Manually Updating Nvidia Drivers HiveOS

What's up Sons it's blind rod with sunch Once again and today we're going to have A quick video on how to update to the Latest drivers on hi if you click into The test bench here right now we have an RTX 470 super in here and the device is Malfunctioning this is on the beta bios For hios which is going to have the 6.1 Kernel in the stable version you will See basically it pop up as an Nvidia Device but just a generic one and so I Was trying this version as well Unfortunately we just need to update the Drivers even further currently you can See here that it's in five or 5251 25.06 and if we were to just shell into It real quick and log in the traditional Method of updating the driver which is The Nvidia-driver Das update option and Press enter the driver list is going to Only go up to the 535.148 7 this is going to give us basically the Latest update for the super series Coming from Nvidia which is what we want To get installed hopefully Hive will get This fixed and added into the repository For the easy updates but we're going to Have to do a workaround so as you guys Know we can find the IP address here we Cannot use shell for it so we're going To highlight it and click right click And say copy we're going to utilize a

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Tool called putty I'll leave a link to The download down in the description Below we're going to paste that IP Address into the host name option and Then we're going to click open and Basically it will pop in just as if we Were doing doing the shell in the web And we're going to type in user for the Username one would be for the default if You have changed the password you can go Under your settings tab under the rig And find the password there if you Update it to that in particular or if You have one set that you have memorized Press enter to enter your password and Now we see a much similar screen to what We did before so here what we're going To need to do is stop the minor first so Minor stop for that Command right and Then we're going to need to kill the Desktop environment so we're going to do Kill all X in it and press enter and Then we are going to basically run init 3 all the commands will be down in the Description below as well as over on son Ofate tech. we're going to Press enter there and then we're going To make a temp directory so Mkdir sltm and then we're going to Change directory into the hive drivers Pack so change directory and make sure You are rout you should be if you logged In with the user but we're going to do CD and then for slash hiive Das drivers

Das pack and then forward slash press Enter if you run in LS here you can see That we have that driver right there but That is the 535 and we need the later Driver so to do that there's a couple Ways I've actually already kind of Created a notepad++ here with it in here To make it easier all of my guides are Are a mess right now and what you can See here is that we're going to download This now a way you can get this is by Going to the driver site on Nvidia right Clicking and saying copy link address But then you'll need to go to a notepad Right and if you paste it in here what You'll notice notice is we want to get It directly from the US Nvidia downloads So we actually just want the last Portion of this URL we don't want the Whole thing so you would basically copy To the xfree 886 and then all after the Basically after the us. download. you would paste that into Here so that's where you would get it And then the P forward portion of that Would be the download so then you'll Just highlight right click and say copy That's going to be our W get command That we're going to run here we're going To rightclick into the putty console Which will paste it for us and press Enter and then it will it's redirecting The log don't worry about that once it's Done it'll kind of continue on and then

We can move from there so once it's Complete we're going to type an LS Command to confirm that it did actually Get downloaded and you can see here we Have the Linux x86 5 550. 4.07 run and we need to actually make That executable to make it executable I'm going to clear this console to make It easier to read we're going to run a Chod command and we're going to do the Plus sign and then X that says add Executable permissions for everybody for This file now and a quick way to get the File name is to do the ls and then do The chod plus X and and we can highlight The file that we want to make executable Try not to leave a space on either end And rightclick it and that will actually Input it into the command line for so we Don't have to type the whole thing out We're going to press enter now it is Important because Hive does in some Cases restart that environment the X Init environment so we are going to run Kill all X in it one more time just to Make sure but obviously here it says no Processes found so it didn't restart it Just for peace of mind we're going to Going to make sure it's stopped we're Going to do a period in forward slash That's going to say execute this this File or this executable right and I'll Actually show you one more thing here Real quick if we do another LS command

You can see that the color has changed To the green and that means that it is Executable so now we'll do the the for Slash and say basically run this file Rightclick and then press enter and then It will begin to install the latest NVIDIA drivers it's going to basically Give us a bunch of warnings we can click Through most most of them make sure we Say to continue installation press okay Continue Installation and then it'll build out The kernel modules here it'll ask us if We want the 32bit compatibility Libraries and we do so I'm going to say Yes it's then going to ask if we would Like to register the kernel mod module Sources with dkm Ms this will allow it To automatically build a new module if Your kernel changes later we're going to Go ahead and say yes and that'll prevent Us from having any issues when updating Hive later on it'll say unable to Determine the path to install blah blah Blah um and you can just say okay uh This does mean that eventually what We'll need to do is run a couple things Afterwards we'll cover that in just a Second I don't actually I'm not sure you Actually have to in this particular Scenario all right now it's going to ask If we would like to automatically update Our X configuration file so that the Nvidia xDrive will be used when you

Restart and that's what we want right so We're going to say yes and then it's Going to say that it's been updated Successfully so it does look like it Took care of it for us so we won't need Any additional steps there and then it Recommends a reboot which we will follow Um we don't need to do pseudo because Because we're already in his root so We'll just do the reboot DF command to Force it and then we'll just wait until It comes back up usually what will Happen is the The Hive or the putty Session will close on us automatically But now it's just a waiting game see it Booting up into there definitely still Some issues with the beta build on hive OS with its compatibility with bio Various bio settings it appears all Right so now that we're reboot Let's go ahead and refresh our hios page And you can see here now that we have The RTX 470 super listed so Congratulations you now have that Functioning the problem can be that we Need to basically do a couple more set Steps within putty to make sure that we Can control the fan speed Etc now in Most cases that won't be necessary um But in some it will right so uh it Really depends but at the very end of The day at least doing a pseudo app get Update and app get install Nvidia Settings will go ahead and update that

For you it really depends on how far Away the latest driver is from the Previous driver that was installed in my Experience because in some cases those Exord tools all the Nvidia tools will Function um as well so there's a couple Ways we can also test that like if we Went into putty and then we log back in Which I don't even think we need to do Putty anymore to be fair we can just go Ahead and click here log in I believe we Can do Nvidia Dhino long as everything is coming up Okay but we have unknown errors so it Does look like we'll need to go ahead And do a quick update so we will do the App get update and install Nvidia Settings yes that is compounded by the Fact that yes it appears that we never Actually started mining uh ethereum Classic which we should have at this Point so there's definitely errors going On we'll do the update to get that Completed as well let's make sure that Flight Sheet's a good flight sheet too Just a verify it's on G minor I'm going To put it on a minor that was a little Bit more Reliable um bz Miner builds the Cuda at The beginning so that would probably Work all right so that can take some Time once it's Completed I will go ahead and refresh

Over here and go to our Overview make sure we're on the latest Driver I am going to run the Nvidia info Again we do have some errors so let's go Ahead and do another Reboot looks like we got full detection Now within bz minor so that's good

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