Bitcoin is getting ready for another Move in the market right now and in this Exact video I will be also talking about This coin I shorted yesterday that Literally has gone down more than 30 to 40 towards the downside ever since I Talked about it so so I will be Discussing this and the most important Charts on bitcoin right now here so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up that like button on today's Update video okay once again smash it Back above 300 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the image short term for Bitcoin I know there is not a lot of stuff Happening on the price section of Bitcoin right now here but after we Created that CME Gap straight away after Bitcoin went down here filled up the CME Gap and after we filled up the CME Gap Bitcoin had a small little push towards The upside after we've seen it I mean Bitcoin is still hovering around 26.6 K And basically what we're currently Seeing here is that Bitcoin is still Trading against this resistance level That we also got rejected from from in The past so yes well Bitcoin is Consolidating I think that 26.7 K is the Most important resistance to break and Once we do break Above This level and Confirm the breakup of 26.7 K then I

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Will be expecting we're going to see a More exponential rally towards the Upside for Bitcoin and yes my price Targets on the top side are somewhere Around 27.8 K and my targets on the Lower sides are around 25 000 US dollars So looking at Bitcoin yes we've got this Very horizontal resistance line sitting Around 26.7 K but also we're creating a Symmetrical triangle with downward Sloping resistance line and on the four Hourly time frame this level the Downward sloping resist line is the Level that currently is acting as Resistance so as soon as Bitcoin Confirms the break above 26.7 K that is The point where I will be expecting a Massive continuation towards the upside And the price target of this pattern Right here is hanging around 27.2 K so I'm looking forward towards Having a potential breakout remove this Pattern further on we can clearly see This level on the Lower Side 25 000 is The main support for Bitcoin to be Watching and if we once again will go Back towards this level I will be still Be a buyer but personally I don't really Expect this game to be happening we Already created that lower along the Price section we already created that Lower low on the price action higher Loan the RSI so we're creating a bullish Divergence on The Daily time frame also

On the three-day time frame and Bitcoin Is right now starting to see a small Little bounce back towards the upside And looking at the daily time frame you Can clearly see as well here Bitcoin is Getting rejected and supported by these Levels here so first of all you see the Top side is acting as resistance that Previously around acted as resistance as Well here you can see the support in the Past acted as resistance here as well we Got a massive rejection from this level And now for the last three times we've Been retesting this novel we have seen a Bench from of this exact level further On if we're looking at the Bitcoin price Section you can clearly see just like we Talked about 25 000 that previous level Of resistance is the most important Support we got Gurley also clearly see Here this potentially a similar Resistance line that we saw also last Time around getting created and the last Time around we broke Above This Resistance line Bitcoin went absolutely Parabolic towards the upside and shoot Up from 26 000 all the way up to 32 000 US dollars so yeah if Bitcoin really Breaks Above This natural sloping resist Line I think Bitcoin will once again Very quickly break Above This level and Continue further on towards thirty two Thousand dollars and yes if you're Zooming out to that point potentially we

Are starting to create somewhat of a w Pattern so uh yeah looking forward Towards where we're heading towards but If Bitcoin breaks towards the upside and We create another very fast move towards The upside we could be creating that W Pattern and we could be starting to Create a very gigantic move on the price Action of Bitcoin so yesterday on my Video I talked about trb I was telling Everyone that I was shorting it and that I already made some shorts and that I Was once again shorting it and here it Was still 39 and now it's 25 because yes It went down over 45 percent towards the Downside what is absolutely insane and To be very honest I think it's going to Collapse even harder just I said it Yesterday as well just like last time Around it it pops very slowly towards The upside but it dumps very quickly and Exactly at the moment I to embarrish it Was on this exact Auto mine so yes Shorting these over pumped altcoins is Definitely a very interesting thing to Do I hit the exact same with this one h I f i it pumped towards the upside and Massively catches short position on it As well here so yes guys if you want to Make money in crypto right now here I Think trading and shorting these over Bumped altcoins is maybe the best way to Go here so yeah the reason why it was Pumping is because it was getting a 1000

APR on binance but it was also launched Launched from binance but I don't trust So yeah it was definitely very Interesting to see what happened over Here but made a ton of money from it so Definitely interesting to see what Happened there I made a ton of money Here so I hope you guys did so as well Because yes I called this exact perfect On the ultimate here so if you want to Be trading on it I will leave you a link To this pair in the link description but Also if you want to claim a free 1 000 US dollar long or short position on Bitcoin or xrp you can also go to the Link description of today's video and All you need to do is deposit 100 and You can claim a free 1 000 US dollar Bitcoin or xrp long or short position Whatever you prefer further on we can Currently clearly see that the daily Email ribbon is actually going to be Acting as resistance for Bitcoin right Now here since we're literally trading Against this level right here and yeah I'm just waiting before we're breaking Above it and once we break above it There will be of course the turning Point in the market and also a very Interesting thing to see here is that on The 3D time frame we're about to be Having a bullish crossover on that macd And the last time that happened was Exactly on this candle right here so the

Candle that basically initiated and Indicated the reversal for Bitcoin but What we're going to current currently See is that the McD is forming a clear Lower low here while the price action on Bitcoin has been forming a higher low We've been seeing the same for Bitcoin As well here on the Arizona AI but this Means that we're creating a hidden Bullish Divergence so the macd is Indicating there has been more cell Pressure but the price action is holding Up at higher high so uh yeah that is Actually meaning that we are quite Strong in the market right now here so I Won't be surprised to really see that Reverse back towards the upside I mean All the signs are pointing towards that Direction right now you can also see it On the RSI the RSI is also saying the Same story so RSI is creating a lower Low price section high or low so this Means that yeah we are seeing more cell Pressure getting absorbed but the price Action is forming a higher low so is Bitcoin strong right now is this Reversal going to be happening probably It is since all these signals are Pointing towards this direction further On we can currently see in the weekly Time frame and Bitcoin closed its first Weekly candle in the green once again Since five weeks time here what is Absolutely massive so uh yeah Bitcoin

Bouncing a little bit from this Horizontal support and the downward Solving resist line from the top side so Yeah I mean we're looking right now at a Massive compound handle pattern for Bitcoin I mean if this one breaks out Here from the top side we are looking For a price Target so we're around 48 to 50 000 used dollars what is absolutely Massive it's a massive price Target that I'm currently aiming for so looking Forward towards seeing this price Target Getting reached there but yeah that was It for me in today's video so thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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