Ironfish Mining Algorithm Proposal

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today we have Exciting news from Mr LOL and the Proposal for the new proof of work Algorithm for the iron fish Cryptocurrency aimed to be Asic Resistant and fpga resistant let's get Into it [Music] Welcome back everyone so down in the Description below I will link a video to The proposal that LOL developer did go Ahead and post as well as the technical Details for the PDF slides if you want To get into the technical details today We're going to be covering a brief Overview of the changes that are being Proposed now what was really interesting From a technical perspective is that he Presented the proposed algorithm changes That were already listed including ET Hash ET hash Blake 3 kapow and auto Likos V2 lots of great insights in there If you're interested in the technical Details behind those algorithms and what Was even more impressive is that he Modified the ET hash B3 in about an hour To fix some of the issues that he was Seeing with is its efficiency actually Making the algorithm that's being Utilized for ethereum even more Efficient and from a memory utilization Perspective than it was in the past now For the proposal itself the design

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Parameters were to be a good proof of Work in the first place so relying on Proven Concepts use the same interfaces As the current Blake 3 proof of work of Iron fish to make implementation easier For pool operators and Mining develop Minor developers maximize memory Bandwidth utilized to basically prevent Asics and fpgas from being more Efficient than gpus on of course the Network as well as just make it more Difficult to develop and more expensive To develop for that among other things As well as being efficient and to reduce The usage of the compute core to be Energy or dual mining friendly and that Is very good as well that means that it Is proposed to basically be able to mine Something like radiant along with iron Fish at the same time now some of the Design parameters here are going to have Restrictions specifically surrounding Gpus and that will be a four to five Gigabyte dag which will make some of the Four gigabyte and Below gpus obsolete Argument being here is that things like The RX 470 four gigabyte should be Retired at this point anyways but it Will still be small enough of a dag to Include some of the RTX 2000 series six Gigabyte gpus also a fixed size to Ensure a one-time rare build and same Interfaces as current Blake 3 once again For that implementation on the iron fish

Side of things increase the number of Light cache nodes used to form one dag Item and to replace Keck in the process By another hash function is a question Here there are more technical details That you can check out as far as Mathematically which I highly recommend Doing but as far as Asic and fpga Resistance the big change here that was Mentioned was the addition of the unit 64 T arithmetic to the adding it to the Calculation chain now this is supposedly Going to require additional circuits and Space added in Asics and fpgas making it That much more resistant and this is Because it can be assumed that the Existing ET hash A6 do not have int 32 Multiply capabilities or only very weak Software emulation because they are Expensive but are not needed for Keck Blake 3 or fnv1 the coolest part about This is it has been tested so the Proposal algorithm has been tested and Compared to the other proposed algorithm Changes with the RTX 3070 and 3070 TI Both being clocked at 1410 megahertz on The core and plus 2 000 megahertz on the Memory offset totaling out on the RTX 3070 to 512 gigabytes for second of Memory bandwidth and on the RTX 3070 TI To 672 gigabytes per of total bandwidth Now this results on the RTX 3070 and 39.57 mega Hash a second at 115 Watts With a whopping 92.74 memory utilization

This comes in at the power consumption Of autoligos V2 however tripling the Memory utilization and this is important Because this means it will be more Asic And fpga resistant than autolicos V2 and As some of you may be aware the rumor Mill is that there are already fpgas on Ergo which is the coin for autoligas v2 And A6 are on the way as well apparently So this is kind of basically becoming More Asic resistant in preventing that Issue in addition it does utilize yet Less power than the ET hash variants Even while maintaining the same or Better memory utilization and then as Well as keeping a lower power Consumption significantly lower than Kapow which if you are interested he Went over the technical details as to Why kapow utilizes so much more power And it is very interesting there so Definitely check that out on the RTX 3070 TI we saw 51.83 Mega Hash a second at 181 Watts With a 92.55 percent memory utilization and While autolicos V2 looks better from a Power consumption perspective here once You scale the hash rate from 158 Mega Hash a second on the 3070 to 160 Mega Hash per second on the 3070 TI the Actual Mega hash per watt Improvement Doesn't look nearly as impressive as it Does on the proposal and this is going

To be I think important because adapt Acting to gdvr6x it actually fully Utilizing it would be an important thing To take into consideration now to test Out the actual efficiency from the core Side of things there is a test result Where he took the core clock on the RTX 3070 from 1410 megahertz to 630 Megahertz pretty significantly reducing Of course the power consumption down to 104 Watts but still remaining at an Impressive 39.5 Mega hash per second With a memory utilization only dropping From 92.74 to 92.57 percent so very impressive under Clocking capabilities for this algorithm As well I'd like to hear your thoughts And opinions on this proposal down in The comment section below I'm pretty Bullish on it although we do have to Consider the fact that there are still Some questionable practices from Iron Fish including of course their Foundational funds which is pretty hefty As well as the requirement for U.S and Canadian Test net users to basically kyc Themselves for the airdrop of course That's kind of required by law I suppose So you can give them that out if you Like and as far as comparing it to other Coins like ethereum ethereum had the Same foundational fund issues so this Focus on GPU miners is a big win in the

Iron fish book for me I'd like to hear Once again your thoughts and opinions Down in the comment section below don't Forget to check out my locals at son of A you can become a Supporter for access to my daily moves Within cryptocurrency mining as well as A plethora of guides that I am still Building out over there in the article Section you can also get a free month of Supporter status with the purchase of my Crypto mining e-course at son of a where I cover the Bitcoin Having cycle and the best times to buy And sell Hardware I will see you next Tuesday

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