Kaspa Pruning

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again today I have yet Another talking head video for you today We're going to be talking about pruning Specifically as it pertains to Caspa due To some controversy surrounding the Subject over on crypto Twitter hopefully You'll get a better idea today of what Pruning is why it was applied to Caspa And why now it's a bit of a controversy Let's get into it Right Welcome back everybody so pruning has Been controversial across blockchain for Quite some time primarily due to the Fact that one of the primary benefits of Course with blockchain is a persistent Ledger that goes back to the Genesis Block Genesis block referring to the Initial block that was basically created On the blockchain and validating all the Transactions all the way back to there And that information being available to The public full transparency remember Because one of the things that Cryptocurrency and the white paper for Bitcoin wanted to solve was the ability For everybody to be on the same playing Field and part of that is to have Transparency on who the big players are How they're making transactions and Validating those so that you as a normal Person can follow along whereas you know In the real world everything's kind of

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Obfuscated there is the whole security Argument for cryptocurrencies or privacy Excuse me not security privacy argument We can talk about that in another video That is for a different use case but is Valid so this is really kind of where Pruning comes into play pruning's been Around for quite some time and even like The term within just general computing Has been around even longer the idea of Pruning is basically from the Computing Aspect to keeping your databases shorter And smaller and only uh basically Keeping a certain amount of data Available that is needed and not keeping More than that to save on space and this Practice is done on the blockchain to Shorten The Ledger for nodes so that Nodes not only sync faster but also Utilize less space thereby basically Making it easier for more people to run Nodes and hopefully increasing adoption As well as decent centralization these Are the reasons you would want to Basically utilize some sort of pruning Option within your blockchain right and There are options for different nodes Even on bitcoin to enable pruning the Controversy really comes up here with Casper in particular not in the fact That they're utilizing pruning Necessarily at least from my perspective Right but that when it was enabled the Option for an archival node was not

Available so what this ended up meaning Is everybody that was updating their Nodes it was not utilizing any of the Archived options for running the node Which means at the end of the day Essentially there is some missing data On the blockchain for Casper and I Talked about this on Twitter of course Because it was brought to my attention And shy had an initial official response In Discord just kind of covering it and I did post this and clip it out from Discord so everybody could be updated on Exactly what was happening and he does State here Casper nodes are pruned which Means only a constant amount three days If he recalls I haven't verified that of Ledger data is normally stored there are Archival nodes that store the entire Ledger data awesome that's all we need Archival nodes for the entire Ledger Data and then of course the prune nodes To help with adoption and Decentralization sounds all good though They are not required for a secure Operation of the network when mainnet Just launched the archival node feature Was buggy and disabled and this is Really where I think the problem comes In he goes on to say that we didn't know How big this is going to get and didn't Have the foresight to maintain an Archive we are mostly extremely busy With other aspects of the system since

Then there have been efforts to locate Users with old data directories to piece Together the entire Ledger and you can Actually assist in this so I do want to State that if you were running a Casper Node back in the day before let's say August of 2022 which I wasn't actually Have a spare one laying around so I may Go check it and see if I have I can help Piece together the data go and spin that Up make sure you don't update the node Right and if you do run it in archival Mode or whatever and get that data and Provide it on their Discord under the Data directory Dash exchange and Hopefully we can help solve this problem So there's your call to action really For this video is to help solve this Issue but there is an issue here right There are missing transactions even for The archival nodes and this is obviously An Optics issue it's going to be an Issue for anybody that's trying to do Taxes it's going to be an issue for new Investors trying to audit the chain and Just basically checking for anything Like pre-minds to VC investment or Whatever obviously Casper doesn't have That it was a fairly launched coin now There is some discussion about you know The investment that went into the mining Of Casper early on from the dev team I've already covered that so I'm not Going to cover that again you can go

Watch that video and get the information On kind of that whole debacle over there Today we're just covering essentially This problem now when I retweeted this I Said essentially to the extent that here Is the official statement regarding Pruning with Caspa now my personal sense Is of course why in the heck was the Archive not maintained for the block Explorer and I maintained that position I think that it is a bit irresponsible As a developer to not maintain that Archive data I mean from my perspective Of as you know working in I.T as a Systems engineer if I did not maintain The Integrity of the data especially Archived data in particular I lose my Job so I don't really like that that That standard doesn't apply across the Board I think especially for a public And you know a public utility like this For a cryptocurrency that should have Been of Paramount right importance in my Humble opinion now this did come across To the community as negative leaning I Don't necessarily think that it's super Negative but whatever so we got a full Reply from shy to kind of go over some Other main concerns that were floating Around I will link that down below most Of the concerns that he brings up were Not even concerns that I had a problem With from the very get-go I think there Were some questions surrounding the

Genesis block itself not worried about That that's hardwired into the code of The nodes so not going to really go into The arguments surrounding that because It's a moot point as far as if you want To get into the technical details used To generate the proofs that is also Provided in the description below if you Want to check that out go ahead and Check that out and then if you want to Really get into the the responses here I Think to my concerns which was basically The Ledger data sure I did say that The Ledger data is mostly not very Interesting I don't really understand Why users would would expect to find There he does say that Aesthetics from The get-go he wouldn't have to explain This and why the data is not available Yeah I mean try explaining that you know Uh the loss of data to anybody else and And obviously that's going to be an Issue your accountable for that so you It is important that this is explained Regardless right I think that that is Key here but moving on from there Statistics and research I think you know Is very relevant very important right Why you know How Caspa functions because it is very Unique part of the problem part of the Reason why pruning had to be enabled so Early is that it Casper generates a lot Of blocks much quicker and much faster

Than any other layer one proof of work Blockchain and what that does is Increase the amount of space required For a node which is why this is really a Problem in the first place is because It's very unique to Casper in general And the archival data will show that Right so that's important and then he Does say need it for tax audit reasons Obviously miners need need all of that Data now there are some solutions to That that I'll give you here in a second Though so which he didn't point out here And I don't know how accurate this tool Is that I was utilizing but I'll show You guys in a second he does go on to Say you know that they do have this Effort here for the data directory Exchange channel on the Discord server So once again if you do have an old node You know go get that information off of That node at some point provide it to The team over there so that they can Piece this all back together I think That would be very beneficial and at the End of the day that's really what we're Looking for or what I'm looking for Right is we have some sort of explorer That has essentially transactions that Go further back than August of 2022 you Know I I look at my wallet I can't go Before August of you know August 4th of 2022 frankly I was mining since like way Before that and I think the first time

We talked about it on the channel was in April of 2022 don't even have any of the Information for that so that would be Beneficial if you are pretty recent and You're trying to figure out you know in Some cases this data won't be tracked You know if from your own node for more Than three days apparently uh if being Pruned in that particular case of course You can utilize this tool the validity Of this tool right now is only supported By the Discord Discord channel for Caspa In addition to that I did go ahead and Run it through virustotal but one big Red flag here is that it does generate a CSV file that you download to your Computer so in this particular case I Would utilize it in a sandbox virtual Environment only put in your address Download the CSV from there just to be Completely safe but if you are looking At getting additional transaction Information right now and you need that You can utilize this tool I'll leave it Linked down below I wanted to provide You guys all the tools to solve the Issue for yourself because that's really What I do this entire channel for is I Will cover this type of thing so that You're aware of the problems on these on These coins and on these blockchains and Everything else and hopefully we can Provide you with some sort of fix at the End of the day right I will just say

That I don't find it necessarily Acceptable to Call out fud and and say that people are Fighting for what I would consider to be A relatively Reasonable request as far as archived Data missing Um I don't appreciate that kind of Sentiment surrounding the cryptocurrency Industry I think that as someone who is Passionate about the about Caspa here in This particular situation and a lot of People that I think are cast are you Know caspians and and enthusiastic about Casper your job and your your your Purpose should be to improve it not to Defend it and deflect right at the end Of the day we're all going to make Mistakes and if we can get together and Try to resolve some of these issues I Think we're going to be a lot better off Anyways thanks for watching that's the Deal with pruning on Caspa I tried to Break it down to the simple list terms Possible hopefully you understand it if You want more details check out the Description below for Shai's response With all of the additional information Hit the like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below and I will See you next Tuesday

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