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Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- miners.com BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s OA T for a Discount let's go ahead and talk about Ledger there was an exploit that Endangered Defi and the basically a Warning to not interact with any Decentralized apps with your Ledger the Exploit reportedly prompts users to Connect their wallets via a popup Triggering a token drainer now here's The thing about this particular exploit That everyone should be aware of this is An exp exploit that can be across any Dap enabled wallet so if you got a web Wallet right that sort of thing like Metamask these exploits have been quite Common across the board so it's not just Limited I think to Ledger in this Particular case but let's go ahead and Get the details Sushi's Chief technology Officer warned of an industrywide Exploit related to a ledger connect kit As the decentralized finance protocol

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Was hit by a front-end exploit Ledger a Maker of Hardware wallets provides Connect kit software that decentralized Finance protocols such as Lio metamask And coinbase along with sushi used to Connect decentralized apps to its Products by comprising the front end of A website or application hackers can Alter functions users see and con them Into inadvertently sending cash to the Exploiters rather rather than to their Own wallet wallets do not interact with Any daps until further notice said Sushi CTO Matthew Lily on X it appears that a Commonly used web3 connector has been Compromised which allows for injection To malicious code affecting numerous Daps the exploit reportedly prompts Users to connect their wallets via a Popup which then triggers the token Drainer issues have also been reported Across other Dy websites including Zapper and revoke cap 5 hours after the hack Ledger published A postmortem on X it confirmed that a Former Ledger employee fell victim to a Fishing attack which allowed a hacker to Insert malicious code into Ledger Connect kit it adds that the code has Now been removed and stable coin issuer Tether has frozen the Hacker's wallet We've identified a critical issue in The Ledger connector that has been Compromised potentially allowing the

Injection of malicious code affecting Various daps SU wrote in a statement if You have a sushi Page open and see an Unexpected connect wallet pop up do not Interact or connect your wallet one Xuser pointed out that Ledger's Library Had been compromised and replaced with a Token drainer Ledger said it had Identified and removed a malicious Version of The Ledger connect kit a Genuine version is being pushed to Replace the malicious file now Ledger Said do not interact with any DS for the Moment and of course this has been res Now they've come out and said that it is But this does bring up a few points I Think across the entire board that I Find interesting one is of course the Ability for tether to lock down the Hacker's wallet and uh no no no that's No fun because that's a centralization Issue that means that they can lock it Down if they disagree with you as well So you know a lot of people want to Utilize stable coins to protect Investments or like basically profits And that sort of thing I kind of get it But I think you should go ahead and pull Out to US dollar completely if you are Working uh in that realm of course Trading between platforms and so on I Kind of get it a lot of this is I think In general right we talk about the steps Of wallets and it's important to

Understand like the flow and security When you're participating in Cryptocurrency and and I'll give you a Give you kind of my my take on it and What I practice right I have basically My cold wallets and those are seed Phases that are generated on an offline Computer that are then stored offline Completely and that is where I put a Majority of my Holdings that I don't Want to participate in any networks with And then I have what is a warm wallet And that wallet is going to be something That does Basically connect to something that Basically will bring me online but Doesn't stay on online all the time and You can utilize Hardware wallets for This but I have been moving away from Hardware wallets completely what I Prefer to do is basically have some sort Of Cubes OS installed as the easiest one For example which is an a Linux Distribution uh that I have done videos On on how to utilize and they bring up Basically individual containers uh of VMS that keep them all separated in case You get a wallet with malicious uh soft Or malicious code or something on it Keep them all Separated and that way I can open up Each individual wallet on that Particular on that particular device Send out the cryptocurrency where I need

To and then shut it down and then I have My hot wallets right they're going to be Like the things where I have my metamask Connected to my web wallet my you know Nautilus my alium web wallets those Those types of things and those ones in Particular are utilized for any daily Trading type connectivity and so on and Then the last step is any centralized Exchange like a crypto.com or a coinbase Or a ZX or whatever that may be and the Amount of cryptocurrency held in all of Those decreases as it goes up so you're Filtering all the way through and that's Going to filter out basically the the Capability of being vulnerable and the Amount of your cryptocurrency that will Be vulnerable all the way down and this Is what I highly recommend I also like One of the big things that I think a lot Of people miss too for the from The Miner perspective is keep your mining Wallet as like basically a warm wallet Right and what I would recommend doing Is is mining to that warm wallet and Then booting up every once in a while Taking that warm wallet and sending it To basically a paper wallet and what That's going to do is keep your try to Keep as much obus skated off of like the Public network as possible because if You have that mining wallet you know on A pool and such those pools are going to Be able to see that wallet if you get

Targeted because let's say you're a Large mining whale in a in some random Shitcoin and somebody decides to start Pressing you at least you get a little Bit more ausc off of that so these are Kind of the the steps I would take Surrounding it also you really can't Trust a lot of these Hardware wallet Companies anymore and the other downside To them is that they're integrating so Many different cryptocurrencies the I And I get this I get the idea like for Convenience everybody wants all of their Crypto in one location you know utilize Ledger when do you have Ledger support When do you have trasor support when do You have you know whatever Hardware Wallet you're utilizing the thing is is Like the more integration you have with These the more vulnerabilities you're Going to pick up because of all of the Integrations into a single wallet so I Technically like from my perspective the More adoption or not adoption but the More cryptocurrencies that are supported By a single Hardware wallet the more Compromised or the more capable it is to Be compromised in my humble opinion so I Don't really I'm moving away from Hardware wallets completely I'm not a Big fan of them plus they can push Malicious software through your connect If they wish and all of that sort of Thing I also don't like things like the

Zelcore wallet right I I don't like the Idea of everything being all in one Wallet it's just going to put you in a Position where if that single thing is Compromised well you're screwed whereas If you're spinning up individual wallets Preferably command line wallets one wire Command line wallets you know they're Going to be harder to access in general For a majority of the population two They're going to be completely Containerized from the rest of your Wallets if you're doing it properly Through virtual machines Etc so if There's uh you know some sort of rug Pull from a particular Network or they Push malicious software in a node update That's not necessarily connected to the Rest of your wallets and they they won't Be able to get those so you know you're Just reducing your risk more and more And more the more you separate out each Wallet I know it can be a lot of work But I have never said that this is Passive income and I think anybody that Says that is full of so don't do it Don't believe it you got to be active Here because this is the web you know There it's very tough to stay secure Hacks are going to happen all the time You need to be on your toes so that's Kind of my my two cents about i' like to Hear your thoughts in the live chat as Well as the comment section below now

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