Learn how MIniscript & Simplicity provide peace of mind in #Bitcoin scripting

Manuscript gives people the peace of Mind and simplicities is like that it's A tree based language like mini script It's much more assembly so manuscript Has these fragments which are public key Or hash or time lock and then it can Combine them and ends and auras and Thresholds and so on Simplicity doesn't Have that Simplicity has assembly like Combinators that don't do things like Publicly but they do things like execute These two functions and combine their Output or something like that this will Be the pair combinator and they only Have nine combiners so they have to be Pay General in combine combinators you Can assemble them into a larger Expression which could capture something Like a public key and using that you can Actually translate mini script one to One to Simplicity and you can look at This basically program that was Generated from this process and see oh Actually this part is the public key and This part is the time log and this part Is the conjunction the end you can Construct manuscript-esque Simplicity Programs that we have already Implemented [Music]

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