we're really Heading towards is officially not made Yet so we still need to be just waiting To see which direction we will be Breaking towards I'm expecting a Breakout to be happening in the coming Two weeks ahead of ourselves probably a Little bit earlier but that's the Maximum time Horizon as well tomorrow There will be a huge amount of Volatility for Bitcoin because tomorrow We will have the fomc meeting and like You can see from the post always once we

Do have an fomc meeting there is at Least somewhat of volatility in the Market and especially also the days After the fomc meeting so make sure to Get ready for this FMC meeting coming Tomorrow I will be live streaming this Event as well so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel right now Smash Up The Bell notification because then You get a notification whenever this is Happening tomorrow and I will be trying To open up some potential live trades on The channel on the exact fomc meeting so Make sure to join in right now subscribe To the channel to stay up to date here Of course we can see also in the daily Time frame that Bitcoin is writing a Once again retesting the EMA ribbon if We do break below the email ribbon then We're of course in big problems so I'm Going to keep my eyes wide open on that One here and if I will be still looking At the weekly time frame for Bitcoin I Mean I've been saying this for quite a While right now the 31.7 K is the level To break for Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame so as soon as we do break above 31.7 K we're expecting a bigger Continuation towards the upside but as Long as we're training against that Level we're expecting to see of course a Lot of rejections and we're expecting to See potentially some downside for Bitcoin so yeah be careful we've been

Literally trading sideways for over five To six weeks right now already below Resistance maybe we're going to see a Small retracement maybe we're going to See another push towards the upside but One thing is sure the 31.7 K is the Resistance to break so whether we're Going to be breaking above it then it Will of course look for a bullish Continuation and a bullish confirmation For my next trade yeah that is really The level to pay all your attention Towards right now you can see the level Is weekly previous you can see that the Level is the weekly previous support and Yeah the Kendall gloves are always very Important to pay attention towards and You can see also off to the lunac right We confirmed already the break below we Got rejected and we moved down even Further so this is a very important Level to pay attention to Mars anyways This is it for me in today's update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it if You did like it don't forget to slap up The like button on today's update video And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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