Mastering #Bitcoin Development with the @Base58btc Protocol School

I got into Bitcoin development I read Mastering Bitcoin I took Jimmy songs Programming Bitcoin class these were Both like amazing and great resources But then I started working on this like Dual funding like the V2 open for Channels on on lightning and realized I Had no idea how Bitcoin transactions Work I didn't know how Bitcoin scripts Works I didn't know what I was doing um There wasn't a lot of information about Segue or any of this and so I kind of Went through this journey of like Implementing a lot of stuff myself like From scratch just so I had like a good Understanding of how these things worked Um so base 58 is my attempt to take like All of that hard work I did and learning All the new stuff and really like build A like I'm like I'm calling it like an Engineering school on a Bitcoin standard So you can come in and you can learn About what are protocols how do they Work what are the like design decisions That were made in these protocols it's a Hands-On class but you're actually You're implementing code that will like Do stuff at the protocol level by your Hand

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