More Dynex Hashrate on Nvidia GPUs

What's up Sons it's blindrag with son of Attack once again and we have yet Another massive Improvement in Dynex Hash rates for NVIDIA gpus and this One's actually a little bit special Because there is an additional setting That you need to play with to get the Optimal hash rates so let's go ahead and Get into it right after a word from Today's sponsor today's sponsor is Myself I recently launched a crypto Mining e-course at son of a and It includes nine steps to cover when you Decide to start your crypto mining Journey this is specifically pertaining To 2023 crypto mining profits and taking Advantage of the DOW market to achieve Skyrocketing growth as we move into the Next having of Bitcoin you learn buying Mining equipment in a bear Market using Outside investment to speculative mind Begin mining once profit is established Sell mine crypto to pay for electricity Hold and prep for the Bull Run sell at The top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so So that you can bring in outside Investors to utilize excess resources Thanks everybody for your support and I Hope you enjoy the course let me know What you think of it in the comment Section below welcome back ladies and Gentlemen let's hop right into it so the

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Miner is going to be one zero minor Version 1.0.3 hash rate improvements advertise Up to 10 kilohash a second on the RTX 4090 5.2 kilohash a second on the 3090. 3.7 kilohash a second on the 2080 TI and A massive three kilohash a second on the 1080 TI I do not have all of these cards But I do have the 3090 and the 2080 TI The other thing that was added here is They added support for compute 7.0 for Titan 5. they fix hash rate loss issue On the 40x series they fix the hive OS Stats and log issues they fixed the CPU Verification issue and they added minor Uptime stat so so I do have this applied Across all of my miners except for the AMD gpus right now that are running on SRB minor version 2.2.4 I would presume That we will probably get an SRB minor Update here soon biggest Improvement That I saw personally was on the 1660 Supers which is getting one kilohash a Second at around 60 watts I have seen Some people getting upwards of about 1.2 Kilohash a second the overclocks are 17 10 megahertz on the core and negative 1004 on the memory with the power level Set to 80 but that's not the entire Story if we go over to our flight sheet And edit it what you'll notice is that We've added an extra config argument Here this config argument is the chips Memory argument and this can be applied

To basically significantly change your Hash rate taking for example the 1660 Supers from 600 Mega or 6 hundred Hash a Second excuse me to one kilohash a Second with this particular setting There's going to be a lot to play with Here and definitely go check out their Discord to start getting some starting Points from others in there now Unfortunately I am not fully tuned in on My 3090s if I run it just without any Overclock settings we'll hit 4.2 Kilohash a second but it's at a massive 300 watts so if I tune it down to the Power level of 225 which is what I'm Seeing in the Discord we go back down to Like 3.5 to 3.7 kilohash a second this One in particular what I did with the Overclocking was use NV tool and locked Down the clocks that way but I still Have a long ways to go for the flight Sheet we did add the chips memory option For 39. now another one that was Interesting was the GTX 1063 gigs and in This one in particular what we ended up Doing with to get better hash rate was Change the Chip's memory to 49. the RTX 3070s I'm having a similar issue as I Was having with the RTX 3090s a lot of People are showing 2.5 kilohertz a Second but we are 2.2 kilohertz a second With similar settings if we put in the Overclocks or lock down the memory to 5001 we do go down to 1.8 kilohertz a

Second to 1.9 kilohash a second but we Do cut our power consumption down to Around 80 Watts so I will still end up Setting the memory so I'll show you guys How to do that if we start a hive shell Here we're going to go in Click into our Hive shell and we're going to right Click and say paste from browser and Just put in Envy tool Dash a space dash dash set mem to 5001 Press enter that will reduce our power Consumption and our hash rate by a Little bit now my understanding is there Is a limit to the amount of gpus that Can currently go in a rig meaning that They will not get the full hash rate as Someone similar that has less of the Same GPU in a rig so we're kind of Coming back to that problem there is the Potential of course for SRB minor Version 2.2.5 to come out and give you The option to move that workload back Onto the CPU which could alleviate some Of this at least for a certain amount of Gpus and we could go from there so That's how you set the NV tools I will Leave basically the parameters down Below if you want to go in and use NV Tool the other method is just adding an LOL a fake LOL Flight sheet that only does the Overclocks so if you already have like An LOL Miner flight sheet that you want To do that with you can do that and

Overall I'm seeing improvements for sure On Dynex hash rate but not quite as Advertised I have seen the RTX 40 90s Hit the 10 kilohash in this in the Discord I've also seen the 3090s hit the Five kilohash in the Discord it's going To be mileage may vary from the best That I can tell so just to keep your ear To the ground and get the best clocks That you can find for your particular Setup let me know what you find for Overclocks and of course this new Setting down in the comment section Below thanks for watching don't forget To check out my e-course at son of a and of course come on over to Son of a for my daily Moves I'll see you next Tuesday

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