Mining Profits October 2023

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of a tech once again and today I'm going To go over a farm update surrounding Everything at my farm that I have here Locally everything that I've got hosted Some of the changes I have made and the Equipment I'm purchasing to get myself Back into the green let's go ahead and Get into It welcome back everyone so as you guys May be aware I did accomplish quite a Bit with speculative mining on Caspa and I took a lot of that and reinvested it Into cheap Bitcoin miners to go ahead And get my farm from basically losing a Couple Grand a month on the GPU side to Now pretty much breaking even as well as Getting the potential here in the future To be positive that's going to be Including of course rent all of that Sort of stuff I include a lot of Budgeting tools within my crypto mining Ecourse that you can find over at sonof and a lot of this is a moving Space there's a lot more numbers to Crunch and different strategies that People can Implement that being said I Am leveraging quite a few different Things here to go ahead and bring up my Particular situation one being is Because the price for my power at my Current Farm has gone pretty much Parabolic like a lot of y'all I have Leveraging hosting to bring the cost of

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My mining down and this means now at the Farm what I'm basically doing is Utilizing it to GPU mine when I don't Have a new batch of as6 then when I Bring in a new batch of as6 because I'm Purchasing used I only have about a week To test for RMA and all that I'll get Them up at the farm test them all out Put the firmware on there or install new Control boards and get better firmware On them get them all hashing properly Ready to go and then I Shi those out to A hosting facility and then I restand up My gpus and that's pretty much what I've Been doing so as you guys can see in my Hive OS you'll see that I only have About six GPU rigs online right now they Are mining Ergo and I was just messing With this one we'll talk about all this Later and they are going to be Transitioned here to a coin that I'll Talk about in just a little bit with With you guys that is going to be Speculative mind in this particular case I just wanted to make sure everything Was up and running so I kind of threw it On an old flight sheet that I knew would Work and getting myself a little bit of Ergo in the process while we go ahead And do that it's not profitable at all Especially at my current cost as you can See my daily cost is $19.68 here if we went over to like how Much we're earning the past 24 hours we

Earned $4.80 so it's at a huge huge loss this Does calculate in pretty much everything That I have running over there right now So that does include a few other as6 Etc That I kind of modifi just to see what My cost will be per day and that is set I believe to 15 cents a kilowatt hour Here's the other thing my power rates Have fluctuated quite a bit we've gone Between 9 cents and 15 cents a kilowatt Hour on a month-to-month basis at that Particular facility depending what fees They add and they don't tell you what Those fees will be or how much they will Be so I have no real capability of Calculating that hence why I moved over To a hosting facility the Assumption Here is now that it's cooled off in Texas that rate's going to come back Down quite significantly and so over the Next few months I may be able to mine More profitably at that location I will Be getting out of that location within The year but just a huge note to a lot Of people be very very careful with your Purchase power agreements make sure that They can't add additional fees and that Sort of thing when going into an Agreement with someone even if it's a Hosting facility check the fine print on All of that because that's where I made My biggest mistake while it was great in The bull run because a I didn't have the

Power fluctuations that we have now due To the winter storm in Texas that Changed a lot but you know even if it Had gone up as high as it has gone up Now we would have maintained Profitability through the Bull Run but Once you get into the bare market and Things get a lot skinnier that's what You really need to be planning out for And that's definitely lesson I'm going To be carrying into the next Bull Run What things that I do right though on The past in the past right which was Accumulating Hardware during the bare Market right now is the accumulation of Hardware period for me well everything I'm doing is not to make money right now But to make money in the future and this Is the mindset that I have of course That's not Financial advice this is just Documenting what I do so the other thing That you'll notice is we have our test Farm here and this test Farm is these Are both in the same locations I have Five as6 right now they are on basically Like day one or day two of testing and We have five s19 95 Terra hases here if You purchased them here recently from The batch that you got from Coastal Crypto mining which is where I got mine From they came with Z links boards which Means that you can Flash the hiveos Firmware on there with an SD card which Can save you a ton of money as opposed

To having to purchase a zlink board or Another competitor's board to flash them So right now you're kind of getting an Extra benefit from purchasing those in General and so to give you an idea the Other thing that I recently invested in This month which we'll see how it goes Because I believe they're getting Installed this week was 10 epic boards That are going into my s19 Pros 104 Tera Hases and those are getting optimized Right now they're running low power mode And I think that's going to give us a Nice boost I took some of the profits That I was able to Garner out of that And done that I took other profits that I've made off of those that are hosted There and I invested in another 10 Miners of the 95 Terra hashes and then I Took those in those are actually getting Sent out now so if we go back to the Farm that's what these nine were these Were the nine that I went ahead and sent Out already for hosting and they will be Back online here probably today or Tomorrow they're going out to Oklahoma For hosting and once those get online We'll be good to go as far as that's Concerned and then we have the gpus that We're messing with and like I said we're Going to just basically speculative mine With so that's kind of where the whole Farm is in fluctu situation right now I Have 13 A6 hosted at a Mining facility

In Oklahoma and then we're sending these Other nine up so we'll have 22 as6 Hosted or 10 of or sorry 10 of them Right now are s19 104 tashes currently Out there and they're getting the Epic Board upgrade so we're going to see a Pretty nice upgrade I think here soon Then on top of that we have an ant Miner D9 which did help us get through a few Months and get a lot of profitability Off of mining blocka which you can check Out my video on blockx if you're Interested in that we had ended up Making a ton off of blockx randomly Thank goodness I needed a little bit of Recovery there and then we also have a Ib link bmk 3 in low power mode which is Mining cadina I haven't even been Looking at that wallet so when you see These numbers that minor is not even Included included in that per se but That's kind of where I'm at I kept one Minor back in S1 1995 terahash because Epic blockchain recently released a Firmware for their control boards for The S1 1995 terahash this one's been Really interesting fluctuating between 30 and 32 jewles per terahash on the Efficiency rating and it's actually Getting a little bit better as the Temperatures have reduced and we do have One board that has a few chips that are Kind of getting a little less efficient You can see here on board one which is

Obviously going to be sandwiched between O and two so keep that in mind but it is This firmware is amazing this control Board is amazing these are what I'm Putting on all of my s19 Pro 104 ter Hates I wanted to see how it performed On essentially this particular one and Over the past 24 hours we've had an Average of like 93 terahash per second And that's at 3,000 Watts you can see Here I do have it plugged into a meter Over there so I've been kind of checking It seeing how it is waiting for it to Optimize and you can see here we have The voltage Optimizer on for at set at The target of 95 terahash this there's a Lot of different settings you can get More efficient if you turn it down a Little bit there's a lot of settings to Play with in theory the the advantage is That these epic control boards will even If I set at 95 ter has find the most Efficiency that it possibly can even if It does mean turning down the hash rate So that's something to keep in mind here But for an old s19 getting close to that 30 Jews per ter has is pretty impressive And so just keep that in mind if you're Looking for these I can hook you up with Them go to my locals page at son of Tech. hit me up over there I'm getting them between 120 and 150 a Piece it really depends on when I bought Them how many are available you know

Which suppliers have them that sort of Thing there's also a lot of other stuff Going on with suppliers right now with AI by the way too that I have barely Been able to start learning myself that We'll talk about too here but a lot of This is just finding the right place to Purchase them at the best price but These epic hash boards are pretty cool I Kept one of the 95 ter hases back so That we can do testing and full videos On them including you know how they're Doing on the hios and all of that if we Go back you know and take a look at the Asic miners here that we have here um we Are at like 2,000 Watts at around 80 to 82 terahash which is extremely efficient And that's just the hive OS firmware so You there there is you know as you can Tell tell a lot of different options Here for basically different operating Systems firmwares Etc especially for the S19 series which makes them so appealing Right now the s21s are obviously coming Out their efficiency is insane at like 17 Jews per Terra hash I know a lot of People are waiting for those it'll be Interesting to see how this all plays Out I think my strategy like I've talked About before is I always buy like a Generation older and they still go up I'm expecting a 300% increase in the Cost of these compared to what I paid For them uh by the time we roll around

It to 2025 so that's kind of my my Conservative projection for this that's Why I'm okay with doing this and now That we're being profitable compared to Power it makes things a lot easier as Well plus we're getting more and more Efficient firmware like every dang day It's absolutely incredible and so on This one in particular if you do the Overclocking you can basically select Power consumption or hash rate and then Slide this slider down or up and then You have the max efficiency most the Ones that I've been doing H I have set Max efficiency it looks like this one's On normal I wanted to see how close they Got I have seen better with Max Efficiency across the board I've seen as High as 86 terahash uh with Max Efficiency at around 2,000 to 2100 Watts So that's pretty good as far as that's Concerned it's not always exactly Accurate though and I have noticed a Little inconsistency within the software And what shows at the wall and not only Between one unit but between two units Where I may have one unit that's hitting 2,000 Watts at you know 80 terahash and Then another unit that says it's still Doing that but once plugged into the Wall is really around 21 to 2200 Watts So there's efficiencies within those the Placement within your farm how good the Cooling is all of these things are going

To basically affect you know how well These autotune applications are going to Apply to it so that's something that you Definitely need to keep in mind when Getting into it and so I kind of wanted To just bring that up with you guys here So that you're aware now I have been Mining on nice has and I did export for The month uh what we made between the 26th of September nber and the 26th of October these are just all of the nice Hash miners uh the power that I have Included here is everything technically So it's not fully locked in at this Particular time but I think it will be a Little bit better down the line the Other thing here is that not all of this Ended up getting calculated in the Report you can see here that we have a Few kind of missing so uh this actually Look looks a lot better than it is now This is all calculated at price of Bitcoin on the day it was mind so the Other thing that you need to take into Account here is if we go with our total Right here which is the $ 3,789 40 if we held that until we needed To pay our bills in theory just to give You an idea we would have $4,670.00 the day of recording which is The end of the month which is when you Might be resolving all of your bills Etc So really it's like an extra thousand Bucks thanks to that recent pump in

Bitcoin and it's coming at a great time Here personally as I start to pay all of The bills right this is something that You know is super advantageous now the Reason I went through the 26th and Actually now that I say that it does Look like since I went through the 26 This would be more accurate because it Just put zero for the 27th I don't know Why it included the day of the 27th Necessarily because I wanted through the 26 so this should be about right right On the right off the bat now I did have Basically two separate sets of power Bills in this particular case because I Was testing these units at another Location right so basically I had one Set of power build at the farm which was At this month ended up coming out to 12 Cents per kilowatt hour and then I had My hosted rigs which were coming out to Around 7 and a half cents a kilowatt Hour so that is means that my power is Over what these will once again now that They're getting hosted we'll have a Lower power bill coming up in this month But just to calculate all that out and Then go from there what I do want to do Here is I have a sample Farm budget um But what I'm going to do is basically Show you guys if you hosted it and then You had my two separate power bills as They are so this is a as accurate as Possible uh we ended up in the actual

Farm budget coming out on top with $1,328 now I still have rent luckily the Rent right now what I do is I basically Take it out of my YouTube stuff as I can And sponsorships that's kind of going Away a little bit more if I try to get This to profitable and take care of Basically take care of my mistake of Getting this lease right we came out to This month with down about $343 but if it was your particular setup Where you're you ordered these units and Then you shipped them off to go get Hosted for example this would what be What you would be at which is going to Be once again that $1,328 and with that of course you would Have your Roi what that would cover About right now is about two s19 95 Kashes to reinvest and buy new in and That's with the units that I have now so That's kind of where we're at with the Farm as as it is and I thought maybe you Guys would be interested in seeing it There is like I said some additional Stuff coming in we have pcoin miners That are technically running that aren't Making a lot but they're dumping into a Wallet that I won't look at till the Bull Run The cadina Miner kind of the Same thing it's just getting covered by The the profitability of the Bitcoin Miners here that's not calculated into This all of the spec mining on the GPU

Mining with coins that don't have prices Listed yet I can't do that none of those Profits or Revenue can even be Calculated at this time so there's some Stuff like that going on that doesn't Make this give you the entire full Picture of everything plus if you had All of them hosted at a lower rate you Know half of these keep in mind were Hosted at 12 cents a kilowatt hour here For a little while we're still looking Very very good it does look like to me It's about time to start taking these One generation older Bitcoin miners Getting them cleaned up making sure You're getting ready to put them on the Network because we are in that Profitability stage as far as that's Concerned the GPU Market still rough Even if you go to something like hash Rate. and you try to calculate out a Profitability on these a majority of Them are just frankly they might at 10 Cents a kilowatt hour kind of show Profitable but they're really not profit Like they're just it's so it's so far Off that gpus are definitely something That we can't turn back on yet and my Thinking behind this too and why I Haven't been investing a lot into gpus Except for getting one Intel rig ready For Ergo just because it's the most Efficient that you can do right now is Primarily due to the fact that because

Of the AI side of things taking over on The gpus the gpus never dropped in price Like they did on the previous or during The previous bare Market in theory right Now A 5700 XT for example should be Around 75 But they're not they're still going for $125 to $150 and those don't even have the kind Of application that's something like a 3070 which almost didn't drop at all in Price really in reality they should be At least like at the $200 range but Those things are going for $300 to $400 A pop it's making the GPU purchasing a Lot more difficult outside of if you dig Really hard into some Facebook Marketplace posts find some people that Are really disenchanted with Mining and Kind of find a good deal it's very Difficult to really find anything that's Really worth it investment wise on the GPU side while on the as6 side we just Had asex drop to a tenth of what they Were and that is making it basically why I've kind of shifted this strategy into The Asic side of things as opposed to The GPU side of things for my building Phase right now and the good news is too Is I'll still have a 200 GPU Farm Sitting around ready to go as well lots Of different ideas going around here too For those um on the AI side of things But you do need to get custom risers you

Do have to get a heftier CPU you do need More RAM you do need more you know Essentially storage for all of that Stuff that's probably the conversion Route I'm I'm going to go with the Conversion route on that side of things As a opposed to going the stack more Gpus with cheap motherboard side of Things and that's kind of what I'm Thinking about from that perspective now On the speculative mining side of things Though I don't have to worry about proof Of useful work just yet because we Aren't always mining things that are Necessarily going to be proof of useful Work when we're speculative Mining and I Have done guides on both of these things Both written on son ofate tech. as well as video guides the First one that came up of course was Going to be fact or fact torn for the Blockchain name here it is a proof of Work hashing algorithm that is focused On factorials that's really what sets it Apart what makes it you know interesting Is that it did win uh basically this Coinbase grant to go ahead and help Develop it it is fair launch it does Take a very Hefty CPU in this particular Case but this is what I had CPUs on for A little while until they weren't Basically functioning now you really Need high-end thread Rippers and epics To really solve anything hopefully

That'll get resolved with pools here in The future and then we'll have another Uh hit at it this one is now listed on ZX I'll leave a link down in the Description below if you're interested In purchasing it of course to or just Want to research the project more not Financial advice not saying to purchase It as you guys know I don't buy Cryptocurrency I mine it and that is my Particular thing that that I kind of Advocate for the second one here that's More recent is going to be the a billion Cryptocurrency and this one does have a GPU minor now I have a guide on the YouTube channel as well as a guide over On locals for you guys to check out this One does take a little bit of setup it Is not minable with hios right now at Least the current stable version of hios Due to the fact that the current stable Version of hios utilizes auntu 18.04 and that has the libraries for 2.27 and below and you need to get that Kernel upgraded to basically a ver a Version newer like 21.4 or 23.04 on the auntu side or 22.4 excuse Me and then you can do the Linux side of Things mining I only covered Uh the window side of mining because That was very easy to get set up so a Direct translation of like moving over To Hive and even like custom installing

The miner and running it like I did with Something like deckd for example is not Going to be possible in this particular Scenario you will need to basically have A clean image of a newer Ubuntu you Could try potentially the hios beta I am Debating that on installing that on one Of these rigs that I have running for Test testing right now and seeing if That's a route to go if you do want to Stack these though it's an interesting Project it does appear to be ET hash Based but a very customized version of Eash so the minor is still just going to Be the minor that came from the Developers it's not going to be a minor That is widely accepted by bz minor or You know SRB minor LOL minor none of Those accepted at this point it's not Going to be integrated into that for a While it is also along the line of Requiring Keys between the minor and the Node so you will need to have you know Basically CT experience for placing your Shts in the right place and being able To mine their all in one Miner made this A little bit easier with their official Pool so that is what I covered in the Guide but if you're wanting the solo Mine which is where you're going to make More money or potentially right it is Not listed this point but potentially Make more money in the future solo Mining is the way to go it's going to

Require a little bit more technical Knowledge than you may have so the pool Option is something that you can do this Is my speculative mind right now on the GPU side of things there is no listing For it as of yet and we'll just have to Wait and see on how this turns out and Hopefully this will be another good Speculative mind I found a few good ones A lot of people have and we'll just see Where it goes from there but able is Definitely one that I am looking at so That is my mining Farm update I hope you Guys enjoyed it and you learned Something if you did hit the like Comment subscribe down below and Consider supporting me over on locals at Sonof tech. supporter status Is $5 a month and you get Insider first Come first serve information that hits There before it hits YouTube you can Also get a month free of supporter Status with the purchase of my Crypt Mining ecourse at sonof which of Course I covered in this video does Include monthly budgets etc for Calculating out you know all of your Revenue and profit and loss and all of That sort of stuff so that you can be in A better you know standing position you Can do theoretical build outs and all That sort of stuff with that information And with that is set aside for you guys So that you're ready for the Bull Run

Coming up here after the having in April Of 2024 I will see you next Tuesday

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