Mining Cartels

We need to talk about mining cartels the Availability of A6 for specific Miners And the way they utilize a monopoly on The mining Hardware themselves to go Ahead and manipulate the price of Different types of cryptocurrencies Especially smaller ones let's get into It [Music] This video topic is inspired by a recent Change by the cryptocurrency or the Blockchain known as decrid now decrid Has been basically Asic mindable for Quite some time now and what was Happening was a manipulation of the Supply by the miners that had control of The network completely to basically Press the price in the directions that They desired now decrid tried to make a Few different changes to take care of This one being first to change the Actual Supply or the payout that was the Split the subsidy split between proof of Work and proof of stake this was Originally done in DCP 0010 and the abstract here is that the Modifications to block reward subsidy Split such that the 10 goes to proof of Work and 80 goes to proof of stake the Treasure 3 subsidy remains at 10 percent This proposal is motivated by an Extensive analysis that shows the Majority of proof-of-work hash power is Highly centralized and being used to

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Maliciously manipulate decorative Markets the proposed modification to the Subsidy split is intended to Substantially diminish the ability to Attack deckard's markets with mined Coins and improve decentralization of The issuance process now unfortunately What happens here is what well all of The miners that were manipulating the Markets had a majority of the supply so What did they do they spin up the proof Of stake notes and maintain control that Is obviously the attack Vector here on The markets and taking control of that And being able to manipulate that so Another change has been made too and This was for DCP 0011 and this was to change proof of Work to Blake 3 and essentially kick Asics off of the network and it goes on To say that this specifies modifications To the decorate proof of work Requirements as follows separate Separate the block hash from the proof Of work hash switch to blake3 hashing Algorithm for proof of work reset the Required Target difficulty for mining Upon activation and change to a more Responsive difficulty adjustment Algorithm named assert now obviously Changing the difficulty adjustment here Is going to be important as well we've Seen difficulty adjustment failures bite A lot of blockchains in the but most

Recently or most notable being Ergo of Course so we'll have to see if this was You know done properly that can be a Difficult thing to put into place the Motivation of course is the result of Continued analysis after previous Subsidy split change made by Dcp0010 which we already covered which Shows that the majority of the proof of Work hash power continues to be highly Centralized and controlled by a mining Cartel the proposed change to the the Blake 3 hashing algorithm is intended to Break up the aforementioned mining Cartel and further improve Decentralization of the issuance process By making the specialized mining Hardware Asics in this case that enable The centralization obsolete so what are We seeing when we are talking about Getting rid of centralization in Particular we're talking about going the Direction of getting rid of Asics now This is really interesting because a Majority of new coins that have been Coming out with you know that have not Been around for a long time have been Pushing towards Asics and what we see in That particular sphere is kind of a Monopoly from the hardware manufacturing Side on these Asics maybe one company in Some cases like Caspa we ended up with Two companies but at lower quantities The problem here too of course being in

The case of Caspa for example is that we Have a high entry point so you have Large Capital coming in purchasing the A6 and then being able to manipulate the Price because you only have a a few Machines in the hands of a few people Right and the rest of the machines are Obsolete and at this point it can cause A ton of problems and if we're kind of Pushing still for that decentralization You want to move away from that we've Seen now as well iron fish start to move Away but interestingly enough and this Is where I think Deckard may have made a Mistake personally is that when we look At iron fish for example they're moving Off of Blake 3 because of the fpga and The future Asics that are going to be Able to be mining the I or the Blake 3 Algorithm so it was kind of curious that Deckard moved to Blake 3. the argument Was of course that there aren't any Current a64 Blake 3 but we do know that There are definitely fpgas available and And if you guys are familiar with the Fpga market there definitely are quite a Bit of a mining cartel surrounding fpgas Because of the availability that has Gotten a lot better in recent times but It's still quite a bit of a problem Where most of the fpgas are controlled By a couple large fpga farms and they Can utilize that to suck up a bunch of The supply and then manipulate the price

Because they control the supply and this Is a problem that happens with any Specialized Hardware Asics included so While I do think that moving for Decorate over to Blake 3 is definitely Better than where they were at which was Just basically an Asic farm that Controlled the entire supply of the Market at the end of the day I think That Blake 3 should be maybe Reconsidered in this particular case as It sits now though if you're interested In mining deck grid it was CPU only for A little while and I did do a node guide Over over on my locals page which I will Leave linked down below if you want to Get into mining it with a CPU you will Need to build the node though to four Gpus and that being said of course what We have discovered here is that there Has been a release just a few days ago On or for a go Miner specifically for GPU mining this will specifically Require that you have the an RPC server With a node to actually mine to as I can Tell so far there aren't any stratums There's no mining pools or anything like That so you can get in early on mining Yourself some decorate if you have the Wherewithal to go through all of the Tutorials and such I will be trying to Get those tutorials in video form for You guys as well and when those are Launched of course just make sure you're

Subscribed to the channel for all of That this is really telling though Because this project has been around for Quite a while and we have seen a lot of Different cryptocurrencies start to Follow this path kadena for example is One that recently started following this Path and it brings into question for me Basically if we might see the same kind Of price manipulation for things like Kadena for things like Caspa and so on For things like Nexa as Nexa moves to Asics for things like radiant as radiant Moves to Asics because remember we just Announced of course that you can now Mine radiant with fpgas and the E300 and Asics are probably on the way for that Coin as well will there be a push to Move back towards basically Decentralization of mining power mining Hardware that sort of thing or will we Continue down this path of just Basically having a bunch of different Little altcoins being controlled Completely by single Farms that had the Capital to and best in them that's kind Of the question I have and then do you Want to invest in a project where a Majority of the supply is going to a Single user that can then in turn have Complete control of the market is that Really where we want to head with Cryptocurrency in general I think not And I know that surrounding the touchy

Subject of Caspa that a lot of people Have different arguments surrounding That but the fact of the matter is Casper is nowhere near Bitcoin for the Asic side of things and I think for Asics to really make sense they have to Be a very large network with a ton of Different competitors within that market To make it worth it thanks for watching Today I'd like to hear your thoughts and Opinions down in the comment section Below you guys know that I hold a GPU Mining near and dear to my heart so I Definitely still think that Asics Resistance is import important and I Will continue to stand on my soapbox and Tell you guys that I believe that it is Important to have the basically Asic Resistance because otherwise we end up In this kind of weird place where just a Few people control the networks and Control the supply and I think that that Is bad for any blockchain project as a Whole and it's clear here that also when They tried the proof of stake reordering For decorate that did not solve the Problem so proof of stake was not the Answer here either I think the only Answer at the end of the day is to Utilize a consumer grade products that Have consumer access for the public Otherwise you just end up with a Cryptocurrency that can be highly Manipulated thanks for watching I will

See you next Tuesday don't forget to Check out my locals page at son of a where I do Post guides And how to's for no codes these are Articles I also post my daily moves over There and if you would like a a free Month with of locals you can get that With a purchase of my crypto mining E-course at son of a

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