Learn about the global impact of DIY #Bitcoin hardware wallets like the Jade with @CryptoGuide

I'm privileged to have been living Primarily in countries where inflation Has not been an enormous issue but I'm Talking on a weekly basis with people All around the world you know either Having trouble with their wallets or Looking for advice or just just need a Bit of help for a recovery for whom this Has been their Lifeline I just take for Granted that I can have access to Currencies that are reasonably stable But not everyone has that ability I Might have come into Bitcoin as someone Who is sort of here for the tech but Especially now I deal with people all Around the world and I was just talking Last week from someone in South America Who this was the only way they were able To preserve any value for their currency And particularly for the for the Jade DIY the thing that I was really Surprised at was just how many people Were jumping at 10 USD they could Actually have a hardware Bitcoin device You know a whole segment of the world For whom you know price matters a lot so Yeah again good on good on you guys for Opening up your Hardware in such a way And not not making it difficult to folk Who need to come in at that price point So good on you for making it so Accessible Thank you

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