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Cpall and rust evolving test net is Coming and this is basically a Combination on the Caspa network of not Only moving the programming language From go to rust but that will also Coincide with increasing the blocks per Second on the network which which does Translate into transactions per second And it is you know slated to be the Fastest proof of net proof proof of work Network available even to the point of Eventually being able to outperform Blockchains their centralized like Salana I'm looking forward to this I've Been looking forward to it for quite a Few years now as you guys are aware and Let's go ahead and hop into it so on the Evening of January 7th at 8:00 P.M Another pivotal chapter in the Caspa Saga will be written in code in history With the second unveiling of testnet 11 This public release is the second Expedition into the new rust code base That brings the promise of the Impossible 10 blocks per second on a Proof OFW work Network the digital Experiment provides an arena where Developers and enthusiasts will come Together to push the envelope exploring The Dynamics of the Fantom ghost dag Protocol live on the rust programming Language testnet 11 is far more than a Proving Ground it's a digital Recreation Of the real world focused on simulating

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And stress testing a miniature version Of an ire ecosystem a world's worth of Transactions all anxious to settle Instantly to buy their favorite snacks Its Evolution on Fast Forward where the Protocol endures rigorous trials loads Of simulated throughput real world Mining and use all while ensuring Efficiency and security against any real World Scenario rewriting the Casper Programming language from go to rust is An essential development to enhance Performance and manage the complexities Of the block dag this transition enables The groundbreaking achievement of 10 Blocks per second which allows for Greater scalability and throughput by Increasing the blocks per second the Potential transaction speeds will go up To upwards of 3,000 transactions per Second as demonstrated in the highly Successful per first public release of Tn11 the r programming langu language Offers advantages such as higher Efficiency and improved performance Memory safety interoperability error Handling and a growing crypto ecosystem And developer a and developer community So since the first public testnet 11 Captivated the crypto World several Enhancements have been implemented to Optimize Network efficiency and Performance improving High BPS

Communication focusing on fine-tuning And orphan revalidation is crucial for Seamless Network functionality under High transaction volumes storage Efficiency has also o Advanced with Updates addressing the issue of Quadratic rights in high BPS context Refining the Network's data processing And storage capabilities these updates Along with smarter caching through Dynamic Data Tracking and enhancements Like parallel processing for Block Submissions signify a considerable Leap Forward for Caspa a display uh of the Developers Ingenuity and insight Gathered from the initial experiment Refer to the release notes at the bottom Of this article for a comprehensive Overview of the updates if you want a Link to this it's down in the Description below obviously like we Still have some time before this hits Mainnet so a lot of this is going to be Buy the rumor sell the news and so you Know if you're looking at this from the Perspective of what you should be doing I suppose you would want to be either Investing in miners for caspo or invest Investing in Caspa itself and then being Ready to sell it once it hits those High Numbers my humble opinion though is you Really at the end of the day Caspa for Me Isn't viewing it as an investment Vehicle as much as viewing it as you

Know unlocking a true capability of Peer-to-peer Transactions and that is something that I've looked at for quite some time and And and kind of said what really matters Here do we really want the price to go Up if we really want usability and I Think that is something that we've Talked about in the past with Dogecoin Uh we've talked about in the past with You know all of these types of Cryptocurrencies that have higher Transaction throughputs really you want A stable price point uh so that you can In you know invest and so on of course One of the things that could happen here In this particular case is that you end Up having smart contracts on the network And you have stable coins available to Handle that side of things while the Actual investment side of things because We are you know decreasing the amount of Caspa that is generated per block and Quite a bit faster than other networks Right is that the price of casel will Continue to go up because of the Tokenomics surrounding It it's also going to be interesting for Miners when we get closer and closer to Basically having nothing but fees and This is something that's worried me About Caspa from a mining perspective For quite some time time you see the Thing is is with the chromatic uh the

Chromatic policy on the reduction of Block rewards what you are ending up Seeing is basically a very short span of Newly minted Caspa hitting the network This means eventually miners will only Be making money off of the transactions While this is true on almost all proof Of work networks including Bitcoin Caspas ends very quickly and what that Means is that if you purchase is a Bitcoin minor or sorry a Caspa minor uh You do risk the the potential of that Actually not making enough for you to Pay your power bill at the end of the Day because it won't be getting any Newly minted Caspa to compensate for This what has to happen is basically an Increase in the amount of transactions On the network which is what obviously We want to see with Caspa happen and Hopefully with the increase in blocks Per second and all that sort of thing You see wide adoption of Caspa in Transactions and that has to happen for The PRI for the miners to actually be Profitable on their on their systems What they do risk at the end of the day Which will be you know yet to yet to see Is that if the network doesn't get Adopted faster than the newly minted Caspa runs out then you will be in a Position where miners begin to turn off And the network loses its security so I Don't know it's up in the air for me the

The actual tokenomics as far as how Quickly you run out of Base reward Caspa Uh has me a little concerned uh to the Fact to where like I wouldn't spend a Ton of money on Caspa miners especially Because those Caspa miners can only mine Caspa I you guys know I don't like that With as6 in general so that's kind of my Thought on it but I am excited to see What happens with this hopefully what we End up seeing with Caspa in general is That we see blocks per second you know Get pushed through this is successful And we start to see it be implemented in Third- party Solutions Payment Solutions Which will then drive the fees up B Making basically the block reward a moot Point at the end of the day everything In cryptocurrency right now from a proof Of work perspective from bit coin to Caspa to whatever the network may be is Purely reliant on this in general which Is is the adoption enough to drive the Fees up to make the miners profitable or Not if not those networks will lose Security if so then that will be the Network that every minor moves to and That is really where we're at I mean This is why at the end of the day like If you want proof of why this is so Important look at ethereum before it Moved a proof of stake right the reason Why miners were so profitable on Ethereum wasn't the base ethereum block

Reward the reason why miners were so Profitable on ethereum was because the Network was being utilized at such a Heavy rate that the transaction fees Were so high that the miners were Getting paid out a ton on top of the Base block reward in Ethereum so you really need to be at the Ethereum level of transaction fees for It to make sense on the mining side of Things now you guys M during the bare Market you made it through well at least Maybe a half of you I know a lot of you over here didn't actually Do it but the ones that did I have a new Shirt for you guys and it says I mind With the Bears for the be Market okay so If you mind with the Bears and you want To rep that you did mine during the bar Market go ahead and head on over to Shop. tech.com and the listing will be Down below I'll put it in live chat Right now I have a sweatshirt there's a Sticker if you'd rather have a sticker T-shirt premium shirt all that Co cool Stuff um really like the new shirt I Ordered a few for myself and I just had That design finished this week Eventually it'll be under on the YouTube Channel but that takes a little bit of Time so just give it some time uh Proceeds of course go to supporting me In the channel so there you go and I Thought uh we put some some work into it

And I thought you guys might enjoy It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At son of.com where you can get a free Month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. locals.com also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of Ach.com I'll see you next Tuesday Okay

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