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This is something that still bugs me I Think a lot right now when we talk about The future of cryptocurrency mining in General Is that the the whole Miner that which You know we had this kind of opportunity To you know generate Revenue in a manner That is taught by you know a ton of Finance gurus all over the world You know Um for example though like Rich Dad Poor Dad where you buy assets you generate Revenue with that and then you buy Another asset and you continue Generating Revenue traditionally Speaking buying these types of assets do Cost a lot of money and cryptocurrency Mining on gpus was something that and Allowed an entry level uh position into The form of you know basically Generating revenue and being financially Successful that a lot of these people That are late you know what flipping Houses or owning real estate or doing Something along those lines or or you Know a bunch of of bonds or a bunch of Dividend stocks or something along those Lines it allowed the basically the General public to kind of participate in That form of wealth generation right and As we move forward and everything kind Of shifts into this proof of useful work Or into AI models in general for gpus And it kind of shifts away way from you

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Know mineable coins you know that are Purely just mindable this kind of this Um this barrier to entry gets a lot Higher even to the point where it Doesn't make as much sense as other Investments And that's a little sad I I don't like Seeing it go this direction and I'm Worried that we're not going to see Anything but that on the flip side of That you know we talked about the coins That are still minable on gpus but the But the fact is all of them on like are core intensive have Threats of fpgas and Asics coming to Them quickly you know we're already Seeing Asics come out for stuff like uh Well everything right fpga is getting Added to iron fish we already have Asics Getting added to Caspa and it doesn't Look like a lot of the coin devs are Moving towards you know Asic resistant Or anything along those lines it's a Little bit different than the last uh Bull Run bear Market cycle where there Was this push for decentralization this Push for you know Asic resistance this Push for basically the Common Man minor From their home being able to Participate in these networks and the Reason for that of course was adoption Right like your adoption is Significantly increased if you are able To have participants or more

Participants Via GPU mining you have less Participants when you get into Asics and Fpgas and therefore you don't have the High a higher adoption rate That's why you'll see you know a big Adoption rate at the get-go from the Grassroots and then it kind of like dips Off at adoption rate starts to fall down I think we saw this of course even with Ethereum right like massive adoption Rate and then like the amount of the Transactions on the server the amount of Participation post merge decrease Significantly now a lot of people are Contributing that to the bear Market but We didn't see the same percentage of Drop off on participation during the Last bear Market when ethereum was still You know proof of work mindable because That's when we started to see that rise Of defy in a huge amount of Participation within the ethereum Marketplace in general and these are all Kind of every this is just everything I Look at when I look at cryptocurrency as A whole and I take a step back I do Think that when I do think that you'll Start to see A few coins decide to start going uh Asic resistant I've even heard talks of Like I know you can have your opinion on Iron fish but I've heard talks that iron Fish wants to move to a different

Algorithm and get off of you know this Fpga Asic path that they're currently on And I think a lot of the reason for that Is that they're aware I think along with A lot of other people that are trying to Do you know build a blockchain or a Blockchain or coin off from the ground Up that your adoption is significantly Bolstered if you have you know more People securing the network as opposed To just more hash rate in the hands of Fewer people and I do think you will see Last participation In a lot of the coins that move too Quickly from fpga to Asics because the Interest won't be there now people have The hardware right they want to generate The revenue if you basically come onto The market and you have a good solid Foundation Ready to go and you make it Asic Resistant you got security right there Right off the bat ready to go for you And a lot of people are not selling These gpus on the second hand market and There are still just a ton sitting Around still being turned off even as I Have talked to you know Hive OS in the Past you know I said you guys like are You noticing like people are selling These gpus just deleting their accounts And they're like no like they just have The gpus turned off that's it and They'll see them come on for a little

Bit and then they'll see them turn back Off and we'll see them come back on for A little bit and turn back off I think that the amount of people that Are would also be interested would come Flocking back if there was a project That that did fulfill this and it'll be Interesting to see going into the next Bull Run if a project comes along that Does do this and I think it does have to Not be proof of useful work unless it's A special kind of Out of the you know out of the norm Proof of useful work I think Dynex might Be an example of that Um but you know I don't think that you Can expect people to purchase you know Whatever they're going to be five Thousand to ten thousand dollar like Server systems speaking of which Um the OCTA server E10 we did get a First look from Mr red panda mining the Links down in the description if you're Not subscribed to them I'm sure all of You all are but definitely go subscribe To them uh he did get this E10 unboxed And there are a few interesting things So on the on the back side you know we Do have SSD storage available or two and A half inch Drive technically you know You could run a two and a half inch disk Drive but you got two four six eight ten There and then you got your power Supplies these are all 1800 watt lid on

Power supplies the same ones that come In the original x8s and x12s Um and then I believe you got the yeah So you got the three exhaust fans on the Back I believe they're 140 or 120 Millimeter I didn't catch that to be Completely honest uh going on the inside Weird design choices now Red panda did mention that they are Going to do a back plane Um so this may change but right now each Individual Drive the Bay has like an Additional Molex power and then Basically just a SATA connector on it Um You know for Server grade Hardware This is definitely not something you Want to see apparently the back plane Will be coming in now a back plane would Typically you know for a basically a Raid card would either plug into a a Specialized you know PCI slot on the Board or just a standard PCI slot on the Board and then you would plug through That raid card and you'd have your Separate RAID controller Um this is going to have to be solved I Think especially for the flux case or Side of things Um I think you'll want you know a pretty Good solid backplane that's going to be Able to support that apparently it is Coming I didn't see anywhere on the

Motherboard itself where you would have Uh a PCI slot to plug that backplane Into so I'm not sure what interface They're going to use because I only saw A single CPU slot Um I believe you got Eight slots for the memory and then you Got your SATA ports here which I guess Is what they're expecting you in the in The standard platform to plug into Onboard RAID controller for this You know I I don't know and the other Thing like even this one that they Shipped RPM and I know they do this a Lot because they just leave the BIOS Settings as they are on the octaves but They don't put the the CMOS battery in Um But if you're gonna be having you know Specialized Hardware that needs to you Know have specific you know bio settings To manage the raid and and manage all The rest why is there not a CMOS battery That comes shipped with the server I Don't know it's kind of weird Um just some Oddities I know that this Is very early on though so hopefully Like that all gets handled it's probably One of those weird process things where They they weren't doing the batteries to Save a little bit of money on the octas And then they uh I don't know anyways There is a fan

Um basically a fan assembly in here for Easy replacement which is extremely nice I'm not sure what the fans are probably Some standard uh server grade 120 or 140 Millimeters uh I don't know what brand Or anything specifically like that I see The like I said I see the SATA ports Here I don't see a separate You know slot for the Back plane for the GPU or for the hard Drives you do have your 10 slots it does Look like they're all double width Um that does mean and then the way the I Believe the cord was here yeah so they Got the power coming off here it looks Like it was definitely designed for Blower style uh cards that are going to Have essentially a A plug on the back Um with the current design I I don't Think you're going to want to run Anything but server Uh you know server specific like data Center grade Gpus Um in this particular case or at least Blower style coolers I mean there is That RTX 4090 with the blower style that We talked about not too long ago Um but you know there's not going to be A ton of different cards that are going To fit necessarily in You know these this particular setup Um so if you're going to build this out

It does feel like it's a lot less Whatever you have plopping into this Um Which is fine I mean it's kind of the Same as the OCTA miners before but if You have anything like on open air any Of these really thick 30 series or 40 Series cards probably not going to be Ideal in this particular situation now Some of the cards do sit higher and I Believe RPM also said that they're Working on a 5u top that will allow you To have the cards that sit a little bit Higher so that was some information that I gathered on it Um you're not getting that I think What's going to be interesting is the Price point here which is still doesn't Seem to be revealed at this point at Least yet And Um the the price point is going to be Extremely important here if the if the Price point comes in you know Really really competitively and make Sense over you know purchasing something That's specific for AI processing or Something along those lines then maybe It makes sense if it comes in closer to Those then it makes a lot less sense Because you're not getting I I think from the very gecko the Quality of the RAID controller is going To be a big factor here so whatever that

Ends up being is going to be an Extremely important factor I have zero faith in the onboard RAID Controller on on this particular setup Currently as it's currently set up you Know as we see it I have zero faith in That so if it if it comes with a Separate RAID controller that's a good Name brand you know like a super micro Or something along those lines we see That come in we get we get good you know A good setup there then then maybe You're good to go I don't know where this sits in my Opinion because I don't know where the Price point comes in and like I said There's too many questions here that are Up in the air as as it's currently Configured Um I I would pick a different you know I Would pick a different server selection Personally Just because of the way it's currently Configured now what this does a little Bit better Obviously or a lot better is the amount Of gpus available to fit within this Unit right the 10 gpus within this unit I think that's really where the killer The killer app is for it Um But You know

Is that going I don't know how these Flux nodes are gonna function yet either Like I don't know what the primary set Of proofs of proof of useful work or Tasks are going to be I've seen cloud Gaming kind of demonstrated with rocket League there Um if that's the case uh then you know I Didn't even see what the onboard Nicks Are here you're on board you know you're Going to want 10 gig probably Um which I didn't even see Uh what the networking is like on this One in particular I couldn't find that I don't think it's In here anywhere either Um If it's going to be a i Uh it's gonna be important to have you Know your data set up also the kind of Risk that you take on that I don't know let me know what you guys Think of the Octo octo server E10 and uh Where you kind of think this whole thing Is headed like we we don't really have Enough information on what kind of what Kind of tasks are going to be required For flux proof of useful work Um we don't know what that is going to Entail fully yet Um we don't know what the final version Of this octo server is going to be quite Yet either and so there's just too many Things in the air uh I would be

Cautiously optimistic surrounding it all And then you know kind of make sure that You aren't gonna like I wouldn't go out Day one buy this and not knowing if you Have the proper internet connection Right like does it like that you know You aren't gonna need a really good RAID Controller with you know like That you're not going to need really Good you know 10 gig internet like or 10 Gig NYX plugged up to these things uh to Really process that data properly and Until you really know all of that like It doesn't it's just I assume that flux because of the flux In Octa Miner uh discussion That there is a bit of that there that It has been Talked about what's going to be needed And what's not I just don't know what Those are yet so thanks for checking out This clip from the crypto mining show You can check out the full episode here Or more crypto content down here also I'd like you to check out my locals page At son of a where you Can become a member for free or choose To be a five dollar a month supporter That unlocks additional content

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