Liquid Sidechain: The Future of Multi-Asset Transactions on Bitcoin’s Extended Network?

So liquid is the side chain you can Build without new OP coaches the way it Works is there's a federation a number Of exchangers and service providers Operating a Hardware security module That is you know participating in the Liquid Network so they're running a Liquid full node which is a kind of Extended version of Bitcoin and from the Bitcoin's perspective the coins look Like they're in a big multi-c and these Hardware security modules will you know Accept coins in and let people claim Them on liquid as liquid Bitcoin and if On the liquid side somebody quest to Peg Them out the Hardware security modules Will sign to follow that instruction and Give it back to somebody on bitcoin it's Not as censorship resistant and not as Good a place to do cold storage as Bitcoin but for its kind of general Purpose of like mediumsized transactions Shortterm trading or transacting and it Has some advantages so stable coins so You can have other assets and so that's Convenient because now you can do limit Orders and atomic swaps between you know Different assets whereas on bitcoin is Only one asset it'sit

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