Ironfish Resisting ASICS

Iron fish officially states that they Will be moving the algorithm to prevent Asics from mining on the network we have The space mesh smap app Banning users Unintentionally and we have new releases From SRB minor and of course a lot more On today's episode of blocks your One Stop Shop for all cryptocurrency news From the perspective of a cryptocurrency Miner as quickly as possible let's get Into it foreign [Music] Let's dive deep into a crucial Topic in The space mesh Universe equivocation to Understand the essence of space mesh we Need to view it as a collection of Voting mechanisms aiming to generate a Consistent Ledger it's a protocol where Smashers get a vote by dedicating Storage space one of the greatest Dangers for any voting system is double Voting also known as equivocation space Mesh takes a rigorous stance on this if You double vote on Space mesh the Penalty is Harsh a permanent Disqualification of the Smasher identity Involved for contacts compare this with Ethereum's proof of stake networks where The consensus or the consequence excuse Me for equivocation might be slashing of The validator stake there have been Instances on the space mesh mainnet Where Smasher identifies or identities Got disqualified due to attempted double

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Voting upon further investigation it was Discerned that these Smashers might not Have had malicious intent however the Challenge for the network is Differentiating between true malicious Attacks and innocent mistakes causing Double votes the core of the issue is Off-label use of the space mesh software Officially space mesh's node Implementation safeguards against Disqualifying oneself when used Correctly the Common Thread among these Cases was running two instances of the Node software with the identical Smasher Identity a strong warning to all is Doing this if even unintentionally will Permanently disqualify your identity Causing you to lose rewards here are a Couple of examples of how Smashers Disqualified themselves whether it was Using smap and simultaneously running an Instance of go space mesh or shifting Post data to another machine the Crux Was the off label use the space mesh Team encourage you Smashers to stick to Supported patterns and always read Documentation and thoroughly especially Before diverging from recommended usage A crucial reminder is to never run two Instances of space mesh with the same Smasher identity the space mesh team Values the Network's health and security And are hence considering adding Precautions to minimize inadvertent

Double voting new measures will include System fingerprints at post data Initiation and checks for node messages Signed by one's own identity Additionally work is underway to improve The smap UI providing clear indications If a Smasher identity is disqualified And how to notify affected users Directly SRB Miner has released version 2.3.3 and here are the update notes big News for AMD users the update brings in A new algorithm ET B3 which is basically adding Blake 3 To ET hash we'll cover this more in Another video later in the week it's Been specially optimized for GPU mining The retherium coin but do note there's a Mining fee of two percent attached if You are mining Dynex coin you'll see a Minor performance Improvement on the Dynex algorithm plus a few pesky bugs For the same algorithm have been crushed Now if you're an Nvidia user eagerly Awaiting ET hash B3 support hang tight It's promised in the next release a Special heads up for those using Dynex This release has better malib handling And some essential fixes upgrading Highly recommended for all Hive OS users Out there there's a custom Miner Available when setting up choose custom Miner and paste the provided Installation URL from the GitHub just Remember you'll have to manually set

Things up with the extra config Arguments but all SRB minor parameters Are provided to guide you block X has Released a new web Wallet not too much To get excited about however seeing Continued development is always a Positive sign with any blockchain Project iron fish appears to be Promising a change of algorithm to Asic Resistance proof of work on August 6th Discord admin Elena stated quote we have Committed to changing the algorithm to Detract Asics and stay GPU friendly end Quote reasoning behind this was that the GPU miners have driven a majority of the Adoption for the network and if you ask Me this is true across most networks Even including things like Caspa exact Implementation is still up in the air Ideas are thrown out involving a Continued effort to change algorithms That are core friendly but do not have Asics and changing when they do to Reduce power requirements for the gpus Other strategies involve finding a Memory hardened solution similar to ET Hash or prog pow regardless the Implementation will need to have support For or be modified to support Z snarks From my perspective algo hopping would Be detrimental to the network as it Would cause instability in the network As Asics and fpgas hop on on and off the Network Asic resistance has always been

A difficult thing to implement there are However some newer Solutions such as Blake 3 implementation of ET hash Recently revealed by the rutherium Project finally neura AI has been listed On coinx so if you're mining this Particular coin and looking for Additional options to liquidate for Costs including power and upgrades check Out coin X if supported by your region Thanks for watching today that concludes This episode of blocks once again your One Stop Shop for all cryptocurrency News from the perspective of a Cryptocurrency miner as quickly as Possible at the end here I do want to Basically reach out and say thank you so Much for all of the continued support Especially with the health update that I Provided yesterday during a live stream You can go check that out to see what I'm dealing with and if you are Interested check out my daily moves at Son of the you can also Get a free month of supporter access With a purchase of my crypto mining E-course at son of the I will See you next Tuesday

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