Linus Tech Tips Controversy

What's up Sons it's blind ride with son Of attack once again and today I have Yet another talking head video today I Wanted to talk about Linus Tech tips yes I know more than likely you are Completely inundated with uh just YouTube suggestions about this Particular topic but of all of the Videos that I have been watching Regarding this I think that there's a Specific perspective on this that has Not been touched and that is the idea of Subject matter experts on YouTube and Their topics compared to once you start Getting forced to do daily videos Etc and adding additional people on to Help facilitate that so I also want to Talk about that in relation to Cryptocurrency and all the YouTube Channels surrounding that as well let's Get into it foreign Welcome back so I am no stranger to Trying to please the YouTube algorithm And I have attempted many different Forms of content types to try to post Daily on this particular YouTube channel And in some cases it has been beneficial And in other cases it has been Detrimental to the algorithm and when I Look at the Linus Tech tips section or Problem going on uh from my personal Experience as a YouTuber I start to see Correlations Etc that obviously bring a Lot of things to light so what are we

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Talking about with Linus Tech tips well Specifically I'm talking about the Gamers Nexus video which brought up a Bunch of discrepancies within the Linus Tech tips testing methodology that has Basically ended up providing inaccurate Information to the viewer surrounding Specific topics when they are reviewing Them everything from your benchmark Charts for the RTX 4092 small things Like getting the actual specifications On a product incorrect now I have I am No stranger to making mistakes within YouTube videos in fact I make a lot more Mistakes than you may be aware of and I Have to record a lot more a re-record a Lot more than you might be actually Aware of as well and that is because When you are creating content you are Doing quite a few different steps first Of all you find a topic right and Typically you have a topic within your Niche for this channel in particular It's cryptocurrency mining or Cryptocurrency in general from the Perspective of a cryptocurrency miner Right but even that topic is extremely Broad there is a lot of different moving Parts within that topic that you need to Become At least pretty Adept in determining in Your knowledge of it to basically be Able to present that information to the Viewer as accurately as possible

Possible and then in Linus Tech tips Case what you have is essentially Everything a broad scope of technologies That need to have individual experts on Those particular topics to make that Content from there once you've kind of Picked that you move on to writing out Maybe a script on a particular subject Within that Niche subject so for Cryptocurrency mining I may be going Over a new coin or a new algorithm for a Particular GPU and its performance now At this point I have to be a subject Matter expert in not only the GPU that I'm testing and all of its Specifications but how that is Interpreted into a particular algorithm And then how that plays out in the total Economy of that coin and so on and so Forth there's a lot to go over here and Really where I think the breakdown Happens is as channels grow and as you Get more subscribers and you are trying To pump out content over and over again You end up needing additional help now I Have gone through a bunch of different Trial and errors with getting more Content out part of which was picking up Different editors thumbnail editors and So on so now I need subject matter Experts that are not only subject matter Experts in the type of content and the Niche that I'm in but also within the Actual tools that they use on a daily

Basis so they need to be Adept at Editing video or working in Photoshop And then they also need to understand The content and the fact of the matter Is is if somebody is a subject matter Expert in their 20s they aren't going to Have the experience in both editing Tools as well as Nvidia gpus and AMD Gpus and their performance Specifications and all of that so you End end up having somebody that is not Familiar with the subject that you are Actually working on editing that content And so what ends up happening is a lot Of things fall off I've had this happen So many different times with so many Different editors and thumbnail editors And some of the shorts editors that I Tried for a while where it just became More time consuming to go through and That the content that was getting Basically the final form of the content Than if I just did it myself and I think When we talk about large corporations at This point that are pumping out tech Reviews in the case of Linus Tech tips This is really where the breakdown Happens because the person editing isn't The person that's creating the charts And the person creating the charts isn't The person that's testing the equipment And the person that is testing the Equipment even maybe hasn't had all of The experience even within that realm

Because the way Linus Tech tips is Hiring people is it's kind of like Getting cheap work in by hiring people That are new to the industry which can Be fine if they are Guided by somebody That has all of that experience but in That kind of Realm you end up having This fall off to where it's more Important to obviously get the content Out for the algorithm from the Perspective of the higher ups than it is To make sure that your employees Understand the subject matter and this Happens in every single Corporation Right like this is why when you have a a Large I.T company or a large company With a large it Department you'll have a Systems administrator for Linux and a Systems administrator for Windows and so On but if you put that into a YouTube Context and you have a subject matter Expert in Windows that is creating the Charts but then giving that off to a Subject matter expert that is purely Doing the social media side of things When that person is editing that content 10 they aren't going to be able to catch Any of the mistakes that may be Happening on that slide and if you talk About like presentations as a whole a Lot of these minute details are very Very important for the end product to Actually be accurate and so when I'm Looking at this personally I do think

Like I've talked about slowing down the Content on the Channel all I have had Good editors don't get me wrong I've had People that are passionate about Cryptocurrency that do this as well and We have worked with a lot of different People but that fall off is extremely Difficult and so I think when we talk About Linus Tech tips the hiring needs To be more along the lines of Traditional hiring within an I.T Department you know how many years Experience do you have within the tech Industry right how do you understand you Know a gigabit versus a gigabyte do you Understand these differences uh and and So on before you come in and start Editing because you really your last Line of defense I think is going to be Subject matter experts that are Adept in Editing because really the final Mark is The person that's putting everything Together which I found like in the flow Process is the most difficult thing is Like how do I get this how do I convey Everything that I've tested to the Person that's editing the video and then Hopefully that person also has a decent Idea of how to put all that together I've sent stuff off to people where I'm Like you know here's the here's the hash Rate chart here's the here's the b-roll Uh here's the a-roll of of my talking Points or whatever and they can't even

Put the right chart onto the right Portion of the script because they don't Understand the actual subjects that are Being put in and so at that point then I'm like okay well you know b-roll B-roll part one goes with payroll part One and then you end up having to clip All that and then at this at the end of The day as an individual you're just Doing all the work anyways you might as Well just pop into Premiere learn how to Do it and get it all clipped right and Even if it's not to the standards of What somebody who is really really good At utilizing Premiere and OBS or Whatever it may be you are still going To be more accurate so you have a little Bit less quality but you have more Accuracy and then this is kind of the Game that gets played and rolled around Over and over and over again where I Would think that the breakdown really Happens like I said before is that you Have to have individual subject matter Experts across a large broad term of Technology right and and individual ones And then a subject matter expert that's Really good at editing and and they Probably don't know all of the Differences in all of the different i t Terms and Fields that are being covered And and this makes it extremely Difficult I think to to run a YouTube Channel see the way YouTube used to be

Is you had an individual that was Sharing their their subject matter that They are passionate about and experts in Directly to the viewer and in those Particular cases when it's one Individual that is just sharing that Information it's a lot it's it's a lot More likely to be accurate because that Person a person is specifically Passionate about that specific subject But if you have somebody that's really Passionate like you would want at Editing video in Premiere they are Probably not going to have the Experience in all the other aspects Because as humans we can really only Obtain expert level status in specific Subjects and once you start spreading That out it breaks down and this is also What happens in the evolution of Linus Tech tips overall for Linus himself Because while he may have been working At NCIX in his history right and been Very passionate about all the Specifications of each individual Product and so on as Linus Tech tips Grew he became a dick he became a Different expert which was an expert in YouTube and an expert in running a Business and he had to learn all of that Stuff well if he starts learning all of That stuff he starts to fall off on all Of the rest of the old details that he Used to know all the specifications for

Individual graphics cards for CPUs Because the human brain's not going to Be able to retain all of the new Information that he needs to have along With all of the old information that he Needs to have for something to come into Your brain something has to come out This is just we do have bandwidth issues As human beings and that is the way it's Going to operate so to see this Evolution into to see the the the Quality of the subject matter experts Within Linus Tech tips fall off makes a Lot of sense and so when you are looking At maybe creating a YouTube channel or Growing your YouTube channel like I'm Looking at now when I look at all of These different topics and I take you Know the lessons that I see from from Linus Tech tips I go well you know if I Was going to hire an editor I'd want to Hire an editor that is extremely well Versed within cryptocurrency Mining and Maybe that editor just wants to actually Make his own YouTube channel right Because at that point that person that Individual is going to be able to Provide that information on their own And they already have the the know-how To edit and create videos and put them Out so really you have to be willing to Do it I think to a certain extent all on Your own because that's the only way You're going to catch all of the little

Details that need to be resolved and it It ends up being a problem of also the Blame game which I think has also come Across in some of the more the more Recent Revelations of the work Environment within LTT but that's a lot Of ad hominem that's a lot of stuff that I didn't want to cover overall just on Outside of that though what we did learn Is that they were hiring people that Were new to basically the industry right Somebody that didn't have all of the Experience and unfortunately it sounds Like that turned into a pretty negative Work environment because they're like Well you need to learn this but the Person's like well I'm trying to learn It but every time I try to learn it They're being extremely negative and That can happen within any work Environment so when I sit down and look At this I I do want to know you know From the audience's perspective where The where where the importance should Lie right does the importance lie on you Know the the accuracy of the information Over everything else you know how much Of that needs to be presented well you Know what is the difference between Quality versus quantity Etc and how do we as you know content Creators start to push back against the Algorithm to say hey look like I this is You know this is how we need to

Re-incentivize the industry I think as a Whole because if we look at it and we Take a step back it really has turned Into basically how fast can I pump Things out you know how quickly can I Get this information out am I beating The guy next to me but am I also Sacrificing you know the quality of the Content at that point and it's been Something that I've I've thought about For a long time and I really think like I've even said before like it'd be great To have like the Linus Tech tips of of Cryptocurrency mining like that would be Really really cool and a very Niche Subject of that or a very Niche Channel Version of that right that covers but Then if I look at it from the mining Perspective if you want to cover Everything you have Asic miners that Really you need individual experts in You have GPU mining that you need Individual experts in you need CPU Mining you have fpgas which definitely Takes a whole other set and then if We're talking about trade analysis and And individual coins and and the Economies of those the tokenomics of Each individual coin and so on it Becomes extremely overwhelming that's Why I do the new subjects so that I can Get all of that information out but at The same time just understanding you're Getting my head around each individual

Coin what they offer if they're BS or Not and so on that takes a majority of The time of just sitting around Researching and learning right and then Translating that to somebody else to Edit just it seems like it fall falls Off because you're not going to be able To catch it I'll be recording a video And be like Oh wait that's wrong right Step back let's go ahead and correct That re-record but if I have somebody Editing they're not going to catch that Unless they are subject matter experts In the niche that you're recording the Video or the content for anyways that's Some of my two cents surrounding this Entire subject I would like to hear your Thoughts and opinions down in the Comment section below I do think that There is a responsibility like on my Part individually to try to make sure That the accuracy is there I do fail at That right but how how can we make that Even better I think is is another point And then how do you scale that is Something that I'm definitely sitting Back and thinking about a lot lately I'll see you next Tuesday don't forget You can check out my locals at son of a becoming a supporter Over there will get you access to Supporter only posts where I talk about My daily moves and new coins before I Talk about them on YouTube you can get a

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