Learn about the innovations Blockstream is bringing to #BItcoin mining with CEO Adam Back ⛏️

One difference for our Miner is it has More reasonable Parts because it's a 14 New blade server that fits in extended Data center right so effectively a Two-putt cube with 10 blade servers that Slot into it and those are like field Swappable that you can you know Potentially upgrade a blade which is a Tenth of the things hash rate and it's Kind of one pet hash in a two foot Cube So usually people are selling miners you Know 90 100 110 terahash in a kind of Shoebox size but this is a data center Rack size with blades so you can fit Three of those in a full-size data Center rack part of the four it's less E-Waste less costs we have a shared Control board across 10 blades whereas Today people have a separate control Board for each shoe box and a shoe box Is roughly equal to a blade and then we Can also upgrade blades with 0.5 Versions right so like in between Versions like extra optimizations on a Current regeneration or New Generation Even in this in Blade and reuse you know The power supply and the control plane

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