Learn how Miniscript is similar to SImplicity with Blockstream Core Tech engineer Christian Lewe

So anything you can do in a manuscript You can also do in Simplicity but you Can do much more on Simplicity and also The guarantees that Simplicity can give You the form of verification goes much Further because manuscript relies on Bitcoin script which relies on the C Plus implementation and there are all Kinds of foot cans and hidden hidden Challenges whereas with Simplicity we Can make this architecture good for for Formal verification we can prevent a lot Of these problems before they even come Up and so this enables us to have much Stronger guarantees about the programs We have much better cost functions the Cost functions we use are much finer Grains and this will enable us to write Very large Expressions put them on the Main chain and fine-tune fee for those So they are cheap enough so people use Them quite expensive enough so we don't Need those the main chain and with Bitcoin script you basically only have The byte size maybe the zikash so that's Much more crude than what we can do with Simplicity [Music]

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