Kaspa to Wrapped Kaspa Bridge Launched on Ethereum

Casper is getting wrapped or by exchange Leaks almost 5 000 user contact details Intel Arc a750 prices dropped over on NewEgg there is a new release for XM Rigminder Dynex is solving breast cancer And conflux releases test Network hard Fork as well as Bitcoin breaks free from Stock market correlation all of that and More in today's episode of blocks where I cover cryptocurrency mining news as Quickly as possible for you guys let's Go ahead and hop into it foreign [Music] We have exciting news from change Finance a leader in cross-chain Decentralized finance they have launched A native Casper to wrapped Casper Custodial bridge on the ethereum network The bridge enables seamless asset Transfers between the Caspa and ethereum Networks giving Caspa users access to Ethereum's thriving defy ecosystem users Can now engage in activities like Lending borrowing and yield farming Using their wcas Holdings additionally Ethereum users can directly purchase Wrapped Caspa and participate in the Offerings of the Casper blockchain this Development strengthens the relationship Between both ecosystems and creates a More interconnected and inclusive D5 Landscape for all users obviously this Is bullish for Caspa and you guys should Be paying attention to it make sure you

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Learn all about it and more down in the Description below will have the link so You can find the contracted dress and The bridge Etc important update regarding Huawei a Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Huawei Recently experienced a data breach that Exposed user data and put assets at risk For several months the reach involved Compromised credentials that provided Right privileges to Hawaii's cloud Storage potentially allowing attackers To modify content and access sensitive Information although the breach was Significant Huawei has taken immediate Action by deleting the compromised Account and securing their cloud storage They have addressed vulnerabilities in Their content delivery networks and Websites ensuring safety of user Accounts crypto assets and sensitive Data it's worth noting that huabai Acknowledged the breach and expressed Gratitude to the white hat team that Reported the issue although the response Time could have been quicker this is yet Again just another example as to why you Should not hold your cryptocurrency Within exchanges as well as the Downfalls of Ky and enabled centralized Cryptocurrency exchanges while kyc is Always touted as being secure and making Sure you are not participating with in Things that are compromised or maybe

Being utilized for tax evasion or some Sort of criminal activity it's important To note that not if there was not kyc Involved in this particular situation Your data would have been safe from the Very get-go now let's shift our Focus to Hardware with an exciting update on the Sparkle Intel Arc a750 orc overclocked Edition graphics card this powerful Graphics card featuring eight gigabytes Of gddr6 memory thermal sync technology Torn Cooling and an axial fan has seen a Significant price drop to 239 dollars it Supports Advanced features like Ray Tracing variable rate shading DirectX 12 Ultimate Vulcan one point 3 and adaptive Sync the sparkle Intel Arc a750 orc Overclock Edition graphics card is Currently in stock with a limit of two Units per customer making it a little Bit difficult to build a full-on mining Rig with one and it ships from the United States it's a fantastic Opportunity for Miners and Gamers alike To upgrade their rigs at an attractive Price point in our next segment we have An update on the popular mining software XM brick the latest version version 6.20.0 introduces several changes and Improvements firstly new arm CPU names Have been added to enhanced Compatibility additionally new C make Options arm underscore V8 and arm Underscore V7 for V8 or version 8 and

Version 7 options respectively have been Included an API rebind polling feature Has been introduced improving overall Functionality compatibility with HW lock 1.11.x has been fixed resolving any Related issues the readme.md file now Includes specific information for x86 Architecture furthermore a bug related To receiving Cuda loading errors on Linux has been fixed finally the update Brings Zephyr coin support for solo Mining make sure to download the latest Version of XM rig to take advantage of These enhancements the link will be down In the description below now let's Explore a fascinating GitHub update that Demonstrates the use of the Dynex SDK Thigh kit package for feature selection Using the Dynex neuromorphic Computing Platform the example focuses on the Breast cancer Wisconsin data sheet Showcasing how significantly reducing The number of features can achieve Comparable or even better results in Training and accuracy for a deep neural Network the example guides users through Loading the required SK learn libraries Visualizing different activation Functions dividing the data set scaling The data and building a multi-layer Perception MLP for short classifier Using various optimizers the update Introduces the use of the Dynex scikit Plugins select from quadratic model

Function allowing for Quantum feature Selection by specifying the target Number of features the breast cancer Data set is reduced and the training Process is repeated the results Highlight the effectiveness of quantum Feature selection in reducing the number Of features without compromising Performance conflux has announced a test Net hard Fork upgrade version 2.3.0 with significant changes and Improvements all node operators and Miners must upgrade their nodes before The epoch reaches an estimated date of July 4th meaning that we have launched Now the upgrade introduces three conflux Improvement proposals that address Storage collateral block header encoding And POS finalization additionally RPC Improvements have been made including Fixes to hex encoding and returning Compressed and uncompressed BLS public Keys it's crucial to upgrade your nodes In a timely manner to avoid Compatibility issues and ensure seamless Interactions on the latest conflicts Test net it's yet to be announced as to When this will hit the mainnet but you Will want to pay attention because it Will mean that you will need to upgrade All your nodes and pay attention to any Mining pools that may not upgrade fast Enough thereby of course damaging your Profitability if you are mining conflux

Finally let's discuss bitcoin's Diminishing correlation with U.S stocks According to crypto analytics firm block Shoals bitcoin's corner relation with The NASDAQ and S P 500 has reached its Lowest level in two years this decrease In correlation suggests that bitcoin's Performance is becoming less dependent On sentiment in the U.S stock markets It's an interesting development that Highlights the maturing nature of Cryptocurrencies as independent assets Furthermore the recent filings for spot Bitcoin exchange traded funds ETFs by Major financial institutions have Generated optimism and increased Investor interest these ETFs have the Potential to validate cryptocurrencies As an asset class and attract more Mainstream adoption it's essential to Consider both macroeconomic factors and ETF developments in shaping crypto Market's future that wraps up today's Episode of blocks packed with the latest News and updates from the cryptocurrency Mining world I hope you found the Information valuable and insightful Don't forget to like this video And Subscribe to my channel for more Exciting content as always happy Mining And we'll see you next Tuesday a quick Side note please check out my Cryptocurrency mining e-course over at Son of a tech.com and don't forget you

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