Is Owning 1 Bitcoin Becoming A Rare Achievement?

It was a statistic for a few months ago Probably from glass node or one of the Analyst companies who are looking at Launching deer and I thought it was like Positive right because people like Develop a Target so they're you know the Dollar cost averaging or they're buying As they sell things or get some money Together and they're trying to get to a Target of one Bitcoin and now there are A million people who got there or more I Think is the metric well one million is Good that's bullish but maybe we can do Better like maybe we can get to 10 Million in the future and I was like Wait a minute that's probably not Possible because there are only 21 Million Bitcoin and many of them are not On a market right they've been worn cold Stored by people who've already held Them for years they're probably not Selling and the people who just you know Saved up and managed to buy a whole Bitcoin they're not going to sell it Because that was the target they took Some years to achieve right yeah so you Know prospective 10 million Bitcoins Being poor it may not be possible at all Like for any amount of money because you Know as more people try to do that the Price will go up and then they won't be Able to afford

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