Learn about Cypherpunk ideals & #Bitcoin with Jack the founder of Twitter! 🐦

I grew up just being so inspired by the People on all cyberpunks and the ideas Eric Hughes and that whole period of Time in the 90s when it was illegal to Export cryptography Adam back wrote Three or four lines of pearl code and Put it on a T-shirt and sold those T-shirts overseas just to point out how Ridiculous the law was cryptography Should not be considered a mutual Ammunition and beneficial to everyone in The world that I think was a big turning Point for me and I got into Bitcoin Because of those ideals they Point into A world where an individual had control And an individual didn't have to deal With abstractions to in this case Protect their Communications there were People in the world activists all around The world journalists all around the World we did have people intercepting Their Communications and spying on them And didn't need that protection and That's who these people were fighting For when they were building the software The dream for the Alzheimer punks and The Cypher Punk Manifesto was money that Was the ultimate Holy Grail because it Had so many problems the biggest one Being the double spending problem

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