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Elon Musk rebranding the Twitter to X And its impact on Dogecoin Komodo has Released their quarterly updates Osprey Has released firmware that helps improve Kyla hash rate and finally we'll be Talking about the Dynex Community vote For hash rate distribution all of that And more in today's episode of blocks Where I cover cryptocurrency news as Quickly as possible from the perspective Of a cryptocurrency miner let's get into It Together In a recent interview Elon Musk revealed That Twitter is undergoing a major Rebranding under the new name X the Platform will soon offer users an Opportunity to conduct their entire Financial World Yes you heard that right X will not only revolutionize social Media but also dive into the realm of Financial services musk who acquired Twitter through his company x-corp Believes that incorporating Financial Services is the next step in the Platform's evolution he envisions X as An all-encompassing app that will Provide comprehensive communication and Financial Solutions all in one place and To achieve this Twitter needed a fresh Identity which is why the iconic Bluebird logo was transformed into the Elegant X symbol according to musk if Executed correctly X has the potential

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To become an integral part of the Global Financial system with plans for banking Payments and more the app is set to Offer an experience similar to China's WeChat an app that has become the Backbone of everyday life for millions Of users this is not the first time Elon Musk has expressed his interest in Merging Finance with technology since Acquiring Twitter just last year he has Been advocating for the integration of Financial services on the platform in Fact earlier this year he temporarily Changed Twitter's logo to the Beloved Meme inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin Causing quite a stir in the community of Cryptocurrency and speaking of the Crypto Community many speculations are Swirling regarding the rebranding and Its potential impact on cryptocurrencies Some noticed that musk now has the Doge Symbol added to his profile barking Rumors that Dogecoin might become a part Of x's payment system while the crypto Twitter verse has a mixed reaction to This news there's no denying that this Move further solidifies musk's Connection to the world of Cryptocurrencies from the crypto mining Perspective keep an eye on script miners Dogecoin is inflationary which makes it An extremely unique mining opportunity The block reward is set to 10 000 Dogecoin per block compounding the fact

That you can merge mine along with Deflationary coins like Litecoin makes This an extremely enticing option if you Are looking for script miners check out Coastal crypto Mining and use promo code Soat for two percent off check the Description for more details as we Eagerly await the launch of x one thing Is for sure Elon Musk has once again set His sights on changing the game with his Vision of an all-in-one social media and Financial platform we can only imagine The possibilities that lie ahead Komodo Is on a mission to connect and Bridge All blockchain protocols and they've Been making waves with their Cutting Edge decks technology but before we get To recap the Q2 let's catch up on some Exciting early Q3 news on July 10th Komodo announced the renaming of their Flagship end user application from Atomic decks to Komodo wallet this Rebranding is part of their effort to Unify apply all their products under the Komodo SDK brand umbrella along with the Komodo wallet they have also named the Atomic decks API to Komodo D5 framework This framework consists of two apis Wallet API and Dex API providing Developers with the ultimate solution to Launch defy applications like Non-custodial wallets cross chain dexes Ido portals and all-in-one Solutions now Let's talk about Komodo zebra or kibra

As some call it Komodo inherited Blockchain Network protocol from zcash But they've developed their own Customized implementation for Komodo Mainnet kibra is a full node with Various capabilities but one thing to Note is that it doesn't have mining Functionality to solve proof-of-work Algorithm itself in April Komodo held Its seventh annual notary node election Congratulations to all the winners as of Season seven these notary node operators Provide a delayed proof of work security For 20 blockchains and their perspective Cryptocurrencies and speaking of notary Nodes going online komodo's Network saw A successful upgrade at KMD block height 348-4958 on June 30th this network Upgrade known as viseron introduced Several changes including memory usage Improvements and a reduction of the KMD Active user reward address poisoning is A serious concern for crypto users but Komodo has taken steps to address it Near zero amounts for evm based coins And tokens Can now be filtered out in Your Komodo Wallet transaction history Mitigating the risk of falling victim to Address poisoning scams recently the Komodo team discovered a bug in their Mobile app that logged private keys Under specific circumstances but rest Assured your funds are safe as this bug Didn't leak or upload any sensitive data

If you used the export private key Function and shared your log file Afterwards please follow their Announcement to ensure your security now Let's talk about some exciting work in Progress of proof of concept the Komodo D5 framework team is working on Multi-account and address support nft Wallet support and even Fiat on-ramp to Make buying crypto more accessible in Q2 Komodo released several updates across Their platforms we got Komodo wallet for The web version 0.4.4 which laid the foundation for Unified interfaces across desktop mobile And web then came Komodo wallet desktop Version with UI and ux improvements and Finally Komodo wallet mobile version 0.6.3 and 0.6.4 which introduced support For vote 2023 tokens and address the log File bug Kyla coin is mooning up over 400 today with Arbitrage opportunities Between safe trade and texpit in Conjunction with this Osprey has Released a firmware update this firmware Update fixes a bug that was mismatching Reported hash rate and poolside hash Rate they also recommended using some of The community members pools including and awesome to See community members getting promoted By mining manufacturers or mining Hardware manufacturers the Osprey E300

Can hit an impressive efficiency of 47 Mega hash per watt with its efficiency Clocks this means the unit earns nearly Over six dollars per day in Revenue with The coupon code sot 33spe you can get an additional 300 off Right now making the unit 48.99 and Bringing the potential Roi down to 816 Days check the description for more Details in a significant move the Dynex Community came together on July 7 2023 To address pressing concern of their Network's unhealthy hash rate Distribution their dedication to Creating a balanced and secure Blockchain network was evident as they Actively participated in the decision Making process the results of the vote Were clear an overwhelming majority Supported an upper limit of 40 percent Of the total Network hash rate on pools This demonstrated the community's shared Concern and their commitment to Fostering a fair and resilient Network As a response to the community's call All Pool operators are now required to Implement measures to ensure their hash Rate share remain below the 40 limit While they have the freedom to choose How to enforce this requirement code Snippets have been provided for Simplicity to accommodate these changes The Dynex Community has set an optimal Deadline for the implementation of hash

Rate distribution measurements they plan To upgrade the network on July 27th at The 1300 UC Urging pool operators to have their Measurements in place before that date a Healthy hash rate distribution is Essential for a thriving blockchain and The Dynex Community recognizes this fact Their Collective efforts to promote Fairness and inclusivity in the network Are commendable that's going to wrap it Up today for another episode of blocks I Hope you guys guys enjoyed it and Learned something new personally I am Definitely interested in picking up the E300 for Kyla coin as well as the Antminer L7 in preparation for Dogecoin If the prices are enticing enough from The previous retailers that we mentioned And are linked down in the description Below Coastal crypto mining has been a Great partner so I definitely happy to Have them on board and the the affiliate Program with him has been very useful For me personally as a content creator So huge shout out to them for the Continued partnership or affiliate Partnership I suppose as well check out Son of a for my crypto mining E-course which will include a month free Of my locals at son of a Where I post my daily moves including The Arbitrage opportunities that I found Yesterday on Kyla coin between safe

Trade and text bit there's just always Additional ways to earn a additional Income as long as you're paying Attention thanks for watching I'll see You next Tuesday

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