Learn about the strategy behind the BASIC Note on the Liquid Network with Blockstream CEO Adam Back

Because like because one of the Questions we get with with the basic Notes is well why don't you mind the Miners and then sell them afterwards now The basic you know is different animal It's a different strategy it's not doing Mining it's an applying Bitcoin A6 Buying up excess inventory and holding On to it until the market gets into a Different mode and then selling it back To the market it's still new and unused In books because there's really a Different market for used miners versus New Miners and like used cars but even Worse like used cell phones or something Right which people do generally are not Too Keen to buy because you know maybe They dropped it maybe the battery isn't So good anymore in the case of miners You have to worry like did they Adequately cooler did they use enough Filtration and have they damaged it Basically right you don't you don't know How much wear and tear there is on it And so at this point in the market where Asics fairly cheap it doesn't make a lot Of sense to most people to buy used Miners

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