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Now a lot of you all are excited about Caspa because we saw Caspa go on a Massive run hitting up to four cents at Its all-time high and then consolidating Back down to three cents and Impressively staying there for quite Some time actually at this point I've Seen some dips down to 2.8 cents at some Times but if you've been early on Caspa All of that sounds really good Regardless and the thing is this Casper Could potentially go on more runs if a Lot of these new mechanisms they're that They're putting into place are Successful the first one being of course Caspa on Rust and the alpha release is For April 15th enhancing the Casper Network to unmatched speeds performance And scalability Beyond the Realms of Existing proof of work consensus Mechanisms the Casper Community eagerly Anticipates the release of the Alpha Version of Rusty Caspa which is Scheduled for April 15th this Milestone Release will include testnet and mainnet Testing binaries With beta and stable releases to follow After extensive Community testing the Primary goal of this major update is to Optimize the Network's decentralization Performance security and scalability Considering the capabilities of current Communication networks and average node Hardware

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It's important to note that the optimal Block processing speed will be Determined through extensive real world Tests as a result the rest Implementation is expected to provide Significant performance improvements Over the current version still the team Is committed to conducting thorough Tests to ensure the best possible result For the network the transition to Enhanced performance will take time Following the release of the well-tested Rust version operating at its initial Block processing speed on go language The network will progressively optimize The rate through a carefully designed Process first a specific block Processing speed will be tested on the Test net then if the test is successful The change will be scheduled for Activation on the main net this process Will be repeated for each new Optimization to ensure a smooth Transition and provide ample time for The community to upgrade their nodes Hardware if necessary in proprietary Software there will be a delayed date of Automatic activation for each new Optimization on the mainnet this phased Approach will help mitigate any Potential issues and ensure a seamless Switchover for all Network participants The upcoming release of Casper and rust Represents a significant step forward

For the project the enhanced Network Performance is highly anticipated by the Community as it would enable faster Transactions and cater to the growing Needs of the users and further adoption As always the Caspa developers remain Committed to working diligently to Ensure the continued success and growth Of the platform stay tuned for more Updates on this exciting development in Caspa Now they do release it and it says tip It's important to note that 32 BPS is a Preliminary estimate actual testing Review will reveal the true Optimal Performance Based on the network and Hardware capabilities so we'll start to See what the true capabilities are of This in particular now obviously this is Super bullish for Caspa in general and Another thing that I wanted to bring up Is the only news that we can really find On Caspa still to this day is on their Own medium blog post there's very few People talking about it we have not seen Massive Publications like coin Telegraph Or coindesk talk about Casper yet we Haven't seen a large Exchange put Caspa on yet right we Haven't seen like a kraken or a coinbase Or anything or a binance or anything Along those lines from an exchange Perspective so don't worry if you're Sitting there thinking well I missed

This run for Caspa I don't necessarily Think that that's a big deal I think That especially because we're still Sitting in this bear Market we're still Waiting for the having a Bitcoin coming Up that Casper has a long way to go and There is a ton of growth potential here Don't worry about missing out if you're Mining you know take the profits the Casper offers continue to mine Caspa and Go that route if you want to mine other Coins that are more profitable like nexo Radian or dinex and then trade it for Caspa that's all up to you come up with Your own personal strategy and go from There but it's important to note that This is while Caspa has had one of the Most Busy weeks that I've ever seen on social Media in history for Casper itself we're Still not seeing large Publications talk About it okay once you start to see you Know coin Telegraph talking about the Technology talking about yonaton uh Yonaton's history within blockchain Being going back as far as 2013 once you Start seeing that sort of stuff happen Uh and it break out of just crypto Twitter and on to the mainstream that's When we're gonna see in my humble Opinion really large growth for the Network in general right there's even Blocks within things like coin market Cap where it's not even showing it on

Its true uh Worth right on this true Market cap and everything because it's Still blocked at that 200 however if you Go to something like coin gecko it broke Into the top 100 where it should be Because that's just based off of the Data so coin market cap correcting some Of that stuff all of these things in in Combination is really building up what I I do feel like Casper is kind of in this Weird space of like it hasn't exploded Yet but it is building up and ready to Explode I could see of course to be Completely clear issues with rust and The move to rust basically making Casper Fall or fail right this is this is a big Upgrade there are things that could go Wrong here and just like we see with Other projects early on if they have Issues they do falter pretty heavily and If you lose trust early on it's really Hard to build out of that right an Example would be dinex here recently With their web wallet fiascos and while I still am pretty hot on Dynex from a Technical perspective I do realize that From an adoption perspective because a Lot of people were using the web wallet Because of its ease of use and the web Wallet going down all of the time that a Lot of people lost trust in that actual Project and so When when we talk about where Caspa is Right now and it like being ready to

Explode it's also important to note that It could completely implode if these Upgrades don't go Well right That's okay though they are working on Some other stuff too some more Casper News there is an implementation of fly Client which will be named fly dag this Issue is on their GitHub right now It talks about how Casper right now Utilizes ghost tag it gives you the Preliminaries on fly client I'll do a Completely separate video for this but Just know that it's an update that helps Strengthen essentially the security and The speed of the network and all of that And they will be repurposing it or Renaming it to fly dag implementing it Into ghost tag potentially right this is Going to be a a proposed solution and if You want to read more about it that's Linked down in the description below Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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