Lightning and Liquid Interoperability

[Applause] Uh we've seen several uh several Initiatives whether it's uh it's an Offering like bolts uh doing swaps Across those two chains or Pier swap That aims to essentially balance Channels among among peers both of these Use uh liquid as a way to transfer value Uh in a high fee environment Sort of outside of the congested areas And uh the Integrations go even further Uh a couple of years ago we had uh we we Published a version of core lightning That has support for liquid BTC and even Liquid BTC is is is still maintained to This day and so one could for example Spin up a a an enduser Network inside of Liquid because opening channels in Liquid is isn't as expensive and it Takes takes less time due to the shorter And more regular Block in Block rate and And you could then sort of have have an Onchain swap between Bitcoin mainnet and Liquid BTC unlike other initiatives this Kind of swap doesn't present uh present Any issues such as the uh such as the Free option problem we have when swap in For for different assets lbtc and BTC Being per perfectly interchangeable mean That a swap can go through just as if it Were just on the same network and as Such we can Bridge the gaps between Between these two networks and Facilitate fast exchanges of values

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Between these two networks so I see I See most of these complimentary systems Slowly getting integrated with each Other be that Liquid Lightning Pier swap Uh other swapping Technologies and of course the whole Agil would be to to eventually have a USD uh denominated Channel And who knows maybe maybe that will work Eventually

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