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You guys want to talk about some miners Speaking of Virgin crypto my friends Let's talk about some miners there's a New well there's mold man here's the Thing there's a lot of new miners coming Out for Casper now we have not only Fpgas which have been around for quite Some time on Caspa or fpgas that have Been modified or fpgas that have been Disguised as Asics right in the E300 but Now we're starting to get supposedly What is going to be as far as I can tell Actual Asics coming out for Casper the First one here being the K10 now this One's been confirmed by one of our Partners here uh The coastal crypto and they have Actually listed pre-orders the reason Why this is important is because Coastal crypto is a very trusted Source Meaning that if you purchase from Coastal crypto you get your product Which tells me that they have these on Order and have confirmed they exist Right now this one doesn't have great Efficiency at this point Um the manufacturer is super scalar and The proposed hash rate is 30 gigahash a Second at 1700 Watts I mean for Comparison if we look at the E300 this Is actually the E100 which we'll talk About here too in just a second But if we look at the E300 we're talking About 14 gigahash a second at 500 watts

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Right and the the thing is is like that Means that you basically can get 30 Gigahash a second for a thousand Watts For just over a thousand Watts if you go The E300 fpga route now if we're talking About the fk33s which are the least Efficient to my knowledge you can modify Those and do 2.4 gigahash a second at 60 Watts I know because I'm running them And so even that route is more Advantageous than what I'm seeing from This K10 in particular so this seems Like some sort of repurposed Hardware I Do see some people saying they're pretty Sure it's an fpga it's possible it's an Older fpga that's been repurposed to Capitalize on the Boost in you know the Casper price and so on but you know I'm Not super super enticed to pick this up However the pricing is a little cheaper It is going to be around essentially Well and see that's the thing it's not Right it's eleven thousand dollars if You want to pick up two e300s I believe You're going to pay around uh twelve Thousand dollars right and get way Better efficiency so I'd almost go the Route of the E300 but if they're out of Stock and you're wanting to get anything I guess it's still competitive it's Better than a GPU rig right so There's that right better than a GPU rig So you get that benefit out of it and It's available so there you go in

Addition to that if you use the link Down below and you go through Coastal Crypto because they have been a previous Sponsor they're not a current sponsor of The channel but they have been a Previous one we do have a promo code Over there for two percent off it's soat You can get two percent off which two Percent off ten thousand or eleven Thousand can be quite significant Obviously so take that for what it will Be and utilize that if you're going to Go that route I presume these are going To go extremely quickly because even the Ones that appeared as scams initially Went really quickly the repurposed fpga That Coastal put up that wasn't Necessarily that efficient went Extremely quickly Casper miners are Flying off the shelves so if you want One you got to just get one I guess Which really at this point That's kind of my point with the Superscaler K10 it's like it's not as Efficient but it's more efficient than Gpus so and they're gonna fly off the Shelves and you'll probably get your Money back out of them there's all that Right if we looked at uh let's look at Like the we Hash right here so we'll do gigahash to Mega hash right let me sure make sure I Get this right I just like to before I mess it up but we'll copy this out

Let's go to here and we're at 13 cents a Kilowatt hour we got 1700 Watts on the Ticker your minor fee is going to be 10 Because or actually I don't know what The minor fee is actually going to be Here because it's not if it is the fpga And it's using team red minor then the Miner fee is going to be high if it's Not then maybe the minor fees actually Zero and that's an actual benefit here As well uh pool fee one percent that's Fine let's go ahead and calculate that Out that would be 18 a day at 13 cents a Kilowatt hour as we speak so If we looked at that right now at eleven Thousand dollars divided by 18. we're Looking at an Roi of 611 days if Everything Remains the Same difficulty On the network which I highly doubt uh Price of Casper which I highly doubt all Of these factors that play in right so Two years from now though are you going Or really two years from now are you Going to be able to purchase any minor Probably not right two years from now Just gonna lay it out there you know These numbers look real bad but these Numbers are going to look real good two Years from now when you can't actually Buy any any of this right when we hit The having in June of 2024 and then the Cycle starts to continue in six months In we get that boost of all the altcoins Around the end of 2024 beginning of 2025

You're gonna have a year run of not Being able to purchase any mining Equipment again just because that's the Natural cycle and you can check out more I explain it more on son of a tech.com With my e-course if you want to get in Depth and we have price history and all Of that and how that's actually repeated Itself for the past 12 years if you want To see that data I have charts and all That within that course which I think is Super helpful but you know you can go Check that out but my point being is Like 611 day Roi doesn't sound that Great right now but it's gonna sound a Hell of a lot better if Casper is at 16 Cents and in the net like in two years From now right Established in 2017 octominer is an International mining hardware company They manufacture and engineer the best Mining equipment in the industry and Supply rigs to some of the largest Mining farms around the world their GPU Mining rigs also integrate with the top Crypto operating systems like Hive OS Miner stat and simple mining all parts Come with an international one-year Warranty exciting news they will be Adding Asic miners for sale to their Website soon and launching a new product Built specifically for Asic home miners Please visit octominer.com or email Support octominer.com for questions

So Um another thing is we have this crazy Uh Miner that already sold out This one's weird so this one was for Sale for about two minutes and it could Have been A scam I don't know for sure these look like Renders to me Um Just in general they look like renders They don't look real Right Um this is a pretty new website some of The things that we could do like Um let me see if we can do this is we Could go to like uh DNS lookup and do Like a who is right so I'll go to MX Toolbox let me do a Let me do a look up for you guys real Quick let's do Um Uh let's do a who is Where is my there's the who is Let me make sure it doesn't show any of My info Yeah I think we're good Um So this was registered In February of 2023 It looks like the primary domain So it's pretty new Um that would be a red flag for me in General it does look like it's gone

Through Uh it has a cert valid from 98 But you know it's it's hard to anyways It has a couple Certs attached to it That are older I suppose Um but I would be extremely cautious Surrounding this right That being said If it's true It would be absolutely insane right two Terahatch per second at 1200 watts now It's completely likely that you do have Something along the lines of this end up Coming out from bit main or something Along those lines but I've never heard Of ice River the who is says that it's Two years old The only question that I really have is That they uh they do have like a Discord That I was able to join And they do have a telegram that I was Able to join they're not shut down yet The miners have said that they're sold Out and they do have a Twitter so I am Trying to get a hold of them to see you Know if they'll talk to me if they don't Talk to me then it's probably fake if They do talk to me then damn we missed Out on basically the best thing since Sliced cheese to mine Caspa because I'll I'll give you guys an idea if this were To be real right We are talking about what was the what

Was the power on this baby 1200 watts so if this if this was to be Real The ROI Would be like I think like a couple days Dude That'd be fifteen hundred and fifty Dollars a day I just don't see anybody Actually selling these for that at Thirty thousand dollars That would be Oops I did that wrong Ah Anywhere this is like a couple days Right Like 19 day Roi That's just not I don't know it just doesn't seem right Plus we haven't seen anything usually if This is a thing right you would go to Miningpoolstats.com right we go to uh Casper Boom We hit up wooly pulley over here maybe You guys need to get off wooly pulley For Casper by the way Um they still haven't paid people back But Feels like they're pulling a nice hash To me Um See what these miners are at though Can we look up oh here we go miners So

These are this is like the biggest Miner And they're they're probably a Fpga Miner and they're only at like 16 Tera hash right and each rig is like 49 Gigahash there's no two gigahash and Usually if there's an Asic that comes Out they've already been mined on right So there you go Um It's kind of my thoughts there are Definitely some pretty efficient fpgas Out there So that's probably the route to go I did Get a new promo code for the E100 as Well if you guys want to utilize it it's Sot underscore It's down in the description I think it's SRT underscore 100 and that Will get you 30 off the unit and then The E300 is still the sot 125 which will Get you 50 off the unit or not 50 to 125 Off the unit so Um if you guys want to purchase some of Those go ahead and do it I'll have one In for review this week I think it is so We'll have one in for review and I'll Catch you guys up on it I do know that Other people have already got these in Stock so they're there those are the Real ones the ice doesn't seem real uh The K10 seems real So there you go thanks for checking out This clip from the crypto mining show You can check out the full episode here

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