Lightning as a Bridging Protocol: The Rise of Submarine Swaps with Boltz and Liquid #Bitcoin

There are a number of interesting Developments between sort of this Evolution of lightning becoming a Bridging protocol between all the layer Twos there's another company called Bolts which is doing submarine swaps if You're a merchant and you're selling a Lot of things and you've got Bitcoin Stacked up on a lightning Channel you Can swap it with bolts it'll give you a Utxo on chain and then you'll get your Capacity back so you're ready to accept More payments so you can use it to take Capacity out they can do the opposite With the uh rapid increase in on-chain Fees from you know the ordinals and the Inscriptions and all that stuff it Create a natural problem for them it's In a very short period of time like in a Week or two they implemented a submarine Swap between liquid Bitcoin so on a Liquid sidechain layer too and lightning So now you could rebalance an on-chain Lightning Channel using a different Layer to bitcoin liquid Bitcoin cheaper Like the liquid is not as congested as The main chain and it's faster because The blocks are one minute and two blocks Of spinal basically rebalance your Lightning channel so same kind of Behavior but using liquid

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