Let’s Get In To Some Kaspa News – 246

Look pretty like The Casper Genesis block arriving in the Rust code base We Are One Step Closer my friends To rust code base being implemented on Decaspa which will get us up to 32 Blocks per second and up to if not Exceeding 20 000 transactions per second Which of course is putting us with a Proof of work layer one blockchain that Is as fast as visa and MasterCard which Would be monumental To say the least and this is coming from A tweet from Michael Sutton who is on The dev team and this was tweeted out on March 29th at 3 49 PM so look forward to It I'm excited to see this implemented And I hope it all goes smooth and all That but as anything with technology I Would expect a couple hiccups and so on Just make sure that you are paying Attention and ready To you know protect your investment all That sort of thing Because these things can get a little Bit hairy sometimes Established in 2017 octominer is an International mining hardware company They manufacture and engineer the best Mining equipment in the industry and Supply rigs to some of the largest Mining farms around the world their GPU Mining rigs also integrate with the top Crypto operating systems like Hive OS

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Minor stat and simple mining all parts Come with an international one-year Warranty exciting news they will be Adding Asic miners for sale to their Website soon and launching a new product Built specifically for Asic home miners Please visit octominer.com or email Support octominer.com for questions And Guess what else is happening zelcor is Adding Caspa To their wallet so There's a new kid on the Block zelcor Fam say hello to your new aspa or asset Casper Casper is a seriously fast open Source decentralized fully scalable Layer one it's a proof of work Powerhouse and the first block Dag Let's welcome kaspa currency to the Zelcor wallet So there you go flux is added or well Cat zelcor not to be confused with flux Has added uh Casper to the wallet that's Obviously great for adoption Um And Now you can hold Casper there I would Still recommend holding your Caspa in A decentralized manner which of course Zelcor is not so Use zelcor for its services for its Awesome services and so on you know It's better than a You know a centralized Exchange in a lot

Of ways but it is you know I still go have your Casper wallet with Your keys that's all And more Casper news one of the largest Mining pools in existence has been Around for quite some time has added Casper to their list at twominers.com And it says coming soon so there's going To be pretty big adoption once Casper Hits two miners as well I wouldn't be Surprised if we're already seeing that You know as it sits But two miners hopping on board is Pretty good Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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