Make More Money With Your Goldshell HNS Miners

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today I have Another how-to video for you and it's Basically based around the recent pump And kind of dumped to be honest in see a Coin this one in particular is very Interesting because even though it has Come back down in price from its highs Yesterday and today we're Court we're Recording on the 8th of February 2023 it Is still more profitable to mine see a Coin with your hns boxes from gold shell Than it is to actually mine hns hns Standing for handshakes so I wanted to Give you guys an overview of how to do That really quickly and then what I'm Going to show you guys is why the pump Is happening why it's relevant and so on And so forth but first things first Hopping right into it let's go ahead and Talk about what you need to do now if You guys aren't familiar with setting up Your gold shell check out one of my Earlier videos and go on from there if You already have your system set up and You're mining some handshake right now This will currently work with both the Gold shell HS box which are doing the Demonstration on as well as the gold Shell HS light box as well so both of These miners are capable of mining see a Coin and it is really easy to do so all You got to do is get yourself logged in Of course you need to unlock your box

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Here and then you're just going to head Down to the miner section and you'll Scroll down and you will need to add Your pool information for Sia coin so Make sure that you get that all done and Then you can remove the hns box right The handshake mining pool and it'll be Here ready to go you can also just make It active when you're ready but the real Trick that you need to understand is Under algorithm setting is where you Make the change and with this little Drop down basically you have the see a Coin option for Blake 2B and the hns Option for basically handshake so for See a coin all you're going to do is hit This see a coin option here and click The apply button and you will be Off to The Races it really is as simple as that And a lot of people weren't aware of This so hopefully what this will give You is a new option that will make your Current HS boxes actually profitable I'm Sitting on 13 cents a kilowatt hour and The box is now profitable so now I have Two profitable mining rigs in my farm Luckily and I am starting to feel the Roll coming in as we study out on this Of course bear market and if you are Interested in of course all of my moves During the bear market and running up to The next Bull run and when those moves Are being made make sure you follow me Over on side of the

Being a member over there will get you Access to premium posts that discuss This type of thing way ahead of any Other platform and this video of course Will be released on locals first so Everybody that is of course a subscriber On locals this is the benefit that they Get is access to this kind of Information especially right now with The gold shell discounts on the hns Boxes that being said I don't have an Affiliate link for gold shelf so this is Purely just information for you guys I Won't get a kickback from that in Particular moving on why is see a coin Pumping or why did it pump yesterday Well it was because chat GPT is catching Wind of see a coin and talking about it And I have that here for you guys right Now interestingly enough I went ahead And asked it how will the Sia join Blockchain impact Ai and chat GPT Responded with see it coin as a Blockchain based storage platform that Provides decentralized data storage Solutions it aims to disrupt traditional Cloud storage Services by allowing users To rent out their unused storage space To others ask for its impact on AI see a Coin can be used to store and manage Large amounts of data that are generated By AI systems by having a decentralized Storage solution AI developers can Reduce the dependence on centralized

Data storage providers which can improve The security and privacy of the data Used to train AI models additionally the CIA coin blockchain can provide a more Cost-effective storage solution for AI Systems as it allows users to rent out Unused storage space instead of having To purchase and maintain dedicated Storage infrastructure however it is Important to note that the impact of see A coin on a AI is not as direct as it is On data storage the technology is still In its early stages and it remains to be Seen how it will evolve and integrate With AI systems basically what we saw Was chat GPT being bullish on see a coin And because of that and the posts that Were going viral for a little bit over On Twitter essentially the price pumped Now aside from that with the recent dump Of long-term holders of see a coin that Dumped on this and brought the price Back down about 20 to 30 percent Overnight it is still more profitable to Mine see a coin with your handshake Boxes from gold shell than it is to mine Handshake so you might as well take that Advantage how much more well let's talk About that currently what I am seeing is That we are getting about 479 gigahash a second on see a coin as Opposed to that what we are getting on Handshake was about well we can look Right here right we were getting this

235 gigahash a second but to compound That what we saw was a basically about a 50 percent reduction in power Consumption a little less than that About 40 or so from 230 Watts at the Wall to 130 Watts at the wall we're Saving 100 Watts now presumably this Will also be the same with the HS light Box as well so I got one of those on Order to test for you guys and that Would add three miners that are Profitable for me the other one of Course being the IB Link kadena Box the Bmk3 and we will be talking about that Later on too so make sure you're Subscribed to the channel for that but If we go ahead and start plugging that Into minor stat at the current rate Right which is the 479 600 megahash a Second which we've been running almost 10 24 hours not quite because this would Actually be higher we got it set up last Night I think around I don't know Whatever time this was almost midnight So we still have a few more hours to go As it's only 7 49 pm here right now so We have another four hours or so to go Before we actually get the full 24 hour Range but we are getting a consistent 479.6 gigahash a second and that is what We based off the calculator now at 130 Watts at the wall if you're at 120 volts You can get better if you're a 240 of Course but with that what you end up

Seeing is that for the past 20 or 4 24 Hours it's expected to get 88 see a coin And that is going to result in after Power about four cents a day not a ton But these are the little boxes of course That you can run you know just on your Desk right next to your PC at home and They're not going to be too loud so that Makes sense the HS light box is going to Be much louder but it will have more Profitability the real Point here is That it's profitable and if we looked at It in comparison to the handshake rate Which is 235 gigahash a second at 230 Watts it's a much better deal right over 24 hours we get about 19 hns per day and After power consumption we're losing 13 Cents a day so we're essentially 17 Cents over what we would be you know if We were mining handshake with this Particular model and I think that's Significantly basically relevant right Now some changes though that did Recently happen is handshake did pump by About 7.82 percent of course not as big Of a pump as we saw and that's really Just back up it's been kind of flat for A while as we did in see a coin but as You can see with see a coin here we are Down down 25 percent over the past 24 Hours but it is up to basically four Tenths of a penny and if we actually Look at this on the seven day chart we Can see that we are up still quite a bit

Over the past few days right and so While it's come down again it's still Significantly up and that is helping of Course stabilize this price this may be The new stabilization of the price of See a coin we'll just have to wait and See the whole deal here though is as Always with a lot of these coins you Want to be careful on holding them if You believe in see a coin and you think Chat GPT is bullish on it so you're Going to be bullish on it then find That's your financial decision but when You are mining it's important to keep Into in mind an account that you should Be taking the rewards that you can to at Least pay your power bill that you are Accumulating and take that as you get it So as you might find it over the next 24 Hours try to basically convert that see A coin as quickly as possible another Nice benefit to see a coin is it is Available directly on so you Can check out my link down Below if you want to get registered over There and that means that you can easily Load up the card to pay your Power bill so see a coins looking pretty Hot to me right now with its you know Adoption on a large exchange as well as It basically having good profitability And coming up in price here recently Thanks for watching be sure to hit the Like comment subscribe down below and I

Will see you next Tuesday

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