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Bit main Asic is not that big of a deal Let's get into it right after a word From today's sponsor today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners has been a long time Sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if You're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on BT miners is a trusted Source by both and follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel welcome Back everybody so if you are unaware or Been living under a rock or stopped Paying attention to crypto mining in the Past year due to the bear Market well Welcome back we now have Asics on the Monero Network supposedly in addition to That though it's important to note that This is not the first time Asics have Been on the Monero Network in fact we've Seen four Forks moving away from Asics On the Monero Network in the past this One is unique in the fact that what Bitmain is launching here is risv Compatible and that means that in theory This particular Asic could mine anything That's CPU minable or in general any Algorithm period And basically not have To worry about Asic resistance in the Future potentially depending on how far Down the line this technology gets later

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On that could be it so there's the big Rumor if you're interested but when we Talk about the miner itself it's not That impressive when you take a look we Are looking at 212 kilohash a second at 1350 watts and that means that at the End of the day if we take take a look at Its efficiency we are looking at 157 Hash per watt right so if we compare That to current CPUs Latest down the line right like the 7950x consumer grade CPUs the efficiency Is 136 hash per watt which is not that Far off and then if we get into server Grade CPUs say something like a 7742 We're at 200 hash per watt in random X So when we're talking which is much more Efficient now of course this CPU is Expensive and it's MSRP is six thousand Nine hundred and fifty dollars but you Can kind of see my point what we have Here is a really efficient Miner from Bitmain for random X but that is not Going to compete wholly with all of the CPUs and in fact due to the fact that Monero is a majority of botnets at this Point it seems like it would be a bad Purchase anyways because you're Competing with people that are literally Stealing the hash rate to mine Monero Because that's really where Monero gets Mined is through let's just say devious Means illegal means really at the end of The day the the idea of Asics on on

Monero has been around for a long time In fact it's been presumed since 2019 That's 85 percent of the hash rate was Already Asics so that's also not a big Shocker in a article from Back in 2019 there was some research Done and you can see here that I'll Leave the link down below that they did An analysis of Asic free networks versus Asic networks and the differences on the Network that was suggesting all the way Back in 2019 even after the last Fork That there were Asics on the Monero Network and so they're by a64 random X In general what it could have been of Course is that these particular Asics With the compatibility for CPUs had been A lot more profitable back in the day And were being utilized on the network And now that they are you know close to Competition throwing on the toilet Tinfoil hat here with the newer CPUs That are being released it was a good Time for bitmain to go ahead and start Producing these and selling the shovels To miners because those shovels were not Earning near as much gold as they were Previously or Monero in this case so When I talk about this right I'm Bringing to the attention that I do not Think that these are as that big of a Deal because you are still competitive With CPUs on the market in addition to That I don't find CPU mining to be

Something personally I get into however I do know a lot of CPU miners have done Way better than GPU miners in general But you do compete with essentially a Lot of illegal activity a lot of crypto Jacking Etc and that can make it Basically a lot less profitable for you In the future compared to other things That require you to basically run some Sort of farm or run from your computer I Mean in Theory right you can have Botnets take over gpus and crypto Jack Those sure but there's a lot less out in The wild than huge server Farms that can Get crypto jacked or huge data centers In general they can get crypto jacked And run unknowingly for 24 hours a day Seven days a week without the company Before or before the company even Realizes what's going on it's been a Very common practice for a long time Crypto jacking in your web browser's Also been extremely common it's easy to Go ahead and get to the CPUs through the Web browsers as well so that's been Another form of attack but if we're Talking about this in general I do not Think it's that big of a deal now the Price point makes it a little Interesting for those that want to mine Monero right if you are wanting to get Into that the price point coming in at 33.99 on BT miners right now for the September batch is pretty competitive

You know that is going to get you some Of the top end CPU performance for quite A bit less you know half the price of Something like a 7742 and so you don't Have to spend as much money in addition To that some of the benefits here could Be it's just easier Plug and Play Compatibility if Monero is something That you're interested in but also keep In mind Monero has forked off of and Away from Asics multiple times four Times now the The chances that Monero gets voted for a Fork again for more Asic resistance Which could potentially kick this Miner Off the network is a little bit higher I've been perusing the interwebs I Haven't seen any votes come forth I Haven't seen any push for this in Particular in fact the sentiment Surrounding it is my sentiment which is These aren't really even as powerful as Some of the top end CPUs so what's the Big deal just go ahead and let it roll The bigger question here I think is kind Of bit means showing their hand in their Development and where they're coming Along as far as breaking down a lot of These Asic resistant algorithms and the Ability to do that with adding in the r R i s c v architecture for CPUs right Here as you can see surpassing servers In energy and profitability powered by Bit Mains first

Risc-v architecture CPU and this is the The most important part is significantly Outperforms traditional servers in Energy Efficiency and mining experience Compared to costly and energy hungry Servers the antminer X5 offers a far Superior hash rate making it a highly Economical and efficient choice for Miners now if the Monero Community Decides to move away from you know the A6 going onto the network what comes Into question is how to continue to be Asic resistant and support CPUs what Would be interesting of course is if They did adopt something along the lines Of where we saw X16r in the past which turned into kapow And Prague pal for specifically Ravencoin but then you look at what's Been going on with other coins on the CPU side of things that adopted that to Kind of algo hopping Rhythm right that's Pretty much exactly what they are Something like raptorium in in fact has Done this on the C CPU side would that Be the path that they go I'd like to Hear your thoughts down in this in the Comment section but another path that Could be taken is Asic resistance Through GPU mining which would be Extremely interesting if we saw some Sort of push for a memory hardened Algorithm on Monero that would provide a Little bit more Asic resistance

Especially from the Risc-v architecture threat coming from Bit main here where it goes from there So and that you can do that with memory Hardening but then if you memory Harden You can't support CPUs because you Require those memory modules on the gpus That's kind of the whole roundabout There so do you think that the Monero Community will vote in push for Asic Resistance do you think it will go along The lines of pushing for an algorithm Somewhere similar to what raptorium uses Do you think it's a non-issue like I Kind of stated before where the Efficiency is close enough to CPUs that It doesn't matter or affect the network As much or do you think it's a good idea To move to some sort of memory hardened Algorithm and see Monero start to adopt A gpus what are your thoughts let me Know in the comment section below don't Forget don't forget to check out my Crypto mining e-course at son of a where you can get a month free Of my supporter status on son of a where I post my daily Moves I want to thank everybody for the Continued support it means a lot to me And let's get through this bear Market Together I will see you next Tuesday

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