Is Simplicity The Future of Smart Contracts on Liquid and Beyond? #bitcoin

Simplicity you know as in development It's been in development for a while We're getting pretty close to being able To put it onto liquid and live use I Would say that Simplicity is kind of the Last software so it has enough much Lower level self-extensibility kind of Like micro code for CPUs but you don't Need to keep designing and you know Analyzing which op codes to add Expressibility here and there you can do It in one shot and say well here's some Microcode that allows us to implement New OP codes in a way it's less Controversial right because you're Saying what do you want do we want the Extensibility or not and if we do we Don't need to have design bake offs for Op codes because people can figure that Out like organically in the market and Simplicity because of the like Specification Simplicity like nine Combinators and it's her ability with Formal proofs and pre-existence it can Provide very high security assurances You know arguably higher than the Current the conscripting system and it's Like a soft walkable you know script Version so it doesn't like displace Anything it's often

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