Kaspa on Fire! – 269

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Are not going to keep you up to date Caspa is not only moving very quickly uh At in price but it's also moving very Quickly in the typical adoption rates From a mining perspective so let me give You the lowdown when Caspa first Launched all you had was a CPU minable Cryptocurrency that's all you can mine It with with CPUs this is exactly like Bitcoin and then eventually somebody Came out with a GPU uh minor for Caspa And that is exactly what happened with Bitcoin coin and then finally of course Or not finally then you have what's Known as fpgas or field programmable Gate arrays these are specialized Equipment not as specialized as as6 but Specialized equipment that people can Write custom software for uh and Integrate it into the hardware to mine It these are more efficient than gpus And that is what Caspa moved to the fpga Days were very shortlived with Caspa in General to give you an idea other Algorithms that are currently fpga for Cryptocurrencies that were released Around the same time as Caspa are still On Fpgas this includes things like radiant This includes things like um alium which Actually only has private bitstreams Right now um it includes these kind of Cryptocurrencies that are not moving as Fast on the mining side of things given

Their kind of similar release times They're a few months behind maybe but at This point you would expect as6 to be Released for them Caspa got as6 very Very very very quickly um and this is Definitely something that I think a lot Of these articles are going to miss Etc So it's not that it enhanced GPU mining Efficiency it's that it enhanced mining Efficiency and not transaction speed but Like we were talking about before Transaction speed is a result of blocks Per second or the the amount of blocks Per second so the block speed processing Speed so uh when it's kind of funny to Read these things from investing.com Because they're so far behind they don't Actually understand what's going on with The tech behind Caspa another big thing Of course that has been talked about for A long time it was that move to rust That's going very well that's increasing The the uh theoretical output of Transactions per second for Caspa for The blocks as a result of the blocks per Second so all these things are really What's driving Caspa forther long so These advancements though and and both Of these are wrong this entire sentence Is incorrect but these advancements have Propelled Caspa into the top 30 Cryptocurrencies by market Capitalization in just 17 months since Its launch the day before its listing on

Binance Futures Caspa announced the Upcoming Edition via Twitter on Thursday Despite today's market fluctuations cap Caspa has experienced an extraordinary Year-to-date increase of 2353 growing its market cap from January's $ 82.35% by December 17th admidst a Consolidating crypto Market which Overall has risen by 26.6% over the past month this forecast Aligns with binance's significant Presence in the spot trading volume Currently holding a dominant share of 43% according to coin gecko's report now Of course the big question is will Binance list this as a spot and there Have been reasons why they haven't yet And reasons why the you know so on I'll Let everybody else discuss those not too Interested thanks for watching this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here and Don't forget to subscribe down here as Well you can also check out my crypto Mining ecourse at sun.com where you can Get a free month of supporter status With a purchase at sonof tech. Locals.com also don't forget to check Out my merch underneath the video or at Shop.of ach.com I'll see you next Tuesday

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