“Lightning V2” Revolutionizing Instant #Bitcoin Payments with Advanced Channel Protocols

I was focused on something that I've Been calling um I think you could call It lightning V2 um the idea being like This is like a protocol update to how Lightning works with like onchain so Like L's relationship with onchain we've Written a whole new set of protocols That I was help author and design I was Working on the first phase which was Opening channels in this new V2 so V2 of Opening channels um also known as dual Funding that's kind of one of the things That it lets you do is it lets you open Channels with money on both sides Revolutionary I know and then uh phase Two is placing which Dustin dmer has Been working on getting implemented and Correlating for us and then phase three Will be sped to close which we haven't Really started working on yet and don't Have a spec for but when those three Kind of pieces are done then I think You'll you'll be able to use lightning I'm calling it lightning me too um Because it's going to let you um be a Lot more Dynamic with your onchain funds In a lightning Channel than you are Currently

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