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Finally we have an official announcement For Asics not just the ice rivers that Are speculated right the casminer ks3 is Coming soon and they are supposed to Announce a uh basically a price uh Yesterday but the price didn't get Announced my understanding uh thanks to Hawk crypto mining is that that Announcement will be next week there was At one point on the mobile version of Bit main a listing of 99 9999 which was said to be a placeholder But you know at that price point Obviously it's very expensive this is Kind of the thing that needs Clarification obviously when you do Twitter Etc it's hard to get clarification on This so let me be extremely clear a Higher price point for a an Asic on the Network would be better for the price of Casper in the short term than a lower Price however a lower price will be Better for decentralization so which one Do you prefer that's really where it is This will be a balancing act a yin and Yang of what is best for the network and There is probably some sort of Middle Ground there that would be ideal what That middle ground is I do not know I am Inclined to think that the Asics are Being launched and were developed a Little bit too quickly and that is Because the actual emissions rate of

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Casper has not dropped to a lower level Yet yes we have 65 percent of the volume Mined at this point there's still a lot Around and that is going to drive a lot Of adoption of these Asics though too From the currently mined Casper meaning That what anytime you have this if you Are mining Casper let's say with fpgas Right and you are then moving into Asics You are probably going to utilize the Caspet that you have to sell it to then Purchase the Asic miners this is where The theory of cell pressure on the Network comes from okay and this is what We've seen traditionally with other Projects in the past it's nothing new Now you can choose to look at that and Look at the short term for Caspa and say Hey based on this price maybe I will you Know sell now buy one it's a little bit Lower and so on or you can just hold Through it in the long term projections Are still very good for Caspa the bull Run will more than likely rise you know A rising tide raises All Ships as Bitcoin goes up Casper is going to go up I think my original projection not Financial advice is still sound at the 16 cents level for the next Bull Run for The price of Casper could go higher you Know and and it could you know depending On how the market reacts to these Asics On the network it could go lower it's Really hard to determine all of that but

I have done a video here recently that Talked about the potential for the Amount of these Asics going on to the Network what that will generate and so On If price stays the same right now and These launch and we have a release of 2000 total which is somewhere around Where the amount of ka3s were which by The way yes we could say Cadena and K And and Casper are different as far as Missions and all that but the amount of Units will probably be extremely similar Just because it is not a Bitcoin miner And so on there are some other things I'm looking into to confirm the amount That will be released but let's say that It's close to around what the ka3 was Initially and you have 2 000 units Launch then you have a difficulty Increase of 8X and you have a reward Reduction to 185 at that release time in August that means that the actual Generation of profitability per day on One of these Asics would be around 120 Dollars per day if though it follows the Price trend of kadena after the launch Of these remember the manufacturer's Mine on these in particular bit main bit Main specific business strategy is to Announce the miners sell them then mine On them for QA testing and then sell That after they've shipped these then And that repeats and we have the exact

Same Roi on the ks3 that you have on the Ka3 then outside of the reward reduction Emission reduction as well as outside of The difficulty increase you only have One other factor and that's going to be Price if we accounted for that Roi time Right now on the ka3 to the ks3 then we Are looking at a pretty rough price Reduction if it was going to be at 99 000 you would be somewhere around 1.4 1.4 tenths of a penny if we were closer To what the projected is from like Wolfie Etc which would be that twenty Four thousand dollar price range it Would be about eight tenths of a penny Now that doesn't mean that this will Copy exactly what that Roi is on the ka3 Right now but these are kind of the Speculation numbers that we discussed in The video if you want more details on Those I did adjust out here recently and Talk about it on Twitch last night for The price of twenty four thousand and These are kind of some of the concerns That surround it it's really just Concerns surrounding the actual business Practice of bitmain and the influence of The price of the miners on the market as People typically liquidate the currency Of which they are planning to mine to Purchase the miners to mine that Currency this is just par for the course And so initial price will also influence Cell pressure when we begin to talk

About here in the short term for Caspa So to give you an idea right if you have And I actually have this pulled up to If you have well here I can still do it Off of memory if you have Basically 2 000 of these miners at a Hundred thousand dollars then you have 200 million dollars worth of cell Pressure on Caspa if they were going to Use only Caspa to purchase the Casper Miners and Caspa has like what a 290 Million cap if we're closer to that Twenty thousand dollar range and only 700 unit ship right then we are closer To like a 19 million dollar uh cell Pressure initially on the announcement Of this so this is pressure that gets Added to Casper It doesn't mean that Casper is a bad Project it doesn't mean that Caspa isn't Technically sound it doesn't mean any of That it just means this is the way Markets react or coins react Specifically to a large overtaking of Mining power from you know typically More decentralized like fpga units and Gpus over to Asics and it is very early In Casper's life cycle so I think once Again long-term I think projections for Casper are really great short term you Just want to pay attention to it right It's going to have some sort of effect On the network and on the price That being said I did want to mention

That while we had that 99 000 price market today as I checked on The bit main web store or on the mobile Version they have removed that price Marker right now so 99 000 is not a Confirmed number it does appear to be a Placeholder why they decided to do that Placeholder is unknown right this could Be some sort of psyop going on there to Kind of figure out what the response to That price would be and then for them to Adjust out from there right so keep that In mind when you are when you are Considering you know what you're going To do with these purchases now when we Talk about the purchases for Asics in General if you're considering purchasing An Asic forecast for mining from bit Main take into account that the first Shipment the first batches are always Priced higher than the second batches Historically And you don't have as good of a price Projection or an Roi projection until The second batch And you also have larger unit failures On the first batch so I want you to take Into into consideration all of that when Looking at this initial launch more than Likely these will sell out very quickly Regardless So there you go That being said speaking of psyops all Of that rapid mining actually made a

Video on the ice River official Statement on Asic minor talk from Reddit That's trying to get people to purchase Asic miners from Iceriver.cn.com instead of from Iceriver.io now in this particular case I can tell you that it's pretty clear in Uh in this one that if you go to the ice River cn.com and you go to shop you can Actually add any of these to cart but These have been sold out since before They sent a test model to red panda Mining and on the official Twitter Account they have said that that is a Scam and that Iceriver.io is still the real site and If you go to ice River dot IO and you go To the shop and go to one of the these They're sold out right so if I was going To take a stab at which one is fake and Which one is real the one that is Accepting payments for the ks1 and ks2 I Would presume is fake and the one that Is sold out is accurate right that being Said Um should you be purchasing these with You know the ks3 on the Forefront you Know probably not probably wait till you Know what the competition is going to be But there are a lot of different uh Conspiracy theories surrounding the you Know the ice Rivers versus the bit Main And they're quite hilarious if you want To go check them all out I did talk

About a couple of them last night on my Twitch Channel at twitch.tv blind run Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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