Mining The Rainbow

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again apologies for the Camera being broken today we're just Going to be covering how to install Rainbow Miner a profit switching Application on your hive OS rig so let's Get into it [Music] Welcome back everyone so once you get Into your hive OS portal you'll want to Select the rig that you plan on Installing rainbow Miner on and if you Are remotely accessing it you can start A hive shell I recommend doing this on a Local network connected to your mining Rig that way it's a little bit easier And before we get started we are going To be utilizing different minor so we Want to go to our flight sheet click the Little ellipses and click on set at this Point that'll remove that particular Flight sheet and stop mining on your Hive OS rig and then we can get started With installing rainbow Miner so the Next thing that we're going to want to Do is go ahead and click the connect via Web shell and it will open up a shell if You want to access your particular Password for your user you can find that Under the settings button and then under The password you can click the view and Just copy this out once you've done that You can go back to your shell enter in User for the username paste your

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Password in by right clicking and saying Paste and pressing enter so that's Pretty easy the next step is that we're Going to want to clone the rainbow minor Repository the links will be down in the Description as well as a link to my Article with the step-by-step guide on My locals page at son of a once we have pasted that Command in we will press enter and it Will clone that repository once the Repository is cloned we are going to Change directory into our rainbow Miner Directory you can always auto complete If you have typed in enough letters in Linux by pressing the tab button and you Can see it found the repository there or The sorry these Direct directory there That we're trying to move to and press Enter and now we are in there if we run An LS command you'll notice that all of The dot sh files here are still white we Need those to be yellow because yellow Will indicate that we are allowed to Execute those particular grips to do That all we are going to do is run a CH Mod command with the plus X option to Make it executable this will make it Executable for your current user that You were logged in with you can add you If you would like to add all users Etc And so you can copy this command out Paste it in and press enter now if we Run an LS command you can see that our

Sh scripts are yellow we just did a wild Card here to say make all scripts Executable essentially so from here We're going to install it we can just do A DOT forward slash and we can copy this If we like and and then just paste it And it'll be the and press Enter okay so now that is done you can See here that it gives us the suggestion To run but because we want this To continue to run in the background There is another script that I highly Recommend let me clear this out so you Can see a little bit better and what we Want to actually run is the start Dash Screen dot sh and this will start a Screen and start rainbow minor in a Screen essentially so we're going to Press enter and what you can do is run a Screen Dash list and you'll see here That we have a screen named Rainbow Miner now all we have to do to attach to That and continue to run is do the Screen Dash lowercase r space rainbow Minor remember you can always tab the Autocomplete as long as you have the First few letters at this point we'll Press enter and we are attached to the Screen and you can see here that it has Started the script or or the basically a Basic setup script here that you can Just follow along and it will ask you All the questions making it pretty Simple the first question is to enter

Your worker's name you can leave it Default if it is pulling it correctly it Did pull the DNS name of 5704 so I'm Going to press enter and then we can Select the operation mode there are Three different operation modes Available you have a standalone server And client if you are doing this across An entire Farm I highly recommend doing A server client setup to reduce Bandwidth this essentially means that You will install your first server or Your first Miner as a server it can be Mined on as a server as well and then Install all the rest as a client the Details are on cinematech.locals for That one but today we're just going to Be covering the Standalone option so We'll leave it as default and say Standalone it will ask you if you want To change your API Port if you you are Currently already utilizing Port 4000 on Your mining rig you may want to change This otherwise leave it default and then It will ask you if you want to password Protect your API I highly recommend this Because you can make changes via the API So I will say yes and at this point it Will ask for a username I'll just go Ahead and use the username son of attack And press enter and then it will ask for A password we're going to do see you Next Tuesday but make sure you just Randomly generate or use a more

Difficult password there and press enter Now it will ask you pretty much parallel API threads I'm going to do automatic I'll leave the rest of most of these as Default for this particular guide you Can go over them and see which ones you Want to change if there is anything you Want to change and go through that Process now at this point it's going to Ask for your Bitcoin wallet address you Can add additional addresses for Altcoins but today we're just going to Be covering the Bitcoin Auto conversion Options which will utilize nice hash Mining pool Hub as well as Zerg pool and Z Pool exclusively so that it auto Converts all of your mind crypto coins Or all coins coins in this case Into Bitcoin and then deposits it to Your Bitcoin address for this one in Particular what I like to utilize is Just a hardware wallet for example and So I will go ahead and get that Information and paste it in and have my Bitcoin address there and press enter so The next thing is to configure your nice Hash wallet you can go ahead and create A nice hash account and then what you Will need to do is go into your wallet Details and then click the deposit Option show Bitcoin address and copy out Your big coin address you can then go Back and paste that in and then press Enter the next thing it's going to ask

For is your organization ID to get all Of this information you're going to need To go back to nice hash close out of Your wallet and then click your little Icon in the top right we'll have a Little black bar at the bottom there but That's okay so we're going to go ahead And click this and then click the my Settings option on the left you'll see An option for API Keys you will click The API keys and then you will click Create a new API you can see I already Have one down here named Rainbow Miner But we're just going to make one called Tutorial we're going to allow all of the Permissions and then we are going to Lock down the allowed IP address to our Mining IP address you can obtain this on Your farm under the overview Tab and you Will see here the remote IP option you Can click the little copy button next to That go back to your nice hash and paste That into this allowed IP addresses Option and that will lock down this API To your public IP of your miners just Adding an additional layer of security You can also change your withdrawal Limit if you like and that can add a Little bit more security so you don't Lose as much money if something is Compromised once you've done that you Can click generate a API key and Hopefully you have two-factor Authentication enabled on your nice hash

I highly recommend it and you'll have to Type in your a or your two-factor Authentication code and click verify and It will give you a list of all of the Options that you need for this API code And what I recommend is just opening a New basically a new folder or whatever a New file notepad and copying your key Code secret code and organization ID and All of these you will need to basically Put into A safe spot where maybe you save the Rest of your keys an encrypted USB drive Is a good option that sort of thing Wherever you're keeping your crypto Keys Your digital ones that would probably be A good place for them of course you Could write it down by hand to be extra Paranoid safe and just make sure that You save it in a safe spot that is Encrypted so nobody else can gain access To your nice hash account so you'll copy Your organization ID and that's the First one that will require you'll paste That in and press enter then it will ask For your API key which will be this API Secret code key right here and you'll Copy that one out or your API key code And then it will ask for your secret Code key which will be this one right Here you will copy that one out and Paste it in and then press enter and now It will ask if you want to add or edit Wallet addresses for non-bitcoin

Currencies this particular guide I'm not Going to cover that in but you can do That if there's like a specific altcoin That you want to hold some of for Example Dynex or radiant Etc I'm going To say no and then it's going to ask for My mining pool Hub username and to get That you can create an account on mining Pool Hub and then once you have you can Click the edit Account button you will Get your username in the top and paste That in and then press enter it will Then ask for your user ID which you can Go ahead and copy and then come over and Paste in and press enter and they'll ask For your API key which is also listed Under your account so you will highlight You can just and then for some reason Not let me copy there we go right click And copy and paste that in and press Enter and then it will ask for your Mining rig rentals information Now in this particular case mining rig Rentals is not activating or working Properly with GPU miners now so it won't Be utilized anyways you can go ahead and Skip this but if you did want to add This in the future I did write it into The guide at in Case that gets activated again later the Next thing that they will ask you for is The region that you want to utilize We're utilizing us here and then the Currencies to be displayed we're just

Going to leave as Bitcoin and USD if you Add a custom wallet of course you can Add that specific ticker in there to Help track that and then it will ask for Your benchmark accuracy now quick is Going to get you pretty dang close the Only exception for this would be if you Are mining on CPUs in which case I would Recommend doing normal at the very least Or precise the default will be quick for Gpus it seems to be accurate enough so We're going to go ahead and leave it as Quick there is enable fast lane Benchmark and download live values for Hash rate and power draw very inaccurate So at this point I've left this at Default I have not tested that out it'll Ask if you want to enable Central Monitoring and I do say yes for this and You can actually go to and Type in your monitoring key to basically Monitor your rigs I'll show you that and What you will do is go over here to Their main website and you can type in Your key press view workers I think I Only have one going right now the rest Are offline you can see here it's got my 1660 supers here and I can monitor this From anywhere without being connected to My network and kind of see what's going On with it see what the speed's at see Kind of what the hash rate is and what It's Mining and what the total profit is All of that sort of thing right so this

Also will be depending on you setting Your power rates correct and all of that Sort of thing so make sure you keep that In mind and you are good to go so that's Kind of a the way to monitor it now what I recommend doing is once you have a Have generated a monitoring key you want To basically copy that and paste that Into this minor monitoring status key But for your first rig you'll just press Enter to create a new one and so once You've created this new one here you'll Take this and copy it put it in the same File as your configurations for like Your API key codes and all of that Basically like I have an RB minor Configuration text file that I just have Everything listed in and at that point You can copy that out and paste it into The previous minor status key on the Rest of your Rigs and then it will pop Open like this where you'll have Multiple rigs showing right there pretty Slick stuff now you can also add a Offline notification email if you like And it will send you an email if your Rig crashes Etc so we're going to press Enter there you can utilize But I have not configured this let me Know if you can figure it and how it Functions for you you can then enter Your max GPU temperature the absolute Max you're allowed to enter is 100 the Rest will be anything above that will be

Declined 90 is the default you can leave It at default and that seems to be a Pretty good sweet spot Max crashes per Hour allowed before a notification will Trigger of course and that trigger will Be emailed to the email you've entered Above and the amount of disk space in Case you're running low on disk space You can basically add this in so that You get notified so that your rig Doesn't end up shutting down from Running out of disk space and then you Can able enable auto automatic updates Which I recommend it will grab the new Miners as they come out and re-benchmark Etc it will ask if you want to add the New algorithms to the config and I leave That as yes and then if you want to Automatically start benchmarks for the Updated Miners And I leave that as yes As well and then you can do the auto Benchmark Algos and all of that leave That as default and then you can adjust Some of the profit profiles Etc and then It will ask you what pools you want to Mine to the default is mining pool Hub Mining pool Hub coins nice hashtag pool And Z Pool for the most part you will be Bouncing between Zerg pool and Z pool From my experience as they seem to have The most profitable options and the Easiest Auto convert if you're going to Be mining coins directly and you Configured that earlier with a more

Complicated setup then you can add those Specific pools for whichever coins you Were deciding to go ahead and mine Directly and keep a hold up we'll ask if You want to skip the minor and algorithm Set up I say yes in this particular case Once again there is a lot of Customization that you can do here and They'll ask if you want to mine on all Your AMD gpus if you have AMD gpus Installed or all Nvidia gpus if you have All Nvidia gpus of course we're going to Say yes and then if you have a CPU you Want to mine on you will need to change The default from no to yes in this Particular case we're on an octo Miner With a low end CPU so we're going to Leave it as no at this point it will ask If you want to save the changes the Default is yes so we can press enter and At this point it will put us into the Rainbow minor configuration tool thing Here it's not started yet what you'll Notice is that it says Exit Configuration and start mining default Is X so you actually have to press enter One more time and at this point what it Is going to do is go through the process Of downloading all of the miners and This will take a significant amount of Time after it is downloaded all of the Miners and loaded all the pools and all Of the information it will then begin to Benchmark and that benchmarking process

Can take quite some time so you will Have to sit and wait for that Benchmarking to go through the other Downside here is it appears to only Benchmark one of each type of GPU which Yes you are earning cryptocurrency while It is benchmarking but in the case here Where we have all 5700 XTS it doesn't Appear to really Benchmark each Individual GPU and so that can take some Time so just keep all of that in mind it Will have this nice little option here It'll show how much you know you have Sitting in nice hash for example it'll Show how much you have sitting in in Your pools you can see here for Zerg Pool Z Pool it'll total the pools out Then it'll show you know your wallet Balance for your particular Hardware Wallet that we added in earlier and then Total that out for you right here you Can also see that in the API to navigate To the API you can copy the address here And go and paste that in and then type In Colon 4000 it will enter this option For you to put in your username and Password that we created in the Beginning you can press enter I might Have to type this in right oh there we Go we'll go ahead and save that you can See here it's got a nice little API here With all of your stuff listed it'll kind Of show you what it's testing right now You can click console to see it running

It'll show you all the results of your Benchmarks this is basically The Benchmark file you can see it's Benchmarking all of these and that is Pretty much it it'll give you you know Your the whole console here the other Big thing that you want to do is go down To your setup and you will want to Scroll down to your electricity cost Cost and set your power price for Whatever your power price is mine is Like 10.4 at the form so I would just enter In 10 cents there essentially and click The submit button and this will stop it From mining in the case that it's not Profitable and it will get your total Profits and earnings more accurate here At the top now a final configuration That I would like to cover is we'll do Control a d and we want to set this to Mine on restart so to do this what we're Going to do is edit our RC dot local and It'll be sudo Nano Etc RC dot local press enter and then we Will want to let me get my keyboard with Something that I can go down on real Quick so she said we're going to go down Here and at the end of the file all We're going to do is paste in the home Slash user slash rainbow Miner slash Start dot screen or start Dash screen Dot sh and press Ctrl X and yes to save And what that will do is if the miner

Reboots it will start rainbow Miner up Automatically on reboot and that is Pretty fantastic so all of that is Configured now and you are good to go You know how to get to all of the Monitoring let it sit let it run let it Get all of the benchmarks done and then From there you can modify further lots Of different options in the API to Change if you are in an area where you Get Kickbacks for turning down your Power at any given time you can go into The setup and you can go to your Electricity cost handling and set up all Of that I believe you got the power Price and check profitability that you Can enable right to make sure it's only Mining for that and a I believe as well Uh Um yeah so this is the Tariff code that You can enter and that'll check with Your local uh tariff codes and all that Your region codes to basically adjust For any sort of benefits you get for Turning down in Europe or the UK for Example and there you go so thanks Everybody for watching today I hope that You learned something and this comes in Beneficial for you don't forget to hit The like comment subscribe and Notification Bell down below don't Forget to check out sign of for written guides And articles you can become a supporter

Over there for Early Access to all of This type of thing and you can get a Free month of locals with the purchase Of a crypto mining e-course at son of a thanks for watching I will see You next Tuesday

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