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Pepe is not the real Pepe What is Pepe coin and can it flip meme Coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Pepe Coin is a new meme inspired Cryptocurrency that's growing faster Than Shiba Inu in its early days thanks To some big name exchange listings the Market valuation of Pepe coin Pepe has Dropped by 65 as of May 12th a week After its record high of 1.54 billion Profit taking appears to be the primary Reason behind the extreme price Correction after it rallied from almost Nothing to as high as Sub Penny after its launch on April 14th While emerging as the fastest growing ERC token in the crypto Market's history Pepe coin captures people's attention by Mimicking features of meme coins based On popular internet memes the most Well-known is Dogecoin which uses a the Famous Shiba Inu dog meme as its logo Pepe coin is based on the Pepe the Frog Meme created by Matt Fury in his 2005 Cartoon Boys Club the humanoid frog went On to become a mainstream meme in the Mid-2010s with singers Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj using it in their tweets In 2021 barnbridge founder Tyler Ward Launched a low resolution Pepe coin nft Collection that reaped over 60 million Dollars in sales on the Open Sea auction Platform similarly the anonymous team Behind Pepe coin has leveraged the

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Meme's current popularity on Twitter They catalyzed early adoption by Creating a coordinated beam campaign Simultaneously the media ran stories About early Pepe investors turning Thousands of US dollars worth of Investments into millions within a week Prompting more people to join the frenzy If you see mainstream media post about Somebody becoming a billionaire or Millionaire off of a coin it's too late All right now that we got that clear For instance the number of Pepe coin Whole or Pepe holders has grown from Negligible to over 105 000 in a month According to coin But despite these positive price Catalysts Pepe coin remains without any Real use case for the average person This isn't unlike Dogecoin ah I'm gonna Stop you dude I'm gonna stop you Tyler Dogecoin has a use case which is Transactions it is transactional and it Is fast and it is completely Inflationary setting it apart from a lot Of the other layer one blockchains Dogecoin is the bomb bro come on get out Of here that's like saying Litecoin Doesn't have any real use case or Bitcoin doesn't have any real use case Pepe is still only about five percent of Dogecoin's market cap of over 10 billion It's also 10 of the second largest meme Coin Shiba Inus with a market cap of

Around 5 billion well it wouldn't be Surprising to see Pepe surpass both at Some point if only momentarily now that Is gained legitimacy argues chased Evans A researcher at massari the immediate Listings across popular centralized Crypto exchanges like binance are the Primary reason for the rapid rise in Valuation adds debits for instance Shib's first centralized exchange Listing appeared more than 260 days After launch in comparison Pepe's Centralized exchange debut occurred only Six days after launch and 22 days later The token started trading on binance the World's largest crypto exchange by Volume quote not only do these Integrations lower the barrier for Retail speculation they also enable Large Capital providers to provide Off-chain markets Market making Services Devin's notes adding quote Pepe Perpetual Futures are now available on Exchanges like binance and buy bit to Give users access to 100x leverage Against Pepe's price in only a few days Pepe derivative volumes have already Surpassed daily spot trading volumes the Launch of Pepe also coincides with the 100 rise in uniswap's daily active users On ethereum now approaching its all-time High of 90 000 from May of 2021. most of The users have engaged in meme coin Trading which which includes other newly

Launched tokens such as wojak turbo and AI Doge As a note of caution the excitement and Growth of Pepe shows similarities with The final phases of 2021's meme coin Bull Run Notably Pepe's short-term gains appear Identical to Doge's price rally on the Weekly charts also its ongoing Correction looks similar to Doge's 90 Plus decline from its record high of 75 Cents in May of 2021. Pepe usdt four hour versus Doge USD Weekly price chart Source trading view In other words Pepe coin's price could Extend its ongoing correction in the Short term To basically sub Penny way out there or 35 percent below the current price Levels moreover a Dogecoin like 90 Percent Crash from the market top would Bring Pepe's price even lower obviously Which served as a resistance in April of 2023. now we talk about this because Zero Hedge has also recently been Talking about another coin you see back In 2016 what we saw was a release of Pepe coin now Pepe coin was its own Layer one blockchain The interesting thing about Pepe coin as Opposed to Pepe the token is that it did End up changing names it would change Names because Pepe the Frog got tied to The Donald Trump campaign and got

Labeled as white supremacy and now that I I suppose that has calmed down as far As that correlation between Pepe and the Alt-right or whatever you wish to call It I still think that that is a little Ridiculous from the very get-go why can Nicki Minaj tweet with a Pepe but Donald Trump can I can't I don't really know Without relating it to Super negativity So There is here and they have launched Their token now but they also were Essentially had migrated from proof of Work to proof of stake back in the day And this team was working on that launch And then it got taken over by the other Pepe so I wanted to bring that up Because we also have some new stuff Coming into play here that is extremely Interesting Pepe coin which is the Original is now going to also be Creating a decentralized Ai and many People in crypto agree that utility is Key to maintaining growing a user base We believe that gpus left behind by the Ethereum merge are a sleeping Computational giant creating a Decentralized AI is the killer app Crypto has been waiting for it makes Sense decentralized distributed Computing in a consensus model and AI This isn't wasteful this doesn't need to Be taxed thirty percent and this is in

Innovation now I'm not sure I agree with The tax of 30 percent I do think that There will be workarounds you know how You how that okay If any part of the AI rendering has Relation to the consensus model for a Cryptocurrency I do think that there is Probably an argument for still being Taxed 30 in the United States that will Be yet to be seen there are a lot of Problems that come along with AI with Mining Farms GPU mining farms in general That we will have to discuss and that is A topic that I have talked about with Daniel Keller in the past with proof of Useful work on flux as well as talked About with Dynex and we saw some issues With Dynex early on with the Distribution of the models we still have Centralization issues as well both with Flux and with 9x a fully decentralized Model is obviously going to be the goal Here And this adds a use case to the original Pepe coin remember OG Pepe coin not Pepe This is important to keep note up now The exciting part is is that the AI has Been basically launched in testnet so if You want to you can start taking a look At the test net and get everything going And I will be working on a guide for This at some point because I'm super Excited about it but the GitHub is Linked down in the description below and

This is the experimental test net for Decentralized peer-to-peer AI processing It gives you the Linux commands to go Ahead and get your your system up there Are some Requirements here that I will have to Mention you will need a 500 gigabyte SATA SSD drive at the minimum you will Need 16 I believe it's well eight eight Gigabytes of system memory per GPU you Will need a pcie 3.0 by 16 from my Understanding and that is where all of This will kind of start changing oh and On the GPU itself you have to have eight Gigabytes or more of vram meaning your Base model will be an RTX 3070 right Essentially Um maybe 5700s are fine we'll have to See how they perform that sort of thing You also have to run each From my understanding here too each GPU Will have to have its own process Running so there's a lot of stuff going On that is really exciting but there are A lot of barriers to entry here from Converting a farm over from what was Traditionally a GPU Farm on pcie one Slots Etc two now having this extra Requirement that's going to require more Hardware right you're going to have to Upgrade motherboards CPUs system memory All of that okay but it's still exciting Uh is it worth the investment to get Into it and move migrate your whole Farm

Over and prepare for AI that is a Discussion that I've been kind of having With myself for a while Mainly around the idea that At worst If a coin so at worst if a coin becomes Profitable that doesn't utilize AI or Proof of useful work you still have the Gpus to mine it right you just have more Robust systems to do it But at work or yeah and at best case the Most profitable coins are proof of Useful work Ai and because you've made That conversion you will be able to Profit off of it before other people are Able to profit off of it right because Then you'll have this scramble of Individuals and well GPU mining Farms Trying to convert everything over So these are the reasonings and the Thoughts behind all of it Oh I think this is really cool I like to See it uh Pepe coin's been around a long Time uh a lot of y'all I know are are in The community already so you've already Been aware of this coming down the Pipeline check out their telegram check Out you know everything there if you Want to just purchase it you can get it On uniswap but that's going to be really Expensive for that token there are other Options like uh TX bit and some other Ones that you can check out too if you Did want to purchase it

Um but that's not Financial advice or Anything along those lines right I do Have some of the tokens and I will be Participating in the test net actually With this system right back here in RTX 4070 thanks for checking out this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here or more Crypto content down here also I'd like You to check out my locals page at son Of a where you can Become a member for free or choose to be A five dollar a month supporter that Unlocks additional content

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